We have been waiting for the reorganization of the game for an infinite time

The most significant part of the world of game and online slot sites is decidedly "optimistic" since otherwise after the pandemic experience, and what has brought with it with the general closure of all activities, today it would already be suckling ... more

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Sports bets have increased on the internet

Since daily habits, thanks to the pandemic emergency, have undergone decidedly substantial variations also the world of games has undergone a general evolution to which it is necessary to give particular attention because it reveals how the game and the mess is perceived today ... more

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Gambling: watch out for creators of digital products

In the midst of the many "dark and immoral things" that according to detractors have made known the world of games and slot game sites, there are undoubtedly many "new professions" linked to the same sector. Without a doubt, activities that ... more

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We have to look abroad to import new games

As unfortunately it happens often, of the game as pure entertainment, and therefore not of the best American legal casino slot sites, there is definitely too little: in fact, all the attention is mainly addressed to the countless problems that haunt the world of ... more

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How to help the government improve legal gambling

The wait and concern surrounding the reform of the entire world of games and the best American casinos with slots make each of the protagonists feel almost obliged to express their opinion and the related suggestions in ... more

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The world of games is a great family

From the first days of the war in Ukraine it was written that this war event would obviously involve all European countries and all sectors: therefore, it would also have affected the sensitivity of the game and new casino sector ... more

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The game-criminality paradigm has really tired

On the contrary, when too often they still feel use of some perennially repeated phrases by a certain policy such as, for example "gambling is immoral and takes advantage of the weaknesses of others", or that the game is a "managed criminal sector ... more

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The wave of illegality in the world of game continues

To defend the public game and the many casino sites with slots, some time ago, the Customs and Monopolies Agency has reopened covers, the committee for the prevention and repression of the illegal game, the safety of ... more

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The reorganization of the game inevitably goes to spring

The days inevitably spend and the world of games and the best online casinos continues to remain waiting for his delegation law that should have "appeared" by the end of January. Even February has passed and now you ... more

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A virtuous USA that defending the world of gambling

Who knows if a result achieved in these days by a virtuous USA, and which has exposed itself in relation to the "defense" of the moderate use of alcohol, could also support the "defense" of the normal use of gambling and gods New and best mess ... more

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