The mafias and their work in the gambling sector

The search for illegal activities, particularly those that are connected to the world of game, of the online slot casinos and to that of usury, which, as mentioned often, travel truly "embraced", has become an important operation for our country almost a real one ... more

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How to pursue the culture of legality for gambling

To chase the illegal game, and to contrast with extreme strength, the phenomenon of the growth of organized crime that manages it from north to south of the boot, has undoubtedly become the commitment of both the central government and that of the various ... more

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Some movements of the delegated law on gambling

The law delegated to the world of recommended games and casinos had been "promised" by Undersecretary Federico Freni who announced "the arrival on the table of the Minister of Finance" by the end of last January: however, as you know, ... more

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Very long times for authorizations to gambling

Seen and considered that due to the pandemic emergency everyone immediately have immediately relevant economic damage, we tended to think that the requests for authorization in order to carry out an activity could be faster to give way to any entrepreneur, especially in this ... more

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Gambling: no help for the Football Fund

Almost with all those who love the world of gambling, including the best casino slot sites, which follow its developments and problems and who face, together with the operators of the sector, its various critical issues ... more

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Emilia Romagna: the game on the game continues to make victims

A few days ago, in another article, it was underlined how much some regions are really putting into practice to try to "help" the commercial life of the game activities and the best mess, having noticed that the impositions of the "capestro" rules ... more

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The current presence of legal gambling in USA

After the pandemic emergency took away many companies, in various diversified sectors, and the public game has lost about ten thousand workers, but they are probably still stuck at 2020, "we would like" to make the current point of the presence of ... more

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Gambling in the United Kingdom: reforms are expected

We often return to the indication of old adagi who are always of topicalness such as the "bad half Gaudio" one, or "the whole world is a country". And this is clear in these days, looking at the great turmoil caused in politics by ... more

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The truth about the size of gambling disorder

Each of the large group of detractors feels in the right to externalize, unfortunately always negatively, what thinks about gambling and on the best slot casinos while referring to a lawful, authorized and representative of legality in the area by means ... more

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More fantasy in the world of sports betting

It will perhaps be because the very long and strange period that the Tzunami Coronavirus has imposed on all citizens and businesses "has emptied the mind" that as soon as the possibility finds new sensations, new online casinos are found ... more

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