Casino: Security for Primary Objective Health

Many times it was emphasized, in the period of health emergency and Lockdown, that one of the sectors that most suffered pandemic was the world of game and the best mess that already before the Coronavirus had "some ... more

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Gaming fairs in the period of pandemic

It could never have been imagined that fate presented us with the crownavirus and everything that has led to normal citizens and companies: to the life of citizens who changed almost radically and to that of the companies that ... more

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American gambling tries to look tomorrow

Those who have "a few years more than experience and life" should be remembered how many other governments, of a different color from the current one and of different ideas on the world of the best American casino, have held the same behavior that ... more

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The battle between Bolzano and the world of gambling

The city of Bolzano, in support of its decision to extend the times for the reopening of the game rooms and the best American casino legal sites, equates them who knows what absurd similarity to discos where ... more

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Even in the relaunch dl the world of gambling is not helped

During this terrible period of health emergency, there was so much and confused "doing" of the executive who had to, in any case, face a situation that is certainly atypical and that has displaced all the governments and not just that of ours ... more

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Eratory speakers: less entrances from terrestrial gambling

It has been underlined several times how much the prolonged stop of the public game and American casinos, its movements relating to tax payments, the lack of VAT payments and everything that can be attributed ... more

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The European Commission and the regulation of gambling

Whenever the European Commission is subjected to regulating gambling and legal casino sites between all Member States, unfortunately, for years it has always been the same: one does not want to intervene to "impose a European statute ... more

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The government that looks to gambling as an old resource

During this "period" between the health emergency and the economic one from these lines it was dared to say that perhaps the executive could have looked at the world of the game, and the best American legal casino sites, as an old and consolidated resource for ... more

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People are still afraid but gambling is taken up again

Most likely the yellow-red executive feared that this could happen: the economy does not resume, they still circulate, people are afraid if not afraid to attend "limited" places, albeit with all the tools in order to defend themselves from a possible contagion…. more

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Padua: a live poker circle regulates itself

With the various stages of restoring our economy, and therefore with the various company openings preordained by the different decrees of the Prime Minister, the possibility was also given to the gambling, and to the American casinos, to reappear on ... more

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