Green Pass also to enter the gambling halls

Institutional, uncomfortable, deleterious for the economy of the businesses, including those that offer public game and casino platforms: they would be forced to request the green pass from the visitors of the rooms that are not many, which still have "fear" in the enter… more

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State game revenues: fall due to pandemic

We do not want to think, and above all one cannot think for the respect that you have towards the Draghi government, that the data of a -48% of income missing this year at the tax funds by the games sector ... more

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The relationship between Americans and gambling has changed

After examining the world of game and online casinos under the microscope, all its ravines, its dark points and its dark sides was inevitable, and fortunately it could also be added, that it was made ... more

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A radiant future for American terrestrial casinos

It took some "happy news" for the world of new online games and casinos, especially for that extremely small part of the tricolor gaming houses that are proving to be "radiants" and trusted of which everything ... more

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Further rules that limit the evolution of gambling

It seems that for the American authorized game and casinos there is never really peace! The game rooms have just reopened, after suffering many suffering, instead the entertainment equipment hosted in many exercises are not yet ... more

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Ireland: he worries too much advertisement for gambling

For a couple of years now we have often found ourselves talking about the Dignity and total prohibition of advertising to the games and bets that led an earthquake in our world of games and has ... more

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A ruling of the TAR defends legal gambling

Honestly, when he "tells" of a pronunciation of a TAR, above all South Tyrolean, who defends the American public and the American casinos, one can only be amazed, since very few have been very few for ten years ... more

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American terrestrial casinos: help is also asked to the territories

The American game and casinos, especially the casino one, is "asking for help" as well as the executive also to the territories that offer him hospitality. Location that manage to look at the summer period, after recent reopenings, with some relief ... more

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Reorganization of the game: they want it from north to south

Recently we are using "common sense" when the time is revealed to decide something important concerning the world of games, including the slot casinos, and, finally, that such reticence has been set aside ... more

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The game industry would like to create the culture of legality

It seems truly incontrovertible that after the reopening of its activities, the world of game, and the online slot casinos, must outline a hypothetical dividing line in order to start again with a sector with a different guise. With greater awareness ... more

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