Gambling: the changes during the pandemic will be the future

In these last few days, serious reflections were born in relation to the strong regaining of the contagions that has made again reborn the fear in the majority of people: the company with its citizens and their businesses from the ... more

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Slovenian casinos have not suffered so much pandemic

Perhaps the local gambling houses and the new casinos with slots suffer from reflection of the many critical issues of our game and perhaps even the country's economy does not contribute to a recovery of how much it has been lost during ... more

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New positive signals for the reorganization of gambling

It is certainly undoubtedly true that the world of games and the best slots sites in recent months has been talked about very much and for a long time: you want for the super green pass that is required for access to the rooms ... more

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The big voice of the game online during the pandemic

Never as during this pandemic emergency there was talk so much of the online game, and the best sites to play slot machines, which has undergone a change in indisputably in relation to the choices made by the players. It was talked about ... more

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The Old Variant knees gambling on the knees

In our country we are trying to keep all the activities open, including those of the game and the slot casinos that had previously been penalized with their total closure: today, as already underlined, the Prime Minister wants tenaciously ... more

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Green Pass to protect the health of players too

It has been underlined in our saying more than once that the pragmaticity of Prime Minister Mario Draghi will continue to externalize in the intention of not wanting to close the activities for the benefit, at least in part, of the economy of the country already so much tried by this ... more

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Bandy games of health security card

When it comes to "gambling and new slot casinos", public and legal, inevitably the mind and speeches are projected towards the Games casinos and entertainment equipment (or more familiarly called slots) and is not thought of either ... more

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Not just gambling: there is also entertainment

Those who really love the game and the slot casinos, know how important it is also for the youngest, pure entertainment and fun: therefore, there is a lot of talk about the game with winnings in money precisely because they are extremely complicated and ... more

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Gambling: new year in search of himself

Without a doubt, the world of games and slot sites did not think of closing this blessed 2021 in such bad conditions, you want for the recovery of the economic side that the reopening of the many playful activities unfortunately did not do ... more

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Gambling: resource for other countries but not in USA

The world of games and online casinos slot hardly has opportunities in USA to be able to clearly demonstrate to public opinion how useful it could be to the country's economy, and above all where it could be credible: which is really extremely complicated ... more

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