The world of legal gambling does not yet express the best

Certainly, there is no really to be cheerful! The world of games and casino slot hesitates, staggers, incensplica and has not yet resumed "properly" their commercial journey, at least for what expected and hopes were ... more

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Reorganization of the game: among a thousand problems there is also talk of this

Although in reality a paradox may appear, it seems that this historical moment, certainly difficult for the whole planet when the territories are globally licking the deep injuries caused by the Tzunami Coronavirus and where they are trying to restart ... more

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Gambling: how to juggle obstacles and problems

Without a shadow of a doubt, Pandemìa has contributed to improving the "elective affinities" of the world of game and top mess with the world of sport: in fact, now the game succeeds even if with extreme effort and with so much preparation ... more

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Brakes in front of the commission of investigation into gambling

That the newly-secretary with delegation to the games and new casinos Federico Freni has very clear ideas on the renovation of the playful way continues to emerge from the externations that are truly communicated without "brakes" and that want to underline the situation ... more

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Gambling: you need to annihilate illegality immediately

The world of games and the best mess is a system composed of an infinite number of small and medium -sized enterprises, but also by many "giants" often at all welcome to a certain policy and is a very particular sector: "delicate" because ... more

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European Commission: each state is responsible for its own gambling

As for some time he has asserted the European Commission when he is asked about the issue of gambling and casino slot, each state is "responsible and designator" of his own rules for the management of this sector so complicated and delicate. The same… more

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ADM: New App to help choose Legal Games

The notorious Dignity Decree, with its total prohibition of advertising to games and bets, has in fact deleterious and has certainly caused more economic damage to the sector than contrasting the gambling disorder. On the other hand, when ... more

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Illegal game: a declared source of problematic game

In the midst of the so much to make the state, by means of the Undersecretary of the Games Federico Freni, declares that he wants to put in place for the national reorganization of the playful sector and the best sites of slot machine, a report of the ... stands out more

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The Undersecretary for Games is only at the beginning

In his much and conscientious saying, Undersecretary Federico Freni, he must already "translate" his thoughts that have been poorly interpreted! And we are only at the beginning of his task: we hope that we do not return to the old "wanding" of whoever ... more

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The economic maneuver also touches gambling

Most likely, the hope that during the works for the economic maneuver, it is possible to insert measures also for the world of games, messy sites with slots included, could become reality, at least according to the notorious "corridor voices" that ... more

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