The world of games has considerable trust for the future

In this autumn period, the countless commitments of the government and Prime Minister Draghi are chasing that, poor he, "appears everywhere" but where he is collecting reassurance on his doing as well as, of course, for the interventions he is subjecting to the different ... more

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Distanziometer: in the Marche it is becoming an nightmare

There is no doubt that the distanziometer terms, sensitive places, contrast to the problematic game and new casinos are too often resorted to above all: that is, since we continue to speak, and unfortunately only to speak and do not ... more

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Food and beverage in gambling and betting halls

It is certainly soon "to sing victory" and the experience that the world of games and new mess wants to insert more frequently in its rooms is still too "young" to account: however, even if tested for a short time, ... more

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The American state ready to propose a new lottery

If you do not risk the "cowardly to the state" it could be said that it seems really shameful that there is still someone of the current policy that "suggests" a further (state) lottery to push the American American not to use cash! And this after the ... more

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Throughout Europe we want the reorganization of gambling

It may be that a "European Polverone for reform of the world of games and top mess" has risen for a response given by the European Commission to a Spanish citizen who requested "the National Authority for the game" an intervention to ... more

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Commission of inquiry on the illegal game: the game sector is in favor

That the world of games, online casino with slot machines included, has lined up in favor, from the beginning, against the commission of investigation into the illegal game and on the critical issues of the legal one it now seems an acquired fact and this could ... more

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The Undersecretary for Games presents himself as the right man

The hint that the current executive can truly solve the problems of the public game and the casino with slot seems to become reality when you can hear the words of the newlyser-secretary at the MEF with delegation to the games, Federico Freni, who is ... more

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Great political maneuvers: hope that there is news for the game

As has been said more and several times the respect and consideration that you have of Prime Minister Draghi, and consequently of his current government, are very high: and for this reason, therefore, since the current one is the political moment of the ... more

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UK: take time to think before playing

The world of game and the best mess of the United Kingdom is "fatal jumps" to push their user of bettors towards a safe game and this slogan 'take time to think' seems to have already reached the heart and ... more

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Problematic game: the weapons used by crime

When a person is easily influenced, unfortunately "is almost targeted" and involved in dangerous drifts: but there is not only talk of inducing them to play in the online casinos until they remove all the money possible, it also happens with ... more

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