10eLotto - Information and rules for playing

As is evident already by the name adopted, the 10eLotto is a pastime linked to the most famous lot. Presented for the first time in July 2009, he managed in a short time to attract the attention of the thick group of gambling enthusiasts. If you have never tried the 10eLotto, keep in mind that to bet you will have to choose numbers (from 1 single number to a maximum of 10 numbers) between 1 and 90. The 10eelotto schedule has a cost destined to vary according to the amount of numbers play. If the minimum amount is 1 euro, you will have the opportunity to spend, in a single game, up to 200 $. As regards the types of game, base are 3: immediate extraction, draws every 5 minutes and extraction linked to that of the lot numbers (carried out 3 times a week). Compared to the lot, choosing the 10eLotto you will see your chances of winnings increase. However, consider that precisely the fact of being able to achieve a cash prize more easily has the presence of lower entities as the reverse of the medal.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

Play responsibly

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General characteristics of the 10eLotto

It is the Customs and Monopolies of State Agency that manages the 10eLotto directly. If you want to have more information on the characteristics of the game, consult the regulation in the receivers. Alternatively, you can have its digital version within the Legal casino sitesnull At the same time, online sites and recipes represent the reference point for those players who wish to be informed in detail on the winnings, intended to vary according to the numbers played and the value of the episodes. The will of the AMS to guarantee maximum transparency to the 10eLotto led the same agency to create a section that includes information notes on the actual probability of winning.

Rules for playing 10eLotto

As anticipated in the previous lines, the possibility of choosing between 3 different game modes is particularly intriguing the 10eLotto to make the 10eLotto particularly intriguing. If you decide to participate through the "instant mode" (also known as "immediate extraction"), when you are worth the card, the terminal will directly stop the 20 extracted numbers directly on the receipt. The procedure, based on a safe algorithm, ensures the randomness of the numbers subject to extraction. At that point you will only have to compare them with the numbers you play to check if some repeat themselves in both "lists", assigning a prize upon reaching the scheduled fee. The 10elotto regulation, regarding immediate extraction, indicates in 50 competitions the maximum number of consecutive games that can be made with a single sheet.

The mode of the 10eLotto known as "extraction every 5 minutes", introduced in December 2009 and also present in Free mess on the web, allows you to participate in automatic extractions. The latter take place every 5 minutes, starting from midnight until 11.55 pm. Also for these games there is a sort of "subscription" which, as in the previous case, allows players to participate in a series of consecutive extractions (whose number cannot exceed 50). The 20 numbers of the extraction every 5 minutes are the same for all the players and, therefore, do not appear on the receipt; They are notified by the receivers, and disseminated online in the legal sites dedicated to the 10eLotto. The undeniable advantage of the extraction every 5 minutes is the possibility of bet 24 hours a day. It is an extremely fast game, which is well suited to those who love particularly "frenetic" gambling, primarily addressing the habituals of the Slot Machines.

The last type of play admitted by the 10eLotto is called "Lotto extraction", and is linked to the weekly draws of the lot. Precisely for this reason it is carried out 3 times a week. The extracted numbers (20) correspond to those present within the first 2 columns of the summary table of the lot extraction. In this case, the national wheel is not taken into consideration. If one or more numbers should appear more than once (we speak of duplicate numbers), they will be replaced by other numbers in the third column (starting from the first wheel), always excluding the national wheel. Even the drawing of the lot involves multiple games, carried out automatically.

Those just described are the 3 game modes and Betting which, for years, have characterized the 10eLotto. 5 years after birth, an AAMS decree of June 2014 changed the regulation by adding two other variants, which led to the introduction of the "golden number" and "double gold". Thus it was possible to increase the betting options available and, at the same time, to expand the "range" of any winnings. Let's examine in detail what has varied following this modification of the regulation. To take advantage of the "Gold Number" option, simply sprout the relevant item on the card. When the number appears on the list of 20 numbers extracted, the prizes due will increase their amount. Do not forget, in any case, that the addition of the gold number has as a consequence of doubled the value of your play. The "double gold" mode stands out by virtue of the addition of not one, but of two occasions to collect richer prizes. In this case the "double gold" item appears and wait for the extraction of the winning numbers. Let's take an example to better clarify the concept. Are the gold numbers of your card on 17 and 80? Well, if only one of the two appears between the winning numbers you are entitled to collect the prizes associated with the gold number. In order to obtain the winning winnings to double gold, it will be necessary to guess them both. If the gold number option doubles the cost of the game, the double gold triple.

As already indicated, if the time at your disposal is limited, so much so that you prevent you from going to the receiver to play 10eLotto, you can do it online simply by relying on a good connection and a PC. The procedure to participate does not present any difficulty. To appear before your eyes will be a virtual card, on which you can "intervene" with the support of the mouse. Once the amount to be played (from 1 to 200 $) has been selected, you will continue by choosing the type of extraction (summarizing, you can opt for immediate extraction, the extraction every 5 minutes and that linked to the extraction of the lot). You will now have to decide whether to make use of the subscription (therefore of the automatic repetition of the games) or whether to give up. To conclude the preparatory phase click "OK" and confirm the data. At that point the game will be forwarded to the system, and will be valid exclusively for the next extraction (provided that you have not selected the subscription option).

In October 2017, new multipliers were witnessed. This novelty made itself necessary following a previous modification regarding the withholding on the winnings. Thanks to the new multipliers, it was possible to ensure net rewards of 1 euro rewards, or its multiples. Also on the subject of prizes it is necessary to indicate how the 10elotto regulation provides for a long series of winnings, as the "multiplication" of the mail is linked to the amount of numbers covered by the bet. Since it is not possible to examine on a case -by -case basis, we limit ourselves to providing an example by assuming a game in which 10 numbers come into play. By guessing all the numbers, the prize will correspond to 1,000,000 times the mail played, up to a maximum figure of 5 million $; If you also guess the gold number, the mail will be multiplied 2,500,000 million times.

With 9 winning numbers, the mail multiplies 30,000 times (75,000 in the case of an extracted gold number), while with 8 numbers you can receive 1,500 times the mail (4,000 with extracted gold number). Guess 7 numbers will guarantee you a prize equal to 150 times the mail (400 with gold number), 6 numbers 15 times (40 if the gold number will appear among the winners). With 5 numbers you will collect 5 times the mail (20 with the gold number). If you guess 4, 3 or 2 numbers, and the gold number, the mail will be multiplied 4 times; 8 times, however, if you guess a single number the gold number. The mail will double if, although not guessing any number, the gold number will appear.

How to play 10eLotto on online sites

We have already remembered how, for lovers of 10eLotto, an alternative to the receivers is represented by the game sites authorized by AAMS that offer Promotions and bonusesnull If you choose this path before starting to bet it will be necessary to select the site among the legal ones, and open a gaming account (provided that you are not already recorded on the site itself). In the latter case, simply insert username and password. Once the registration is completed, you can immediately start playing the online card, and wait for the extraction (or draws) to take place. First of all you will find yourself choosing on how many numbers to focus, then decide which one to play and what amount to bet. The next phase will consist in selecting the type of draw. To conclude, you will have to decide whether to make use of the gold or double gold number options.

In the 10eLotto card there is also a field that allows you to access multiple games and season tickets for multiple extractions. Once the card is validated, the amount intended for the bet will be reduced by the amount available on the gaming account. The sites, included in ours List of online casino, which enjoy the AAMS authorization, in order to make access to the 10eLotto game even easier, they are used to reserve a special page to the latter. Inside you will find the card, which does not present any difference compared to that normally used in the receivers.

Playing the 10eLotto online from mobile devices

Is your experience in gambling not much? Do you want to experiment with the 10eLotto online, but you don't have the slightest idea what is the best site to try your luck? If before choosing which casino you will register for desires inform yourself about reliability And on the goodness of what is proposed, among the pages of Casinoonlineams.com you will find reviews on legal online casinos most appreciated by online gaming enthusiasts. Most of the recommended virtual rooms offer users the opportunity to play not only from PC, but also from the touch screens of mobile devices. Whether it's smartphones or tablets, in addition to an internet connection you will be asked to download an official app dedicated to 10eLotto, available for the various operating systems (primarily Android and iOS).

It is precisely the application that allows bettors to place the episodes and, at the same time, to always keep the draws under control. But because an increasing number of users chooses to bet at the 10eLotto from one's own smartphone? Certainly, the strengths of this mode are represented by comfort (you can play from anywhere and at any time) and safety. In addition, thanks to the experience gained over the years, the programmers have perfected the apps, making them more fluid and allowing them to reach, on a graphic level, an enviable quality.