Betting: operators in revolt for the increase in taxation

Evidently, the central government was not enough to impose the (further) increase in the preu on entertainment equipment, but also thought of changing the taxation on betting with the margin tax that rises to 20% on the physical network, excluding from this ... more

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We are moving away from a sustainable and fun game

In recent years, the world of public game, including online casino sites, has sought all the streets to "make themselves sustainable" towards the company and to be accepted by public opinion: strenuously fighting against the media campaigns that are ... more

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An absurd tax that affects online game and poker

From a point of view of the various governments it is evidently clear that when they no longer know what or to whom to to "collect" the useful resources to "get caught" the various budget holes, we inevitably go to resort to ... more

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In gambling, maximum transparency is required

When someone allows themselves to say that in the world of gambling there is almost only delinquency and those who represent it is certainly not "a saint's shank otherwise that 'work there' would not have been chosen" who loves the playful sector ... more

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Is a dialogue between the government and the world of the game still possible?

Perhaps with the assertion "opening of a dialogue with the companies by the government" we wanted to interpret, and the term desired is underlined since it is certainly the desire and hope of the companies of the world of game and ... more

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In the UK you want to prohibit advertising with gambling

"All together passionately", the title of an old film, perfectly attacks the situation that is concretizing in the UK: compact as a Sol man Bet365, Willian Hill and Ladbrakes, and soon the five main associations in the game sector ... more

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There is still a lot to do for sports betting

Lately, the sporting betting segment has made discussing: from the fraud to corruption, from matches made to recycling. A set of "things" that has, without a shadow of a doubt, made the bar of attention raise since corruption in sport is unfortunately a ... more

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But is gambling really a social alarm?

Unfortunately, there are really people who have been involved in gambling and playing with the best online casinos: people who have not managed to manage their drives regarding the "desire to play" and, therefore, forced to undergo ... more

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The closures of USA towards the legal game

Who knows where the "innovations" of the new yellow-green executive will take us, their "wall against wall" with Europe and the not "wanting to go back" thick times declared by the leaders of the two sides that govern our country! The feeling that yes ... more

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Sigma 2018: in Malta confirmed the global interest in the game

There is no doubt, and also the success of this year's edition of Sigma di Malta tries again, which between this island and the gaming industry, including online casino sites, exists a strong link: they were created , evidently from the organization, the ... more

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