Gambling at the time of social distancing

When we talked, and we still speak, of the world of games, casino best Americans including, and its rooms are thought of socialization and in an inevitable way to aggregation: precisely terms that should today be at least "distant" and that could ... more

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Game: more and more victim of eternal and atavistic paradoxes

Almost all the boot, from north to south, physical game, and also the best sites of legal casino, is taking shape and substance and is slowly reopening its doors to try to offer the new post-body player a ... more

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Trento and Bolzano always paired against gambling

In another article he had looked at himself "with suspicion" to the postponement of the reopening of the world of game, and also of the world of the best American legal casinos, of the province of Trento, who, despite the central state had granted the "free everyone", then ... more

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We have to pay attention to illegal gambling

It is not known if what you are about to say is also a thought of Prime Minister Conte because it is certainly not easy to enter the mind of others, especially in that of the Prime Minister who in this period of emergency releases ... more

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Gambling, territorial question and national reorganization

Of the world of games and from that of the best American mess, it would be useless to deny it, the "territorial question" that has been keeping the bench for some time and which could only be eliminated only with the birth of a national reorganization of ... more

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During the Lockdown the online game avoided the disaster

Unfortunately, the physical game, and also the new American casinos, is not on the day, not to the window to see if, by chance, a certain date finally arrives relating to the opening of its game points, Bingo rooms and ... more

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United States: legal actions against the closure of gambling

In our country, unfortunately, in this historical moment in which all companies, of any sector, are talking, have undergone and are suffering economic damage which you cannot keep an exact count, you are noticing a ... more

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Gambling was imprisoned at the bottom of the list

By now all public opinion is aware that the Pubblicom game including new online casinos has been imprisoned at the bottom of the strange ranking of companies that can start again, on the contrary, that they cannot reopen, since according to the executive they present risks for ... more

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Gambling: it is hard to start again

Apparently, the Lockdown would seem almost a memory and in the last days of May the vast majority of activities in the different sectors has been distributed in practice, always carefully for any possible risks, but to give at least one possibility to ... more

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The ideological choices of the state towards the game

Sooner or later some of the institutions will deign to confide, lengthy, what is the real reason why on the one hand the world of public game and the best casino sites is "considered" immoral, superfluous and harmful, given the ... more

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