Reorganization of the game: some illuminating ideas are expected

It is to be hoped that after many words spent during the pandemic emergency, and even after the restart of the playful activities of the best new mess, it actually passes to the facts although moving from the reflections of the commission of investigation into the illegal game ... more

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Gambling in presence: the old normality is sought

Especially during the pandemic emergency, but also immediately after when the various reopenings of the commercial activities were addressed, the main topic was to recover that normality too often taken for granted in the pre-body and which she had felt terribly ... more

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Gambling: Normality found after a long time

It is precisely this "trio" of intentions that the world of games and casino sites, albeit not in a period certainly of the best for its commercial journey, must pursue with its iron will stabilizing the sector, the ... more

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Gambling: all united to finally get to the reorganization

Without a shadow of a doubt, the experience acquired by the public game and by the best new online casinos during the demonstrations in the square in showing themselves to institutions and public opinion "Come una una man" served. In fact, even today and after closing ... more

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Comparison between the game industry, politics and institutions

While the entire game and new casino industry welcomes the probable candidacy for Undersecretary to the MEF with delegation to the Games of Federico Freni Lawyer, the sector is hoped that with the latter there may be a flowing and constructive dialogue and ... more

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Gambling and banks: Return to ethical schemes

Indeed, many speak of the game and online casino slot, especially in politics and unfortunately sometimes even not knowing the sector thoroughly, and not even on the surface, otherwise certain measures would not have been taken. So, it can be said that ... more

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If the gambling is discriminated against you do not fight the problematic one

Unfortunately, for years the public game, and also the casino sites with slot, suffers both from the same state "which created it", and from the public opinion or at least by a declared part of its fierce detractors and by some ... more

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Gambling: it is not the operators who have to do the part of the controller

After the world of American games and online casinos authorized, in recent years, has been accused of a certain policy of being a "immoral and junction" sector and also managed by "delinquent means" today, after the advent of the government ... more

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Without reorganization, gambling will fall into foreign hands

It seems that the continuous request from the game of the game and the slot casinos of the national reorganization of the entire sector is becoming almost a mantra that the associations have made their own, considering that it is almost an implementation that is subjected to the government ... more

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Gambling: it takes transparent rules for everyone

Who knows how and why the "poor" judges of the civil or Tar courts are forced sometimes to climb the glass to get to the final decision on some appeals set by the operators of the game to see the right accepted (or ... more

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