Gambling: openings yes but with responsibility

The sense of freedom that certainly belongs to us can only be even stronger in these days where, finally, we have been allowed not to use outdoor masks, but always under certain conditions and with all possible attention ... null more

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The abstinence from the legal game has inevitably led to illegality

It is all too evident that all this speak on the game and on the legal casinos has fomented the spirits of his bitter detractors who were very happy with his long eight months closure, as they are extremely satisfied with ... more

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Novomatic in turmoil: new games and a lot of innovation

The whole world of American games and casinos, some more and those less, has been "forced" to use this forcedly sabatic year to prepare to face the restart of its activities with even greater strength and determination, rewarding so ... more

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Illegal gambling has grown with Lockdown

The exponential growth of illegality over the entire territory continues to make people discuss: but nobody puts his hand to any fast intervention and, above all, well addressed to put the world of games in a position to reopen with serenity and without worrying as well as ... more

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Gambling: many interventions are considered necessary

The full -bodied world of authorized American game and casinos which includes, to express themselves, the production and marketing but also the management of entertainment equipment, as well as the management of betting and instant struggles, is undoubtedly lifting ... more

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Gambling: when history repeats itself

Once upon a time, many years ago ... a world of illegal game that sailed satisfied in our country with an immensity of video-poker appliances, obviously not regular, which raged from north to south of the boot in spite of the existing laws, dribble ... more

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Snaitech and his journey to a sustainable game

The world of game and new casinos, that world that wants tortissimally that the travel sector towards sustainability has decided to make itself known more and more closely and one of its most representative groups wants to show itself "naked" ... more

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Gambling: from the pandemic he possibilitys to be better

The world of games and new mess, during his very long Lockdown, albeit "muttering with the institutions" for the treatment immediately that he certainly did not take advantage of him, he never wanted to see what happened with the perspective of ... more

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Gambling: social responsibility is important

Pandemìa, with all its serious consequences both towards citizens and businesses, has inevitably brought with it many changes: many without a shadow of a doubt negative since the first health emergency and the one that is still living, ... more

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Gambling: after the emergency you need creativity

Even before the health emergency, and the consequent economic emergency, the best game and casinos had found itself in the condition to reinvent itself since the market of the terrestrial one was hindered by the continuous arrogance of the regional and local rules that you ... more

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