Keno - Information and rules for playing

If you find the world of extraction games particularly intriguing, or if you are a lover of pastimes that give rise to instant winnings (Scratch and win First of all), Keno has everything you need to surprise you. In addition to enjoying rather simple rules, due to a game mechanism that is anything but complicated, Keno will allow you to win very high even by investing an extremely limited figure of your budget. Of games that reward certain series of numbers, Keno represents, in all likelihood, that of oldest origins. In fact, these are the real ancestor of games based on random, i.e. random extractions. It is sufficient to remember how its origins are much more remote than those of the lot, also born several centuries ago. Keno would be born in China and, according to legend, the immediate interest found favored the collection of funds to be allocated to the completion of the great wall. Some scholars believe that this pastime has been specially designed to cover military expenses, without making the introduction of new taxes.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the Keno

Keno has reached American soil following the mass migration that led numerous Chinese workers to move to the US territory. It is in the 19th that the diffusion has reached its peak, ending up inducing the mess to introduce pastime between their ranks. From American theaters, in turn, Keno has quickly entered the European mess. In recent years its success has also led online casinos to set up special virtual rooms. Fundamental component of Keno is luck. In the turn of a few games you will enter in tune with the legal gambling And, if good luck is not adverse, fun will follow interesting winnings.

Instructions to play Keno

Have you ever tried Keno? Well, before starting, keep in mind that the goal of this game is being able to choose a series of numbers hoping that some of them are present among the 20 object of the subsequent extraction. The chances of guessing all numbers are inevitably rather remote. In any case, the more numbers you guess, the greater the amount of the win; The latter, in fact, is proportional to the centered numbers. You will find Keno in any terrestrial casino, within which monitors is the task of updating players in real time on winning numbers. You will only have to mark those you want to play on the ticket and decide how much money to bet. Consider that the minimum betting value can reach 5 cents, even if few messages are accepting such a low amount. Based on the room, the number of extractions carried out during an hour is intended to vary. Some come to propose 6 draws over 60 minutes. To differ, from Casino to Casino, is also the maximum quantity of numbers on which the single is based wager.

By examining the types of bet, valid both in terrestrial and online rooms, the simplest is called "Straight". The episode "Combination" was born from several played Straights. Obviously, the higher the number of Straight tickets, the greater the cost of the episode, but the chances of winning will also be destined to grow. The second type of Keno play is called "Split" and, as its name suggests, allows you to give life to two separated episodes, while taking advantage of a single sheet. In this case, different markers are used to distinguish one episode from the other. The price of the Split game is double compared to that of Straight. Furthermore, the rules of Keno provide for the game "Way" that will give you the right, with a single sheet, to focus on different groups of numbers of different size. You will have to indicate your playing preferences on the right side of the schedule, deciding the size of each group and selecting the numbers intended to be part of each group.

There is one last game mode, the "Keno King", which sees the players circulating a single number, the king who, if extracted, will allow them to increase the value of the prizes. In summary of what reported in these lines, if the Straight game is indicated for those who live in Keno its first experience, Way and King require a certain experience and, although also based on randomness, usually bring the players, before making the bets, to examine the calculation of the probability.

Game of Keno in online casinos

As already reported, Keno is now present in any terrestrial messWhile not being able to enjoy a fame equal to that of other pastimes, such as roulette, poker, baccarat and slot, Keno has still collected a good number of "followers", especially thanks to its decidedly intuitive game mechanism. Similar to those created for slot machines, and share the automatic operation with the latter. This means being able to approach the game without relying on a croupier or, in any case, a staff member. But if the little time available has not allowed you, to date, to approach you to the terrestrial mess, you will still have another way to make your bets, represented by the online version. Also in this case you can select a certain amount of numbers, waiting for the extraction to check if and what numbers you have spot on. The numbers subject to the extraction are 20, and come from a total basin of 80 numbers. The virtual ticket is divided into two parts, each of which containing 40 numbers. The more numbers will fight with the extracted ones, the higher the figure due to you. On a regulatory level, the online versions of Keno tend to resume what is valid in terrestrial rooms. Therefore, if you have already had the opportunity to test this game by visiting a Casino Online, you will have no difficulty in mastering it even in front of the PC. In addition, thanks to a technological growth that appears unstoppable in the field of gambling, and continuous investments, essential to conquer the trust of new users, virtual rooms have a tendency to introduce new functions and updates, and to reward players also through bonus attractive. Keeping in mind that the expenses incurred by virtual casinos are more contained, given the absence of many management costs, the probability of winnings appear higher. Before starting to play from the PC, he tries to choose the online casino capable of proposing multiple variants of Keno, and not just the classic one. It is possible to mention, among others, the "Circus Keno" versions, "Critter Country Keno", "Crossroads Keno", "Golden Hits" and "Thunder Power".

Choose the virtual room and the Keno variant The next step will consist in indicating the numbers on which to bet, selecting them simply with the mouse. Being a game in which luck plays a fundamental role, on many occasions it is instinct to give rise to the highest winnings. Place the episodes, by clicking the "Play" button you will confirm the game; Therefore, from this moment on you will no longer have the opportunity to change it. Wait for the numbers to be extracted; You will see them appear in the lateral part of the screen. If it mature a winning combination you will be ready to collect the relative win. However, if it is your intention to replay part of what has been earned from bets, or collect the figure from your gaming account, you will be required to meet the bet requirements, which differ according to the chosen mess.

Play Keno in online casinos from mobile devices

It has passed since the first appearance of Keno in Free casino without obligation to deposit To date, but the charm of this game seems not to have faded with the passing of the centuries. This has led more and more you go up to propose versions designed specifically to satisfy those who are used to using a portable device for most of their day. Placing a bet from smartphones and tablets is far from complicated. It will be the touch screen the only element that you will find yourself acting. There is now a long series of applications, capable of working perfectly with the operating systems currently active, from iOS to Android, to Windows Mobile. To increase the basin of different users, they are used to combining the game of special bonuses, absent in the PC versions.

Tips to play best with Keno

We have already repeated it several times in this article: it is the case to play the leading role in Keno. The outcome of the extractions and of the BonusIn fact, it is determined by a random generator. This leads to a simple consideration, i.e. the impossibility of playing by having a predetermined action plan, or by adopting a system that can be called winning. As skilled as a player, this will hardly bear fruit. Consequently, it assumes greater importance not the ability to find "tricks", but to play the budget available in the best way. Do not be taken by the frenzy in an attempt to recover how much lost and, at the same time, not letting yourself be grasped by excessive enthusiasm after a win is a good habit.

Obviously, aiming to win the Massimo award appears utopian. Adding more winnings of more contained amount, selecting less numbers from a single folder, it will allow you to save on costs, however, taking some good satisfactions anyway. Remember, after carrying out a certain number of bets, to verify your gaming account, and to make a balance between what is invested and what was found.

Entering more on the merits of the budget, it is important that it is defined before starting to bet. Having a "bankroll" available, will help you not overdo it with the games. A good advice, if you have never tried the Keno previously, is training, relying, for some time, to the demonstration mode alone. Thanks to the latter you will see you assign a number of free credits from the Casino, to be used to fully enter the game mechanisms without any cost. You can move to paid mode later. One last advice that we feel we are going is to study not only the rules of Keno, but also the specific lexicon that characterizes the game. This will make the harmony faster and, consequently, will simplify your bets. If you want to deepen other aspects of Keno, or have an overview of the other pastimes, classics and modern, which animate the world of gambling, we at Casinoonlineams.com are ready to provide you with all the information you need, constantly updated. There are, in our pages, reviews on the best virtual mess and guides dedicated to the main games available in the different rooms.