Investigations in progress on illegal bets at the European football championships 2020

The 2020 European Championships, held in 2021 and those who won them and with what sports satisfaction we already know, unfortunately were too frequented by the phenomenon of illegal bets who, at the time of their development, held the bench and ... more

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Green Pass extended to everyone: greater security for gambling

If something striking does not happen, it is a decision made by the central government that the green pass is extended to all workers in the public and private sector despite having manifested some resistance. But Premier Draghi is convinced that the ... more

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The resistance to the green pass recalls that of gambling

In these last few days the topics that continue to keep the bench are the vaccination campaign, the "no vax", the green pass and its extension: television programs that are wasted on this with more or less credible opinions of the "Tuttoologists" ... more

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The new normality is expected in gambling

Once again you want to underline the presentation of the Blue Blue Book of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, which took place on 10 September last, since we "like it" certainly to emphasize that it was accepted by an institutional audience of everything value: by the president ... more

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Champion casino: bad politics towards workers

There are about five hundred workers, divided between the playing house of Campione d’Italia and the municipality of that town, who paid firsthand a very high price to politics that was safely wanted to wash the hands ... more

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The contrasting observatory of the gap is hard towards the game

Regardless of this question that arises spontaneously to all operators of the game and managers of casino sites, today the sector wonders what the external push is that convinced the observatory to express itself in such hard terms ... more

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Sustainable future for gambling: we want it today

It is completely normal that today, after a period of summer running -in for almost all the activities that are however managing to keep the green certification open as well as so much opposed by a certain audience of detractors ... more

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Gambling: winds of radical change blow

Regardless that they are European funds or the presence of the Draghi government, and its pragmaticity, but it seems that trust, enthusiasm and a recovery that begins to "see" are influenced in making a scenario appear "more than ... more

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Gambling and employment: you still have to do a lot

On many occasions, but particularly when looking for motivations against the various executives for their hiding in taking measures about the regulation of the recreational sector, it has been mentioned to what the same world of games and ... more

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The immediate programs of the government for gambling

Pragmatic and concise as always and how he made himself known and appreciated by the Americans, Prime Minister Mario Draghi categorically has what is briefly declared: "The government goes on": perhaps so by almost silenced the useless or artfully innumerable controversies ... more

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