M5S: the game is the plague of the century and the cause of all evils

You really don't remember how many times the refrain has been repeated that gambling, including the best sites of legal casino, represents "the plague of the century and the cause of all evils", a few years ago "use ... more

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Las Vegas and Poker: Wsop open only to vaccinated

For those who still do not know it, and therefore it is believed that there are very few, the countries of the so -called Schengel Treaty in Europe are, among others France, USA, USA, Swiss Spain and Greece. To be added to the reopenings are ... more

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Gambling sector: discontented by the government's work

Connecting all of the commercial and industrial sectors is not a small business and certainly the Green Pass is not that tool suitable to get to this goal! It does not matter if the institutions continue to say that it is ... more

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Always better quality in the creation of gambling

Both during the very long Lockdown and immediately afterwards, to the restart of the game companies and online casino slots, there is no doubt that its entrepreneurs were in any case in motion to improve their sector, in all ... more

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Credible government and very happy gambling

Both nationally and internationally there is no doubt that the Draghi government "spuries" credibility! And for this reason we "like" to say that in his work he also confides the entire world of games and mess with slots, albeit ... more

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The games sector bets on the arrival of the national reorganization

Public game and its safety, landed on the Ejuric territory about twenty years ago, unquestionably needs a "accurate restoration" since there are really too many rules that regulate it: beyond everything, even diversified by the territory in the territory and , ... more

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Game salvation: multi -channel to consider

During and after the health emergency, assuming that the planet really came out of this horrendous tunnel of sometimes dramatic experiences on a personal and tragic level at an economic level, there has often been talked about how much the loyal visitors of the game ... more

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The important role of regulators in gambling

It certainly cannot be said that IAGR 2021, International Association of Gaming Regulars held in Boston United States, has not turned on the spotlight on the world of the game and on the new online casinos since the executive director of the Gambling Commission ... more

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Gambling collection: less 5 billion for the tax authorities

That Pandemìa has created damage to all sectors is clearly an indisputable fact, which is being done as possible because the country restarts and that the economy, therefore, resumes its "movement (albeit) slow" is another ... more

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The government should respect the gambling much more

By now there are really no longer the times that the world of safe online games and casinos are emphasized is respectful towards the government, of any color it is, and how many times have been having to have ... more

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