Reorganization of the essential gambling for its legality

By now there are no longer the occasions in which it has been told and underlined how important the interest is that in recent months the Customs and Monopolies Agency invests in "its public game" and, above all, with how much emphasis ... more

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Gambling dream: restart with an improved USA

Ever since we speak so insistently about rebirth, recovery, again "Italia System", it can be said that in the public game, online slot machine casino included, represented by all its supply chain, desire is really constant, or the dream ... more

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Federico Freni: first externalizations of the Undersecretary with delegation to the games

It is official: Federico Freni, lawyer, recipient (finally) of the delegation to the games and casinos with slot is the reference figure for the recreational sector and the "prayers" of the game industry who was looking forward will be addressed to him from… more

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ENADA RIMINI: Create important synergies for the game

When you have spoken, and for a long time, of the Enada event in that of Rimini, it was underlined how indispensable the fairs in presence are to produce interesting commercial encounters and therefore develop new strategies that can "emotionally" involve the ... more

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American politics: a little big step towards gambling

If you try to be objective, straightforward and even if you can look at the whole world of games with a certain determination, including the best online casinos with slot machines, and how it has faced the pandemic emergency must be affirmed ... more

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Gambling: immense trust in Prime Minister Draghi

The immense confidence that the whole game and casino industry has declared towards Mario Draghi now repeats himself in all the precautions or strategies that his government puts in place. Last but not least, of course, the tool ... more

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Legal gambling and youth sports associations

Before "telling" a particular event and a relationship between public game and sports associations that is renewed for the fourth time and that is collecting enormous satisfaction from both sides, "we like" spending a few words for ... more

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Uncomfortable relationships between institutions and gambling

To deal with the topic of the world of games and slot casinos, always beyond "delicate and uncomfortable" way when it comes to relationships between the latter and the world of institutions that too often, and unfortunately also recently, whenever situations are presented ... more

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A whole white USA that returns to play

Certainly, it is necessary to give the right weight to what happens on the American territory in relation to the pandemic emergency, to the results obtained from the restrictions imposed on citizens, to what has been obtained from the vaccination campaign, especially in these days when ours ... more

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Green Pass mandatory to access American terrestrial casinos

In the midst of the whole uproar that happened in the various squares to contest the Green Pass on whose performance we would like to drop a pitiful veil, considering that violence has never justified and that a topic like that ... more

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