Gambling: this summer the economic rebirth

The summer period for the world of game and legal casinos has always been commercially interesting since people try to stay outdoors, breathe clean air, go to the beach and there are few people who are ... more

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Gambling: at the window to evaluate the impact of the green pass

The world of American games and casinos, and also believes other sectors, after the advent of Green Pass are at the window to evaluate its interpretation that even to say it, is unclear and, therefore, everyone will interpret ... more

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We like the gambling projected towards the future

Even if you almost get out of the coat of the Coronavirus and the entire Italic territory lives in "White Zone" for now, hoping to be able to remain at least for a good part of the summer to "restore at least a little" on an economic level ... more

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Closed gambling halls: Green pass is needed

After all, a similar decision was expected: Green Pass mandatory for all rooms indoors, including restaurants and gaming points such as mess, with at least one vaccination. The discos with restors arriving for this is closed ... more

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Problematic game: urge to make good information

More than once, in our writing, it has been stressed that we want to inform public opinion with data relating to the extremely confused problematic, pathological or ludological or ludological game, you want to artfully want to inattention. But the result is, however, deleterious because ... more

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Green pass and gambling: more clarity is needed

As was inevitable, the Green Pass is making a lot of discussion: but it presupposes it even far from our country since it is a particular application to which all citizens of the world are obviously not used to: it is a sort of forcing ... more

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Gambling cannot afford false steps

There would be nothing to object if the world of games and casinos felt really "slightly targeted" by what is happening, and which revolves around its sector, and which is truly worrying all the ... more

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Gambling: forbidden to go back with restrictions

Either the public game and the slot casinos are not talked about for months, with the new or old government that has remained in fugitive against "his state reserves" for a couple of years, or talk about it ... more

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Too many gambling offers for players are not good

"We like" to think, always because the game, and the new casinos, wants to constantly see the half -full glass, which in the now famous report of the observatory for the contrast of the serious gambling dependence has wanted to urge the attention of the regions on ... more

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Bad thoughts about gambling are hard to die

In recent days it had already been able to see that an observatory for the contrast to addictions would have drawn up a relationship and subjected to the recommendations to make access to the game and the best even more restrictive casino, since its points ... more

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