The gambling sector has lost a lot during the pandemic

Evaluate who was worse during the pandemìa and what the most penalized sectors are appears even more difficult enterprise and it becomes necessary, first of all, to arm themselves with holy patience to draw up this strange ranking! In fact, in any sector you look, ... more

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Gambling reopening: the moment seems far away

It was really hoped that in the conference of the regions of last April 29 there was also officially talked about the return to the game of the slot machines entertainment equipment, so much sought after by its "people of players": instead the parks were treated ... more

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Durigon: an undersecretary of sensitive gambling games

From the first rumors circulated on the appointment as Undersecretary with delegation to the gambling games by Claudio Durigon, we immediately expressed ourselves in an extremely positive way for the attention and sensitivity from the same demonstrated during the events in the square especially ... more

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Gambling: the long list of sensitive places

Not to mention Pandemìa only, even if it is an undertaking that is anything but easy considering the economic implications that drags with you, "we like" also to return to talk about the operational limitation of the game activities, not to the online casino, mass ... more

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To go to the casino ready to transgress the law

Without a shadow of a doubt the sporting world, indeed, the sportsmen and especially the players are not quite particularly predisposed to be an example for normal citizens, which should instead be: more than once, in fact, they have ... more

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Gambling: we approach and it still in the wrong way

If you still persist in ideologically approaching the game, including online casino platforms, in a discriminating way you want, strongly, remember that times have changed, that "nothing will be more as before" and that the ... more

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Read restrictive and pandemic: gambling is in pieces

It cannot be avoided that the world of game, including the best authorized American casino sites, is really put to the test: unfortunately this, however, already happens even before the pandemìa. In fact, they are at least two or three years ... more

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To help legal gambling you should think about the reorganization

Between certainties and uncertainties, epidemiological curve and possible reports of the presence of Coronavirus, unfortunately, in some supermarkets that have arrived in the last few hours, the fear of citizens is urged by the news that follow one another without stopping, including those now "chronic relative ... more

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Legal gambling business: the things to evaluate

An essential and absolutely primary thing to control before throwing yourself headlong into the business of the game and legal casinos is, without any doubt, the old "territorial question" hoping that it can be resolved with the fateful and coveted reorganization ... more

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The stadiums are reopen but gambling is nothing about

"We would really like to" find a heavier term than "disappointment" that can represent the great bitterness with which the whole game industry must look at the program of openings after April 26, gradually, albeit with restrictions, ... more

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