A beautiful idea to counteract the pathological game

The old adage "nail packed nail" seems to have almost always given excellent results, applied in any circumstance even if the most "used" one so to speak is that of love ... but apart from the jokes and the old proverbs if resorting to ... more

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We must redo the gambling otherwise it could die

You are not consumed to use aphorisms, but never as this moment this: "either you do USA or die" seems better indicated to synthesize what you should put in place to get out of this situation of attitudes ... more

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PREU increase: game operators ready for battle

The government "moved" by starting its path of reorganization of public gambling with the decrease in entertainment equipment and with the increase in the preu that are so much discussing (but the discussion would still have been in ... more

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Bolzano: his relationship with gambling

Indeed, we are talking "too" about the world of public gambling, the dictates of the 2016 stability law - which have not been respected - and what is not "coming out" from the unified conference, since at the moment you do not do is… more

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Venice casino: hunt for the new general manager

It is not possible, in reality, to understand "that halo of mystery" that surrounds the appointment of the new general manager of the Venice casino: there is no reliable news ... it is only known that some questions have been submitted, including too ... more

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The real qualitative leap in American gambling

Together with the various "annual" considerations on the game in general, you want to make some reflection on the online game, a very interesting sector, in complete development and which is acquiring a particular "seriousness and professionalism" also in relation to a particular agreement ... more

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New in sight for the new collection network

The 2015 stability law contains in this week (30 November 2015) the last installment of the single tax due relating to the "notorious amnesty" for the CTDs who wanted to provide "to the inquisition" of their exercise and reminds us that from this "Operation" are ... more

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Paolo Crepet: my opinion on ludopathy

The well -known sociologist and psychiatrist Paolo Crepet, who spoke at a conference sponsored by Sapar, with a few well -outlined words expressed himself against the pathological gambling, trying to eliminate ostracisms and false morality towards a discomfort ... more

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Ludopathy: the evil of our century

Those who insist on tracing the pathological gambling "all the evils of the planet" are an obtuse person who does not realize that ludopathy is an addiction like the others that dot the social since time immemorial: ... more

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Controls on data transmission centers continue

The "emergence" procedure of the data transmission centers gave a good result and brought 2,200 collection points to the lawful circuit: the estimated total of these activities was over seven thousand irregular points and there ... more

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