The legitimate game pushed towards illegality?

A reflection that rises spontaneously if the operators of the legitimate game are observed. Many years ago, about fifteen, those who operated in the game had many money - as many really turned around in that sector - but let's say that not ... more

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The game in the bars is really irreplaceable

The game inside the "Bar dello Sport" will always be an irreplaceable element, given that it is in the nature of the premises and in their oldest tradition, hosting it in their rooms and welcoming customers with "the fun of the game" that makes ... more

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Macao casino: pull a bad air

There is no peace for the Macao casino, which undoubtedly have spent much happier periods: it has been for some time that the collections have been going down "free fall" forcing even a group of analysts who had predicted a ... more

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In Spain, gambling comes out winning

In the round table organized in Paris by Arjel in the session dedicated to the regulation prospects, the general manager of the direction of the order of the Spanish game expressed himself, asserting that "in Spain we have a separate department within the Authority for regulation ... more

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The contribution of the 500 million

There is once again on the contribution of the "famous 500 million" requested by the 2015 stability to the "game" and, after the failure to suspend the Tar of Lazio, the dealers definitely point the "bow" to the Council of State and, therefore, ... more

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Sapar appeals to the European Court

In Sapar, an association that protects the interests of the game companies, the stability law does not go down: a path has been started at the TAR and a response is waiting for a response that should reach the end of this ... more

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The French approach to gambling

In other European countries the game has reached a form of "socialization" with the territory and is not, consequently, badly seen and "vituped" as in our peninsula. You can take a look at how the sector is treated on ... more

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Blackjack Mania in AAMS certified online casinos

At one time to get to know more fashions and trends, we entrusted ourselves to market research, surveys and interviews, tools still used, but to which it is possible to support with vouchers, and faster results, a simple analysis of the most searched terms ... more

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IPhone and online casino Many new APPS available

Among the most downloaded applications for iPhone and iPad there are undoubtedly games, and some of the most loved games include some casino classics. There are fun and colorful versions of the roulette, and among the most popular applications there is ... more

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Consideration on the pro roulette of the legal online casinos

Here we are reviewing for the first time a gambling of AAMS legal online casinos. As always, we are the first to give you this news, thanks to the staff of our experts. Today we played Roulette Pro, the version let's say ... more

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