Casino in Slovenia - Slovenian terrestrial casino

The Slovenian mess, finding themselves above all within tourist cities, are open for most of the hours of day and night. If you are in this country for a holiday period, or you have chosen to spend a weekend to dedicate exclusively to gambling, keep in mind that it will not be difficult to find an open structure at any time; In fact, most of the latter is operational 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Before entering a casino in Slovenia You will have to exhibit a valid identity document, especially if your major age does not appear to be evident. As for clothing, if in some gaming houses the dress code is very restrictive, in others you can also have access by dressing casual. It is important, however, to present itself in a decent way, considering the elegance that distinguishes many of the structures of the territory.

If access is usually free, some casinos in Slovenia have chosen to ask customers the payment of a real entrance ticket. In these cases, however, the public is encouraged to enter thanks to the assignment of free chips, whose amount ends up covering that of the ticket purchased.

The other terrestrial mess

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

Play responsibly

Games present in the Slovenian terrestrial casinos

If you have decided to give yourself a few days of vacation in Slovenia, and you want to take this opportunity to vent your passion for gambling, Casino in Slovenia represent an ideal destination. It is the large number of structures available to give any player the opportunity to try their luck, and to put their ability into play. From Bingo to Roulette (both at the tables and in an electronic version), to the card games (blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Chemin de Fer and Banco Punto), the choice is wide and for all tastes. If you love poker, there will be several versions of the game (Texas Hold'em, Stud Poker and Caribbean Poker are waiting for you).

An appearance of the casinos in Slovenia that deserves to be underlined is the presence of tournaments, whose prizes are decidedly attractive if compared with those proposed in the mess of other Eastern European countries.

To keep up with the times, and push an increasing number of foreign enthusiasts to try the local game halls, Casino in Slovenia are careful to constantly vary their proposal, adding the latest generation games. This effort will allow you to have fun with Slot machine And videopoker, characterized by excellent progressive jackpots and high -level graphics. For example, the Casino Aurora, in the city of Caporetto, among its over 250 slot machines includes several machines capable of offering multiple game options, also focusing on quality animated effects and on payment lines that you can control directly from the touch screen Screen. In any case, there is no shortage of traditional manual management mechanical rollers, used with satisfaction by players who have no intention of giving up tradition.

Still today is Roulette, classic game par excellence, to represent one of the most loved pastimes from the frequenters of the casino in Slovenia. The large rooms available in the main structures have allowed the insertion of an important number of tables intended for roulette. The French (or European) version joins the American one, which has its distinctive feature in the presence of a zero and a double zero. In a short time, the latter has become the preferred version by the clients of the Casino in Slovenia, especially thanks to the simplicity of the game. Even for the novices it is possible to have fun from the first play. It is necessary to remember how Electronic roulette They are now able to attract, in the casino in Slovenia, an increasing number of players and, at the same time, are seen favored by the managers, who can save on the number of Croupier thanks to the innovative technologies adopted. Precisely the success of the electronic versions has induced the famous software manufacturers to invest in the creation of these roulette models.

Another game that seems to never go out of fashion in the mess in Slovenia is Blackjack. They are above all the largest gaming houses, that is, those that have many employees in the role of Mazziere, who present an important number of tables. Among others we remember the Casino del coast, open in the city such as Nova Gorica, Portorose and Lipica. Also of blackjack You can choose the electronic version, or try your hand at the tables in which the "Double Deck Blackjack" is proposed. The rules of the latter are in many respects similar to those of traditional blackjack. To differentiate the two versions are the methods of delivery of the cards (served covered instead of discoveries, and observable only once the counter has completed its play), and some rules concerning the episodes.

An aspect that made the mess in Slovenia so popular is the possibility of making episodes also of the amount limited to the tables. You will thus be able to try more games without immediately exhausting the tokens. To satisfy the most experienced, accustomed to extremely high episodes, the casinos in Slovenia have exclusive Privé.

General characteristics of the Slovenian terrestrial casinos

In recent years in Slovenia there has been a rapid development of the so -called "Casino Tourism"null In particular, it is the border area with Friuli who has seen the opening of different gambling halls and also several casino online gratisnull From the 4 Casino di Portoroz to the structures of Kranjska Gora, up to Ljubljana and Nova Gorica, the opportunities to play in a mess in Slovenia are not lacking. Keeping in mind that the coastal areas overlooking the Adriatic Sea are normally populated by tourists from other European countries, many of the casinos in Slovenia have managed to quickly reach great popularity.

In several cases, precisely to encourage tourism, the sgambling They are located in buildings also equipped with hotels. In any case, there is no lack of casino not connected to accommodation facilities, many of which belonging to corporate groups. You will suffice you to enter any Slovenian casino in order to appreciate the level of reception reached and, above all, the luxury that characterizes the rooms, designed to make the stay of fans comfortable.

It was the seaside (and spa) city of Portorose, in 1913, to see the first mess in Slovenia arose. Favored by the climate, ideal for a summer holiday, and thanks to an environment full of Mediterranean vegetation, to a mild climate, in the presence of an airport nearby and the great offer of restaurants and wellness centers, the casino was able to immediately count on one important clientele.

The success achieved since the early years led to the birth of a long series of structures dedicated to gamble. In particular, it is in the last 30 years that the phenomenon has seen a quick accelerated, expanding throughout the Slovenian territory.

The Casino Aurora di Caporetto is also very popular, which can benefit from an enviable position. In fact, in the heart of the Alps is found immersed. The Casino Korona of Kranjska Gora, a city that borders both with USA and with Austria, is now a privileged destination for players from most European countries. The fact of being in a renowned location for the ski slopes favored its success with the public. The Park Casino & Hotel in Nova Gorica is one of the game houses of modern conception made available by the city, completely reconstructed at the end of the war. This mess is one of the largest not only in Slovenia, but of the entire European territory.

Also in Nova Gorica there is the Casino Perla, which has its most faithful customers in American citizens. The rooms are located inside a 4 -star hotel, the Perla hotel, which also provides a wellness center with both swimming pool and sauna. The casino was acquired by the Hit Casinos group, operating in Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Croatia; In particular, this group carries out its activity in the tourism sector combined with gambling. The popularity of the structure has received great impulse from the numerous live poker tournaments hosted within it in the most recent years.

Why visit the Slovenian terrestrial mess

The game, however essential within any casino in Slovenia that respect, is not the only aspect that has favored the boom of the structures in the area. To entice customers to enter many houses, they organized a series of services capable of ensuring an even more pleasant stay. If the rooms dedicated to smokers now represent a choice shared by most of the casinos in Slovenia, in several cases local local have been prepared in which it is possible to watch television. For example, The Korona casino of Kranjska Gora has an outdoor room, called "Open Air Casino", in which you can play with one of the 24 slot machines present without having to give up your beloved cigarettes.

In the Slovenian mess, between a play and one bet on sports sites You can also the bars to consume a drink and taste snacks, or to dedicate yourself to an aperitif in the company of new and old friends. The restaurants present in the mess are also of good quality; In particular, the structures that are located along the coast offer excellent workfish -based recipes. To reassure you on the goodness of the dishes will also be the presence, within the restaurants, of American chefs.

If you are used to attend the terrestrial casinos And, once sitting at the game tables, bet for several hours without ever getting up, you may find very pleasant the relaxing practices proposed by the main mess in Slovenia. The massage service will allow you to relax head, neck, shoulders and joints, in order to continue playing stressless. Such is the diffusion of these practices that they have led to the adoption of the definition "After-game". From Indian to Hawaiian massages, to foot reflexology, you will have different choices available. Lately, the so-called "pre-gaming" massages are also spreading, ideal for people who only occasionally attend the mess in Slovenia.

Finally, it deserves to be remembered as they don't fail, Inside the gaming houses, entertainment shows, which see artists from the world of music, theater and magic as protagonists.

If there are still several months to the holiday scheduled in Slovenia, you still have the opportunity to play d'Azzardo in one of the online casinos active in USA. In this regard, we at playgambling.org We have chosen to present a series of reviews relating to the best online casinos equipped with AAMS license on our website.