Count the cards to win at Blackjack

We welcome you to this casinoonlineams.com page that explains to you thoroughly how Count the cards to win at Blackjacknull This fabulous method allows you to increase your possibilities to win with the Blackjack game and apply to all blackjacks, both those of the terrestrial casinos and on those of online casino. Our experts have formulated this page to give you the opportunity to make the most of the method of counting cards to win at Blackjack. In addition to teaching you this fabulous system to win at Blackjack, we have collected all online casinos that allow you to play with the Blackjack live and where, therefore, you can put our tips into practice to win. What are you waiting for, try to fully understand this fabulous system to win at Blackjack, try it immediately in the AAMS legal online casinos that we recommend below.

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General characteristics of the counting of the Blackjack cards

The counting of the cards to the Blackjack, which is often also called the reading of the cards, is a strategy frequently used by the most sorted players to determine whether the hand distributed later will benefit the player himself or the counter. Generally, counting the cards to the blackjack means paying attention to each card that is distributed by the Mazziere. Taking into account which tall and low value cards are distributed, the Blackjack player is thus able to acquire the revealing signs on subsequent extractions. Consequently, if you manage to effectively master the strategy of counting the cards, you can take an often decisive advantage position towards your opponents, reaping the fruits. Before analyzing this strategy in detail, however, let's make a small historical excursus on the origins of the counting of the cards.

One of the most famous cards in the world is undoubtedly Andy Bloch, also known as the player of poker successful. Bloch learns to count the cards on the Blackjack during his militancy in the Mit (Massacchussets Institute of Technology) team), which allows him to jump to the headlines thanks to some sensational "blows" in the American mess, whose experience leads him to publish him The famous guide to counting "Beating Blackjack" cards. Bloch was also the protagonist of a documentary on the Blackjack entitled "The Hot Shoe", produced by the American director David Layton. In the film, Layton interviews prominent characters from the world of gambling like Andy Bloch himself and the famous mathematical Edward Thorp. Considered one of the fathers of the cards count, Dr. Edward O. Thorp successfully managed to outline the foundations of the counting of the cards for many Blackjack enthusiasts. His book from 1962, entitled "Beat the Dealer", exposed not only the basic notions of the counting of the cards, but also several theories on how to play (and win) at Blackjack thanks to mathematics. And it is precisely thanks to enterprising and brilliant characters such as Andy Bloch and Edward Thorp, that today all gambling enthusiasts have the opportunity to learn to count the cards at the Blackjack. Of course, the counting system requires a lot of commitment, excellent memory (especially visual) and a great concentration. For this reason, among the many methods to count the cards with the blackjack, we have chosen to focus on the easier ones to learn and put into practice.

How to apply the counting of the Blackjack cards

Knowing how to count the cards in Blackjack means guaranteeing a huge advantage towards the opponents and above all of the counter. To get to master this type of technique, obviously a lot of practice and an absolute concentration is needed. For this we advise you to practice first of all live, with your friends or family; or on the demo versions of the blackjack made available by the online casino. Counting the cards with blackjack can in fact turn into a double -edged sword, since "stealing" several nerve energies can easily distract you and induce you to error. However, these negative effects can be mitigated by learning to count the cards with the blackjack with the simplest methods available. Among these, there is first of all the hi-lo system, which in fact represents the basic technique from which all other systems derive to count the cards to the blackjack. The hi-lo system substantially assigns a positive, negative or zero value to the different cards. With this method you will therefore have to attribute a certain value to each card distributed by the Mazziere, according to a precise scheme. To count the cards with the blackjack with the hi-lo system you will therefore have to:

  • assign to each card from 2 to 6 a value equal to +1

  • attribute to each card from 7 to 9 a value of 0

  • attribute to each ace or 10 a value of -1.

During the distribution of the cards you will therefore have to pay attention to their nominal value, adding to your counting 1 point for each card from 2 to 6 and subtracting it for each ace or 10. The cards ranging from 7 to 9 have no value and therefore do not affect on counting. Starting from this assumption, you can easily guess how in each Blackjack deck there are 20 low cards (counting +1), 12 neutral cards (counting 0) and 20 high cards (count -1). By doing a simple sum you can easily get the number of the various types of cards in all decks from the table. At this point, you will be wondering: what do these values are for and how do I count the cards at the blackjack? Well, the first step is simple: the counting from the first distributed card begins and continue throughout the game continuously updating the balance between high and low cards. Let's take an example:

If at some point in the game, which can also be carried out in the sites where you can play immediately without depositing money, you find yourself with a count of +15, it means that in the deck there are still 5 other value cards that you can fish. By crossing this information with the game positions and, if possible, with the total count of the exit cards, you can have more chance of winning your game at Blackjack. Knowing how to count the cards at the Blackjack allows you to understand what is the right time to make split and doubles, increasing the chances of winning exponentially. Another easy method to count the cards at Blackjack is the so -called "Knock Out", better known as a "K.O." system. The latter derives, as indeed all the others, from the basic hi-lo system, from which it differs only for the different distribution of the cards values. In particular, in the method of counting the K.O. The positive, neutral and negative values are assigned as follows:

  • +1 to each card from 2 to 7

  • 0 to cards 8 and 9

  • -1 to the Ace and 10.

According to these scores, in each Blackjack deck you will find:

  • 20 high cards of value -1

  • 8 neutral cards of value 0, irrelevant for counting purposes

  • 24 low value cards +1, including the 4 axes.

The greatest ease of the K.O. However, it is counterbalanced by the fact that in counting the cards to the blackjack with this method, all possible combinations are not taken into account, but only the difference between high and low cards. In any case, regardless of the system of counting the cards you want to use, you will first have to practice on memory and your ability to maintain concentration throughout the game. Only in this way can you hope to win at Blackjack by counting the cards.

Advantages of counting the cards at Blackjack

Counting the cards and discriminating those of the most value from neutral or negative is certainly a nice advantage in the Blackjack game, especially in the final stages of the game, where the chances of predicting the releases are higher. This system, in fact, allows you to anticipate the moves of the opponents (including the counter), in order to contain the losses in the unfavorable hands, and then maximize the profits in the favorable ones. To tell the truth, the application of this technique is decidedly more complicated on the online casinos who also have the Betting, where the distribution and mixing of the cards is commanded by an algorithm that is difficult to interpret. In any case, even if counting the cards to the blackjack should not guarantee 100% success (which for another impossible even on live tables), it can still allow you to bring home different hands within a game or an entire tournament null After all, in online blackjack the game volumes are decidedly higher and therefore even a small increase in the chances of winning can have positive effects on your budget.

Use the counting of the blackjack cards in online casinos

As we said, counting the cards in online blackjack is much more difficult than live. In addition to the obvious problems of visibility, due to the speed of animations and the game in general; There is also the absence of the human factor. Attempting to "fool" the electronic desk is very complicated and you will certainly have less chance of placing decisive blows with your predictions. However, considering that almost all mathematical methods are less effective on online card games, the counting systems previously described can be useful in decisive situations.

We know that being able to count the cards on the online blackjack is an arduous company and for this reason we advise you to make a lot of practice on the demo versions or on the free roll tournaments, so that you can focus exclusively on the game and not on any losses. With a constant and daily training, it takes about 3 months to learn to count the cards at the blackjack, although some particularly predisposed subjects can succeed in just 15-20 days. If you want to try to make this technique, you will therefore have to spend a lot of time for training; time that obviously will be subtracted from your normal activities on Best online casinonull Our advice, however, is that of not setting up for a long time on learning to count the cards on the blackjack. If after 3-4 months you should notice that you still cannot master this technique, put it aside and eventually concentrate on other simpler and more intuitive game strategies.

Final conclusions on the counting of cards in the Blackjack

The prospect of being able to learn how to count the cards with the blackjack is certainly fascinating and worthy of attention. However, we want to insist, once again, on the importance of training and natural predisposition in the assimilation of this particular technique. In fact, not everyone can succeed in the counting of the Blackjack cards; even less are those who are able to do it also on Online casino for mobile devicesnull On the one hand, numbers in hand, it is certainly possible to certify its effectiveness. The founding fathers of this game strategy have, moreover, struggled the most famous American mess in a legal way, so we are not talking about scams or illegal activities. To be clearer: counting cards at the mess is not illegal and there are currently no laws that prohibit it. However, the mess do not approve of their use and try in every way to discourage those who use it.

From here shows a further difference between the application of the counting of cards on online casinos and in the real world. In the first case, in fact, you are faced with a monitor and none of the other players, let alone the counter, can see you. In the terrestrial casinos, however, you will also have to pay attention to facial expressions and body language, trying not to be discovered. Ultimately, therefore, we advise you to try to count the cards at the Blackjack only if you are actually able to store all the cards present in a deck and the relative values. Otherwise, it will be better that you focus on other possible strategies to win at Blackjack, on which you will find adequate insights on the pages of Casinoonlineams.com as always.