To counter the illegal game you need to check the players

In the last long months of Pandemìa it has been written several times that the public game and the authorized casinos, and therefore lawful but forced to close its activities as they are considered "not essential and medium/high risk", had to confront ... more

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Legal gambling: the situation of the deceased decree

Perhaps it will be because from the new Draghi government, the impossible is really expected but, sincerely, from the first decree of support designed by the recent executive, the companies expected a little more: especially those considered "not essential" to which it was ... more

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Summer could mark a new start for gambling

Apparently, the world of global game, including the best sites to play at the online casino, seems to be "pretended" that the Coronavirus has never existed: you want to look only towards the summer hoping that that is the best period for ... more

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The MEF ensures government attention to gambling

While the world of games, including the American legal sites of Casino, begins to have insurance about the attention that the government would finally reserve the sector, it must be forced to digest its current closure and continue only to hope that the epidemiological curve ... more

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Thesis relationship between the game and the banking institutions

In the name of an obsolete and ambiguous "ethical relationship" to which some banking institutions are attacked in the "highlight moment" of the pandemic, but which unfortunately happened even earlier but more sporadically, the world of games, including new casinos, yes ... more

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Without legality in the game there is no more security for players

Recently, unfortunately, the news and authoritative opinions such as that of the prosecutor General Anti -Mafia Cafiero De Raho are delivering the data of a serious and dangerous situation about the increase in crime in the area that has also involved the world close ... more

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Without information, gambling is still demonized

Apparently when it comes to "dealing with topics relating to the recreational sector and American online casinos" there is no distinction between the games: that its activities are located in the north or south still today, and despite the pandemìa it has ... more

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The gambling sector wants to be recognized safe and legal

We do not want to think that the Epoca-Nuova executive is not aware of what the public game and online casinos ADM represents: the legality in the area by means of the "state reserves" that act by state concession, offering ... more

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The increase in online game at the time of the Coronavirus

But will the players really changed? Their habits were really subverted and those who were used to playing with the earthly terrestrial have inevitably searched for the online way to make up for the very long closure of the game points ... more

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Many information campaigns on legal gambling is underway

That ADM has substantially changed face and commitment to some sectors seems somewhat evident. On many occasions, it has been underlined how much its maximum manager has expressed himself precisely against the public game, including the sites to play at ... more

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