The search for quality in the world of casino

Above all in the last pandemic period, we are increasingly "fled more", and with reason, to offer us a better life: in a particular way after the health emergency that saw us "reconsider" the priorities of our daily life, which He has ... more

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Pandemia pushed the players to safer products

"We like" open these lines with the phrase that in these days of war has bounced on the Internet and thus reached the mind and heart of many, really making it clear what it is stationed in the Ukrainian population: pride and ... more

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The war also affects the gambling sector

War is a word that seemed so far from our current life that it would never have thought of hearing pronounced today: after all, one has just left another war, the one against an invisible virus that has distorted the ... more

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Even in Denmark, illegal gambling increases

Certainly later, two years of tension and health battles to counter the spread of the Tzunami Coronavirus, no one was preparing to absorb tension again: instead, unfortunately, even if the war in Ukraine is quite far from our country insinuates itself ... more

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Ban on smoke in the casino of Atlantic City

Throughout the planet there is no doubt that the health and financial emergency are arousing extreme concern even if the infections seem to have decreased, albeit with some jumpers: therefore always throughout the planet there was a great sigh ... more

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The law delegated to gambling in Draghi's mind

Is this exactly the maneuver that the world of games and the best slot casinos expected from Prime Minister Draghi? To put a staple to the current regulation so that the management of the game sector "returned ... more

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How to help players in difficulty enjoy the fun

In recent months, but also perhaps in recent years, there has really been a lot of so much gambling and American casino slots perhaps too much and certainly also by people who do not love him so much and, above all, that ... more

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Gambling: you can see the peaceful after the pandemic storm

After suffering a lot during the long -term emergency, after trying with your own forces to face an epochal crisis with almost a year of closure, after having managed to keep their businesses almost completely in life, ... more

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The trust of the operators of the game towards the state

Of the reorganization of the world of games and the casino sites with new slots have been speaking for a long time and perhaps even too long: however, all its critical issues that will have to be included in this ... more

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The law delegated to the game to cover critical issues

It can be said, even after a quick look at the draft of the delegated law on the so long -awaited game, which intends to "cover" this time truly almost all the critical issues recently complained by the game industry and the new slot casinos: right, therefore, ... more

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