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The world of digital finance is taking more and more field. Today it is possible to play in online casinos using the much famous bitcoins. This virtual and safe coin can be used inside the American legal online casinos to deposit and to withdraw the winnings. We at playgambling.org We guide you to discover the best casino online con bitcoin so that you can use this digital currency in the best way. Some say that bitcoins are the future, well, they have no wrong ones given the great diffusion that they have had in recent years. In short, if you want to know the best way to play in online casinos with bitcoins you have arrived on the right page. Discover the most famous and safe virtual coin in the world and also find out which are the best American legal online casinos of the moment.

Best online casino bitcoin

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General description on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the symbol of the recent cryptocurrency revolution. In 2009 his creator used a pseudonym - Satoshi Nakamoto - to present his creature to the network: an independent electronic currency, whose value was out of the control of any government. The idea turned out to be immediately extraordinary, because the web itself declared the fortune of this innovative currency. Without government bodies to decide its listing, the value of Bitcoin is essentially established by the demand of the buyers and the volume of the offer. The initial project of the cryptocurrency provides that the quantity available to owners is not infinite but has a maximum roof. This concept destines it to increase of value over time. Perhaps not even the creator of him, however, expected a success to insert the bitcoin among the financial phenomena of the millennium.

The Critpomoneta, in fact, had a value of a few dollars for several years, from 2009 until 2014. In this period, however, it has silently established itself as a method of payment on the web. The first Bitcoin Accepted online casinos were born in the world, namely that they accepted the electronic currency for payments and withdrawals. In 2014 the value of the currency literally exploded, reaching about 1000 dollars for a single bitcoin, also making the satoshi, submultiples of the coin that take their name from its inventor and that until then had been considered disfigured. The 2014 exploit has prompted many finance experts to label Bitcoin as a meteor destined to disappear in a short time.

Others, on the other hand, believed in the investment, being undoubtedly rewarded by the continuous growth of the currency which - in spite of the more or less significant spirits of world governments - has constantly increased its value over time. The current prices see only one stable bitcoin between 14 thousand and 16 thousand $. But how do Bitcoin payments work? Simple, any cryptocurrency transaction is identified by a univocal string, generated by private key. The transaction is inserted in a public register, called blockchain that contains all transfers aimed at the history of bitcoins.

So also your payment in a casino on line Bitcoin will end up in the notorious Blockchain, together with billions of other codes and will allow you to see your game account reborn. Once taken - if you decide to do it - the Bitcoin amounts will end up in what is called Wallet, an electronic wallet to keep your savings in cryptocurrencies. Modern e-wallets are safe, they also work very well from mobile and allow you to withdraw or deposit electronic currency safely. Many operations can be subject to commissions and, before choosing your wallet - if you don't already have one - we recommend that you inform yourself about the general conditions offered by each of them.

The best wallets also allow you to trading with cryptocurrencies and that is to buy and sell different types of cryptocurrencies simply by managing your wallet. The connection with the real world is usually takes place through the possibility of crediting figures on your account or paying and taking from the ATMs, using a credit card provided by the company of your own Wallet. Speaking of cryptocurrency transactions, legend tells of a very famous Bitcoin transaction. Laszlo Hanyecz in 2010 expenses 10,000 bitcoins to buy 4 pizzas online, in a Pizzeria in Florida. The developer wanted to demonstrate to the world that this payment method really worked and succeeded.

At what price though? The pizzas were probably very good but they were certainly the most expensive ever. The current value of 10,000 bitcoins, in fact, is around 158 million $, a jackpot not bad! Bitcoin consolidation as an electronic currency led to the birth of an entire financial sector. In a few years dozens of cryptocurrencies were born that follow the same mechanism as their famous progenitor. The universe of cryptocurrencies has attracted fragrances of investors to hunt for record multipliers. The entire sector is actually full of opportunities but also very volatile and therefore risky. Many electronic coins have purchased discreet fame and there are several online Bitcoin Accepted casinos that allow you to deposit and carry out withdrawals also with other cryptocurrencies, now consolidated in the world financial scene. Here are some of the main electronic coins accepted in the Bitcoin online casino:

  • Bitcoin Cash (derived from Bitcoin in 2017)

  • Litecoin

  • Ethereum

  • Dash Coin

  • Monero

  • Ripple

Those just mentioned are coins that - even chronologically - have followed first the evolutionary trail of Bitcoin. At the moment, the universe of cryptocurrencies is truly varied and constantly expanding, so don't surprise yourself if you will also see Free sites with no deposit bonus Also accept other electronic currencies as a form of payment.

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How to use bitcoins in mobile casinos

The mobile versions of online casino also allow the use of bitcoins as a currency for withdrawals and payments. Considering that most of the cryptocurrency wallets are managed by mobile app, in many cases it is also easier and faster to use electronic currencies to pay or withdraw from an online casino mobile bitcoin. Sometimes they are planned Special bonuses and promotions For those who play from mobile and this could be a good opportunity to begin the adventure in a new casino with a cryptocurrency, guaranteeing you a precious advantage at the start.

App Casino con Bitcoin

app casino

The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

Play responsibly

How to make the best use of bitcoins in online casinos

Cryptocurrencies are part of our present closely connected to the Internet. For many they represent a valid investment, for others a safe and immediate payment system. Given their diffusion, it is natural that for many Bitcoin online casinos and other cryptocurrencies they are an accepted payment method. Their use within the game account case is very simple, similar for dynamics to that of any other payment tool. Also the levels of safety In the use of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in online casinos are excellent. A consideration is necessary when you decide to use electronic coins to play in an online Bitcoin casino. The value of the coin can be extremely variable. Other currencies are also subject to changes over time, mainly due to inflation, but their value does not change so radically on short periods.

By pouring the same bitcoin figure in two different moments, it is possible that the relative credits are very different from each other. This is because the value of the electronic currency can change significantly over time. For many it will be easier to think in hamlets of Bitcoin or Satoshi, when a payment is made in one of the online casino casino, given the high value of the currency. For example, a payment of 0.1 bitcoins adjusts the Bitcoin online casino case of a figure very often greater than 1000 $.

Advantages and disadvantages in the use of bitcoins in online casinos

The pros and cons use of cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin online casinos are closely linked to the very nature of electronic coins. Given their volatility and enormous opportunities reserved for those who trading, cryptocurrencies cannot be simply considered a method of payment or withdrawal. I am, in fact, an investment. Winning - and picking up - a cryptocurrency figure in a bitcoin online casino, can reserve pleasant (or unpleasant) surprises over time. At the time of the withdrawal, in fact, Bitcoin has a value that - during the stay in the Wallet - can rise significantly in a percentage or even drastically decrease sometimes. Bitcoin payments and withdrawals have a substantial large difference, compared to most of those aimed at other forms of payment: they are anonymous. Of course, even Bitcoin online casinos approved by AAMS require the player to approve their account by sending a copy of a valid identity document and therefore the gaming account holder will be clearly identifiable. The real transaction, however, remains anonymous in the form of payment chosen.

There is no need to indicate name and surname or provide other data in addition to the encrypted key, to make a withdrawal or make a payment in an online Bitcoin casino. In general, if you already have cryptocurrencies, it can be very convenient for you to gamble In Bitcoin online casinos. The payment in a game account represents one of the channels to spend cryptocurrency, of course with the prospect of taking a far more conspicuous nest egg. The convenience is safe even if you believe in the investment of cryptocurrencies and games to accumulate as much as possible. The speech is a little different if you have no electronic coin available. It may not be advantageous to buy it for the sole purpose of paying a bitcoin online casino, since the purchase of cryptocurrency is usually subject to commission. In this case, you could pay using the usual payment methods, such as credit cards or bank deposits, and then provides for a cryptocurrency sampling, if the online casino allows it.

Advantages of online casino Bitcoin:

  • Perform safe operations through encrypted codes.

  • Payments and anonymous withdrawals.

  • Profits deriving from any increases in the value of the Bitcoin itself.

  • Possibility to play by spending your savings in Bitcoin.

Disadvantages of online casino Bitcoin:

  • If you do not have Bitcoin, it is uneconomical to buy them externally to pay using electronic money.

Use bitcoins to deposit in online casinos

Unless the online casino Bitcoin shows the game balance using the same cryptocurrency - which is not possible in the online American casino with AAMS license - when making a payment in Bitcoin the amount credited to the game account will be represented by the instant conversion between Bitcoin and euro. Before paying cryptocurrency in an online casino, we advise you to check what the corresponding euro amount will be. The operation can be done using one of the many websites that allow you to calculate the amounts relating to the conversion of a currency. The deposit in the online casino Bitcoin takes place by transferring cryptocurrency to the wallet of the same mess. In the game account case, also in sites that accept bets, it will be possible to find the address of the portfolio, to which the payment is sent. The address consists of a sequence of numbers and text characters to copy and paste in your Bitcoin Wallet. Often the address is replaced by a QR code which, once scanned, works exactly like the corresponding alphanumeric key. Here, passage to pass, how to pay a Bitcoin online casino:

  • In the game account case, choose to make a new deposit.

  • Among the payment methods, choose Bitcoin.

  • At this point a QR code or a string will be provided that usually varies from 26 to 35 characters (example: 16hxkykqllflsjmar10gkptyxyk91fjgCV).

  • Copy the string or scan the QR code.

  • In your Bitcoin Wallet choose Payment or Currency transfer.

  • Paste the string where required and authorize the transfer.

Depending on the chosen bitcoin online casino and the wallet used, payments can be subject to commissions. Check the conditions foreseen, before making a new deposit. Usually, the transaction takes place very quickly and some casinos anticipate the actual amount of the deposit, to allow you to start playing immediately. It is also possible that to finalize the operation your wallet ask you for additional identity checks, by scanning the digital imprint on mobile device or insertion of a security code sent via SMS. These procedures are usually common to any purchase and not related to payment in a Bitcoin online casino.

Use bitcoins to withdraw online casino

Some online casinos allow you to take Bitcoin winnings. The withdrawal of a sum won takes place according to methods very similar to those of the withdrawal. Once you enter the game account, the user must:

  • Choose to make a new withdrawal.

  • If everything is in order and there is a withdrawable amount, choose Bitcoin as a withdrawal mode.

  • In your Bitcoin Wallet choose new deposit or transfer.

  • Copy the string provided by the Wallet for a new deposit.

  • Paste the string when it will be requested in the appropriate field of the online casino case.

Cryptocurrency samples are usually quite quickly. If the online casino shows the game balance in $ or other currencies, also in this case we recommend making a simulation of conversion to Bitcoin, before deciding the amounts of the actual withdrawal. It is also always good to check the presence of any commissions, both fixed and in percentage on the figure to be taken.

Final opinions on bitcoins and online casinos

Bitcoins are the modern gold pepper. Being part of their epic is as fascinating as it was to move to the klondike for the racing to gold, with the wagon full of irons and hope. Playing in online casino Bitcoin is fun and can reserve pleasant surprises, when changing the cryptocurrency in $. From the safety point of view, even if Bitcoin is based on recent technology, the exchange of encrypted data, in addition to guaranteeing anonymity, shelters users from any bad surprise. Obviously it is good to be careful, because the volatile nature of the cryptocurrencies shows a light face of the medal, with excellent earning opportunities, and a dark side with pitfalls due mainly to sudden drops in value of the currency itself.

When you play Bitcoin, even in Best sites of poker, our advice is always to keep in mind in return with a more familiar and everyday currency, as the euro can be. This is to avoid finding yourself investing greater figures than your usual game limits. After taking all the precautions of the case, playing in Bitcoin is even more stimulating, especially when your ability in online casinos allows you to accumulate small fortunes in cryptocurrency.

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