The gambling paradox: clear messages are needed

It really seems an absurd thing: after so many months if not years, you still find ourselves asking the same question: "Game yes, play no, game ... maybe". It is a paradox, but it is so and we must not forget that our ... more

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The satisfaction of the regions that are against slot machines

There are many, almost all, the regions of our peninsula that have their own regulation on the game that requires restrictive rules to the bitter end for playful activities: certainly, union makes strength and them (the regions) united as a "sol man" ... more

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The expected effects on the legal legal law

The confusion and contradiction that reign supreme in the world of American gambling make it unfortunately transformed into a sort of "political-administrative objective". Even if he should stay in our hearts free thought, it seems instead ... more

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Tar Piedmont: the game regulation strengthened

The recent decisions of the Piedmont Tar have clearly and widely enunciated that the regulation on the game of that region has the power to be assumed by all the Municipalities which in turn have the possibility, in the end to the respective ... more

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Florence: the gambling regulation reappears

The pupil regulation on the game, does not give up: although rejected by the professors of the Tara Toscana with the motivation not to contain sufficient elements to protect game companies, he reappears at a sort of "repair exam" and from Florence starts ... more

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If you want to adjust the game it takes more cooperation

Undoubtedly, the conference relating to the playful sector "Game in USA, a sector in comparison" has made many points of view and many reflections that have followed in recent times and which also refer to the maneuver ... more

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Calabria Region: on the list for the game law

A few articles ago, we had subjected a "mini-bookmade of regions that are not yet equipped with a regional regulation on the game: Sicily, Sardinia and Calabria. All the other sisters have provided -who for some time and who in a hurry more ... more

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Gambling: the expenditure of Americans in recent years

We speak too often - and too often without data in hand - of the world of gambling. Sometimes not real data are noticed to emphasize this phenomenon and to bring to public opinion only the negative part that the sector ... more

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The American regions against gambling

One would never want the thought that has touched the mind of the writer, for those who still read us, is exactly what you think: but those who study and put a regulation on the game, will make themselves completely ... more

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A beautiful idea to counteract the pathological game

The old adage "nail packed nail" seems to have almost always given excellent results, applied in any circumstance even if the most "used" one so to speak is that of love ... but apart from the jokes and the old proverbs if resorting to ... more

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