Casino in Greece - Hellenic terrestrial casino

The mess in Greece are distinguished to be enchanting places and to be located in a territory that to the tourist, by naturalistic and historical characteristics, is able to offer a lot. The mess in Greece attract millions of tourists from each nation on the planet, but obviously, those who reach this beautiful nation more often are the players who live in the nations surrounding the Aegean Sea. Inside the mess in Greece the services offered, which will allow you, once you have your destination, to enjoy relaxation in the dedicated rooms or entertainment in TV rooms, but obviously also of the bar service, always ready to make for You a cocktail or an aperitif accompanied by snacks and snacks both afternoon and night.

In each Casino in Greece There is no shortage of the restaurant or restaurants: In fact, if you want to sit at the table after a nice win at the tables, you often have the opportunity to choose the genre of cooking to savor, going to one restaurant rather than another.

Obviously on the threshold of the entrance to the Casino, the guests receipt will ask you to present your identity document, so do not forget it. The clothing as we have already said must be sober but not excessively casual. The shifts of opening and closing of the casino in Greece are quite variable: much depends on the fact if they are autonomous premises or linked to a hotel structure, opposed by the philosophy that the structure has chosen to adopt.

Reaching the mess in Greece is not difficult: the connections to the Athens international airport are very frequent and well organized, so much so as to make it possible to reach the city from every location of Europe. From USA it is possible to reach Greece also by ferry, starting from Bari or Brindisi, but also Ancona or other ports of the Adriatic.

The other terrestrial mess

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Games present in the mess in Greece

If you go to Greece for a holiday or for a tour of his mess it is good that you know that most of his Casino are open 24 hours a day every day of the weeknull There will be the most popular games present in every terrestrial casino, then roulette, Blackjack, Banco Punto, and Baccarat, to which is added the poker and several rooms dedicated to video poker and the most innovative slot machines.

In the casino in Greece, poker has acquired a leading role in recent years, so much so that this game, be it the traditional 5 draw card or the Texas Hold’em are dedicated days of tournaments with dizzying prize pool.

Inside a mess in Greece, the dress code is quite informal but you certainly cannot introduce yourself to the tables in a bathing briefs. The dark dress and the tie are instead a must in the VIP rooms.

The Casino rooms in Greece show that they are dedicated to any kind of player already starting from the available episodes: Once inside you can aim for the tables too Only 5 Auro or go to more profitable tables where the game becomes heavier.

Even the available jackpots remember a bit of those of Las Vegas: in addition to the money, material goods such as machines, motorcycles, travel and everything you usually want can be won.

Very sought after and always very clicked the Slot machine which start from very accessible episodes to all and then move on to those in which the episodes are more conspicuous and attractive: the latter are usually positioned in the sale VIP So better that you carry the tie.

General characteristics of terrestrial casinos in Greece

Although not very numerous, there are many more in fact Online casino without initial deposit, the mess in Greece are present in the area in greater numbers than those that can be found inside the American peninsula. Casino in Greece are designed to give tourists and residents, moments of relaxation and pure fun, in very luxurious and refined environments.

One of the first mess in Greece to be examined is the Corfu Holiday Palace Casino, located in what can be considered as one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. The casino is part of the 5 -star resort Corfu Holiday Palace, in an external position compared to the city center. The casino boasts the view of the Island mouse, an emblem of Corfu, as well as being located near interesting archaeological sites and breathtaking beaches.

Another mess in appreciable Greece is located in Rhodes, an island inserted by UNESCO within the World Heritage Site. The Casino di Rodi is in the city center, inside the large hotel of the Rose, a 5 -star hotel, whose prestige valued international borders. The hotel, starting from the 1920s, hosted several characters very well known to the general public and dedicates to the mess, also known as Rhodos or Rodos Casino, as many as 1,700 square meters: it is here that the tourists of the city find a meeting point in to have fun, meet and clash at the game tables.

As many as 40 years of history and an idyllic surrounding landscape is what characterizes the Regency Casino Mont Parnes located in the garden of the Regency is among the first mess in Greece to have opened its doors and the recent renovation has done nothing but raise the casino to the best international standards. If the interiors of the Cesino Regency Casino Mont Parnes is enviable, the exteriors will remain impressed in the memory: the casino is inserted inside the Mount of Mount Parnitha.

Instead, one of the most important mess in Greece stands in Thessaloniki. These are the Regency Casino Thessaloniki, immersed in 75,000 square meters of garden park, edited according to the oldest Greek tradition. Although the casino is not open 24 hours a day, but only from 18 to 7 in the morning, it is one of the most appreciated of the entire national territory, as well as being frequented by very demanding customers is in terms of privacy and security in general.

Descending from Calcidica Salonicco you can reach the Porto Torres casino, located inside the great resort of the tourist/seaside resort. It is a mess in Greece inserted inside a structure ready to satisfy customers from every point of view: in addition to the fun at the game tables and the rooms that allow you to betting on sport In fact, you can enjoy the Sithonia Thalasso & Spa, gardens, thermal systems, hotel rooms, golf courses, bars and restaurants.

The charm of this mess in Greece is above all given by the setting up that recalls the streets of New Orleans and the clandestine biscuit atmosphere that reigned you once: obviously everything is legal and the settings are artfully built to catapult you into a dream.

Traveling to the islands, you can choose to reach Syros and its casino Aegean Syros, a structure dedicated to gambling that seems suspended between crystal clear sea and impervious mountains. The nineteenth -century structure that hosts the casino will immerse you in a Greek dream, however giving yourself all the charge you expect from an innovative and compelling mess.

He follows these mess in Greece, the Magic Xanthi, in Tracia, inaugurated on 1 December 1995. The casino offers a very varied entertainment offer that adds events, evenings and events to the games. Among the opportunities in other places in Greece we cannot forget the Porto Rio Hotel & Casino di Patras. The entire hotel structure is arranged on an area of 35,000 square meters, of which many are intended for the mess.

Famous for his participation in the European poker Tour of Greece is the Club Hotel Casino Loutraki, inserted inside a large hotel with 225 rooms and 8 suites. The structure is designed for a demanding audience and also gives its guests a wellness center. The game area has 5,000 square meters arranged on two levels: the perfect place to enjoy relaxation and all -round adrenaline fun.

Why visit the terrestrial mess in Greece

Historically and culturally interesting places e Passion for the game They can go perfectly to the arm reaching Greece. Popular, innovative and very funny casinos in Greece are the ideal choice to get an exciting holiday from all points of view. Located in the most beautiful areas of the territory, such as Thessaloniki, Xanthi, Siros, Corfu, Rhodes, Luotraki, Parnitha and Calcidica, the mess in Greece perfectly combine the needs of those who love to travel, get to know new places and obviously playing gambling.

Inside the mess in Greece, moreover, there is no shortage of pampering and services: spas, bars, pubs, reception rooms and restaurants, often bind to luxurious and relaxing hotels and wellness centers. Each casino in Greece has distinctive characteristics that you can choose according to your preferences: natural beauty, breathtaking beaches, privacy and safety, history and archaeological sites, are all characteristics that distinguish the places of this breathtaking territory that will certainly not fail to conquer you.

Each casino in Greece stands out from that of the neighboring city For characteristics not only landscape but also for the interiors: choose to fly to the nineteenth -century history of buildings, towards naturalistic landscapes that cannot be found elsewhere, or towards the reconstructions of the most US cities dedicated to the game. You have nothing but to choose which type of favorite casino is, or establish to try them all and only after decreeing which one is the best for you.