Gambling: common sense must be applied

In recent days, as happens weekly, the executive and the premier "take the measures" for the various reopenings trying to "give a blow to the circle and one to the barrel" even if it is a proverb that we really like "remember why ... more

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The inappropriateness of the closure of legal gambling

Those who would have said that after years of discrimination against the public game and the casino best legal Americans, of declared or underground obstructionism, of regional laws that persevered in wanting to ban the expansion of the phenomenon of the game and finally, after ... more

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Gambling: the damage suffered in pandemic time

From the flow of the events that have followed each other in this last year of Pandemìa, indeed exactly from the beginning of the health emergency that has overwhelmed everything and everyone, what indisputably jumps to the eyes is that the world of games, including American casinos, ... more

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Esports: consolidated reality also in our country

It seems that the time for the fully entry of Esports has come, not of the top online casinos, not only on international markets where they are already having a lot of success and count many visitors, but also on that of ours ... more

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The growing economic importance of gambling

On many occasions it was underlined how much the Customs and Monopolies Agency is committing, in particular with the re-nomine of its general manager Marcello Minenna, to support the world of games and online casinos. IS… more

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At least online gambling is free and full of news

The world of gambling is unfortunately stopped, at least the terrestrial one that seems to have disappeared from the American territory as well as by institutional provisions, but they are certainly not its "creatives": those who do justice to the sector with many ... more

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Gambling: this is the right time to help him

The Customs and Monopolies Agency, ADM, and a part of the policy are moving, each within their own role, to support the reopening of the best game and casino activities, closed consecutively from October 2020 and reduced ... more

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The reopening of the game becomes of national interest

Certainly it does not demand in the most absolute way that the world of game and the most important top mess of many other sectors of services or commercial should be considered, compared to the global interest that concerns our country, ... more

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Many sectors are about to reopen: gambling instead not

Essential or not, politics is being interested in reopening all sectors and is being confronted with a somewhat decisive period on different fronts: in the meantime, however, it is persisted in not member of any word on the countless activities ... more

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Gambling cannot even manifest in the square

Not only is the world of games and the best American casinos have been closed since October 2020, economically destroyed and also psychologically since professionals no longer know what to invent to be able to keep their companies "live company" never ... more

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