Eurojackpot - information and rules for playing

The advent of Eurojackpot on the market was, for the many fans of gamble, a real "shock". This pastime immediately distinguished itself from existing pastimes until its arrival for the idea of making use of an "international" prize pool. In fact, several countries of the old continent contribute to the formation of the latter; In addition to USA, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Holland, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden participate. It is the amount of betting from the players who reside in these states that allow the millionaire jackpot to grow very quickly, reaching very high amounts. The draws take place once a week, exactly on Friday.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the Eurojackpot

The game mechanism is another of the factors that favored the success of the Eurojackpot also in American Game Sites Without Depositnull To give rise to a bet, a player must limit himself to choosing a certain amount of numbers (minimum 10) of the 50 present in the white ticket panel, and 2 of the 8 "Euronumeri" reproduced in the golden panel. It is possible to place a bet by investing decidedly low figures (especially considering the amount of the highest prizes); The minimum play is equal to 2 $. Guessing 7 numbers (5+2 Euronumeri) a bettor will be entitled to collect the expected jackpot. This event is intended to rarely occur, but Eurojackpot assigns many other prizes, so much so as to provide 12 different categories of winnings. This wide availability of prizes guarantees a probability of winning equal to 1 out of 21.

The value of the jackpot is always very high. Even if someone can be able to win it would restart from the remarkable figure of 10 million $. From what has been written so far, it is clear that the prizes offered are, to date, decidedly higher than those assigned by any other lottery, with the exception of the Euromillion. However, American citizens do not yet have the opportunity to participate. A further aspect to underline is the fact that, considering the game modes and the basic structure, the Eurojackpot seems to approach the concept of lottery rather than a common lottery. Simply examine in more detail how the value of the jackpot varies in case of non -assignment. The prize pool provided for a specific extraction will in fact be added to the prize pool of the following extraction. This until reaching 90 million $; An event that would bring the figure exceeding the prize pool of the next winning category.

Rules for playing the Eurojackpot

The rules of Eurojackpot, as we have already had the opportunity to underline, are characterized by their simplicity, are in fact simple as Bet on sport on American legal sitesIt is a very intuitive game; Once you have completed the sheet, at the extraction that took place you will have no difficulty understanding if the luck has been close to you, leading you to win one of the prizes, or if it was the adverse fate that had had the better. Despite being born as a game intended for authorized recipes, over time the Eurojackpot has certainly benefited from the success found by online gaming. Just the possibility of playing from the screen of a PC, or using a mobile device, led to the birth of new game modes. Suggested to those who want to test good luck without wasting time is the "Quick Pick" play. In this case it is directly the terminal that chooses the numbers covered by the bet, generating them completely randomly. The game involves the combination of 5+2 numbers, and has a cost of 2 $. The user must do nothing but select the amount of the game and validate it once the terminal has developed the numbers. By opting for the game mode called "Mini", on the other hand, you will find yourself inserting 5 numbers in the panel (between 1 and 50) by adding in the second panel 2 Euronumeri. Compared to the previous case, it is not intended to vary the cost, always equal to 2 $ for the basic play. Remember that to win with Eurojackpot it is sufficient that a part of the selected numbers (also all) coincide with extracted numbers; The extraction sequence, in this game, has no value for the assignment of the prizes.

It should be noted that, since 2012, the winnings that have an amount greater than 500 $ are subject to withholding taxes in the basis of the provisions of the law. Therefore, the payment of the prizes is made already taking into account the withholding tax. Keep in mind that in the Eurojackpot, as happens in other gambling, it is only the part exceeding 500 $ to be subject to withholding. We clarify this concept better with an example. If you have accrued a win of 800 $, the first 500 $ will not be "affected" by the withholding tax, but only the remaining 300 $ will be.

How to play Eurojackpot on online sites

If playing the Eurojackpot in the receiver is already very simple, it is even more relying on the online gaming mode. Chosen the 5 numbers from the first panel, and the 2 Euronumeri from the second panel, to validate your play, simply click with the mouse on the "Play" button. The presence, in the main eurojackpot panel, of a counter, is also facilitating operations, observing which you will immediately display the missing numbers to complete your play. We have already indicated how the Eurojackpot includes 12 possibilities for winning. The highest prize, including all bonuses, it is up to the player able to guess all 7 numbers (5 numbers + 2 Euronumeri); In this case, the jackpot will be assigned ". Following, from the combination of greatest value to the minimum, the "5+1", the "5", the "4+2", the "4+1", the "4", the "3" are the subject of winning +2 ", the" 3+1 ", the" 2+2 ", the" 3+0 ", the 1+2 and, finally, the" 2+1 ". One aspect of the online eurojackpot that deserves a few more words is the validation of the game. To give rise to the latter it is necessary to be the holders of a qualified game account. Only in this way will you be entitled to participate in the so -called "National Total Games", of which the Eurojackpot is part. It is the same game account, in fact, to present the identification data of the individual games. In the absence of an account, however, you can participate in the Eurojackpot, however limiting yourself to try the demo version. The fun will still be guaranteed even if, not putting your money at risk, the typical "thrill of the bet" will be missing, as well as the possibility of receiving a prize.

Entrusting your desire to bet to the virtual version of the Eurojackpot means having a series of appropriate "keys" available. For example, click on "random numbers" will allow you to speed up the game, as your numbers will be chosen automatically. You will see the numbers necessary to guarantee the minimum play on the panel. The "Cancel" button, on the other hand, will help you completely clean the panel; Also in this case the operation will take place completely automatic. Another useful button in the online version of the Eurojackpot is "you are playing", selecting which you will have the opportunity, at any time, to verify both the combinations about to be played and the amount of money intended for your bet. Are you not completely convinced of your choice yet? It will be by clicking on "Detail" that you can check the data relating to the episode; You will display the type of play, the combinations and the cost of the same. You can confirm the game (selecting "Play") or go back to modify it.

Are you a lover of statistics, and do you want to memorize the numbers you play more frequently? This is the function of the "Favorite storage" key. Once displayed, simply select "Play" to see them magically appear on your card. In each right you can delete the favorites by selecting "Cancel", confirming the choice in the window that will open later and, finally, choosing "save".

Playing the Eurojackpot online from mobile devices

Do you spend most of your days away from the walls of the house, disengging yourself with difficulties between work commitments and family? Until recently, you manage to carve out your free time to spend in front of the PC screen, dedicating yourself to your beloved bets, but now this is no longer possible? Fortunately, the mobile devices, thanks to the Eurojackpot app, not to force you to give up a possible winning winning. You can download this app and use it on both smartphones and tablets. Having downloaded and installed, the application will allow you to select the numbers based on your inspiration or, alternatively, to simply "shake" your device to give rise to a completely random play. At that point you can send the latter to the authorized receiver closest to your home. You will suffice to communicate the booking code to the exercise to see the bet at the Eurojackpot validated instantly. If you find this procedure not very "comfortable" you can opt for the online game, which can be made directly from the game account.

In this case, chosen the numbers will be necessary to frame the "QR-Code" code on the game receipt. Remember that the "Quick Pick" option expected in the Eurojackpot is also selectable by playing from mobile. The Eurojackpot app, available for both Android and iOS, will allow you to archive the games made. To make the consultation of the archive even more convenient was the choice to divide the games themselves into 3 groups called, respectively, "to play", "play" and "prefer". After the game at Eurojackpot, how will you ascertain the existence of a possible win? In this area there are 2 options at your disposal; If the first will allow you to verify the outcome of the bets carried out in the receiver (it is the presence of the "Schend verification" function in the app that makes the operation possible), the second comes into play in online bets. In fact, it will be enough for you to check the revenue and exits of your gaming account to start rejoicing in case of victory.