Green Pass: yes to all sectors including the game

You also want to joke in this period that has overwhelmed us with many experiences and certainly not all positive: but it can certainly be said that you are not bored in this long period of "health emergency train" ... more

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Without Green Pass impossible to access the gambling

The Green Pass will inevitably be led to discuss: for its "alleged imposition", for the choice to apply it to certain activities and others not, for some employees yes while for others not. Now other "two ... more

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Summer if you are interesting too for terrectri casino

Indeed, the summer for the game and the best online casinos in general is not a particularly active period even if this year is not possible for forecasts since they are almost regularly overwhelmed by all the rules that follow the ... more

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Reorganization of the game: already discussions in the bud

There is nothing more to add! The topic of the national reorganization of the game and the top online casinos makes you discuss even before being at least "seriously thought" and despite the fact that ADM has advanced the hypothesis that in this new regulation tool ... more

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Perhaps a government's Autine could arrive for the game

Even if the game of football is clearly, and everything that revolves around you, "moves a lot of money" it seems that this "bottomless well" has currently dried up and the football clubs no longer pour in peaceful and profitable waters ... more

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Gambling: after the Lockdown even more innovative offers

Without a doubt, Pandemìa cost a very high price to citizens and businesses from all over the planet: we, in our little one, obviously want to look at our country and in particular at the experience of the world of games, casino ... more

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Fight against corruption in sports betting

Sports betting and game: a "liked" relationship and that is chased and was found in the European "glorious" just ended with the win of Mancini's national football team that made us dream, entertain, rejoice: what ... more

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Dialogue between the segments of American gambling

There is really a lot of talk about the digital event organized by SBC Digital which has managed to bring together a set of protagonists of the game and high -level game industry in the last days of July and all intentioned ... more

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The gambling industry is united to jump into the future

One of the few certainties that the American authorized game and casino industry has, and which tries to transmit, is the security of wanting to change and wanting to risk one's future with an "acrobatic jump", but always hoping for ... more

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Gambling and distanziometer: it takes greater clarity

Apparently, the "nut is trait" and the Lazio Region should also give in to the sense of responsibility in relation to the businesses and workers of the game and the best casinos allowing an extension of the "distancing law" that afflicted the ... more

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