Slot machines in tobacco: it takes green pass

Once upon a time there was, some time ago, the possibility of circulating with freedom in the various Italic territories, then with the pandemic emergency the coloring of the same realities and circulation was overwhelmed for all citizens: ... ... more

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Champion Casino: the future reopens and designed

It is quite evident that in recent months "a piece of our heart" has dedicated itself to the champion of American champion and to its new online casino, closed for so long that it could almost have been forgotten: but ... more

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The trust of gambling towards the delegation law

Even if you want to perceive confidence in all the promises made by the institutions about the restructuring of the rules of the public game and the slot casinos, you cannot help but think that the election of the new President of the Republic ... more

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Gambling and reorganization: there is a desperate need for the state

The central government, through the Undersecretary with delegation to the Federico Freni games, has promised and anticipated more than once the intervention that politics and parliament intend to put in place for the national reorganization of the entire sector ... more

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The difference between healthy and degrading games

The desire and stubbornness of the entire game chain and new casinos with slots are decidedly determined and infinite: you really want the protagonists of the sector to be always united in all segments, wishing to propose themselves to citizens in ... more

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The battles against gambling must end immediately

Those who love the world of gambling and the sites to play slot machines, speaks, defends it and sides indisputably on its side for what it should represent, cannot fail to realize that the current situation of the ... more

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Competition between the champion casino and the lugano casino

When it comes to gambling and new mess, in all its segments, it is necessary to keep in mind that the playful sector, throughout the pandemic emergency, managed to face it almost with its "only its own forces" and with ... more

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All the fairs of the game in presence slip in spring

This time to decide to move some events, of any sector, the organizers themselves were talking about the same agreement with the group of exhibitors, and not the government as happened last year in the full pandemic. So,… more

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Acceleration of digitization in USA also for the game

As the pandemic experience taught us, there is no doubt that the situation that the whole planet had to suffer from the Tzunami Coronavirus accelerated a global change of life, projecting most of the people towards digital and towards ... more

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Gambling: always the same music for the reorganization

What differs from the sensations that the world of games and the best sites to play slot machines for years has perceived is that today indifference seems to be present. Which is somewhat important for all operators in the sector that ... more

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