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The broom game is one of the first games you learn as children. The architects of the teaching of the game of broom are often the grandparents, who pass on this pastime that has made them entertain many times not only as a child, but also as adults. Playing at Fucking is a bit like returning little to return so, when together with the older or peers challenged their luck and the first game strategies were developed. Where does the game come from and how do you play? Find out, or remember it, with us at Casinoonlineams.com. The broom is one of the most American games in circulation. It was born in Naples, but only in the version that we currently play, because, in reality, its origins are much older. In principle, everyone agrees in tracing the game of broom to Spain. Some make this game descend from the Megoba, a similar card game for purposes and rules to broom, while others find greater similarities with Spanish card games, Primiera and Scarabucion, in vogue in the fifteenth century. Even in Naples the broom was already widespread in the fifteenth century: it was used above all by pirates or fishermen, who tried through this game of multiplying or increasing revenue. The broom was also the game of thieves, which with what has been obtained from thefts to the nobles, tried to improve their finances.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the broom

Of the origin of this gamble Testimonies remain in the name of the deck of cards, which are called Neapolitan. The brooms are also linked to the terms, peculiar of some moments of play or cards. For example, the "pole" indicates the seed of the cards: in the Neapolitan cards there are four poles and always about the cards that are in hand is said to be "twenty -nine" when a player has an ace or a three of the same seed. The different games of the game are identified as stumbled: it can be decided before starting if a game ends at the third out of the way or if instead you continue for different stalls to the achievement of the set points. The deck of cards is called "heel" which is "cut" by the player who sits on the left of the Mazziere: this means that this player raises a little cards from the deck and puts on the bottom. Starting the game is the "flap", or the player sitting on the right compared to the Mazziere, who must "drop" a card. If the latter takes none, then it is a "dance" card. The "flight" of the seed occurs when playing the last card of a seed.

Instructions to play broom

You can start playing broom, even in Authorized casino without deposit, even if you have only one opponent, but it is possible to have fun even if you are three, in four (playing a couple) or even in 6 (in this case the team is made up of 3 players). Stailed players, couples or teams, we proceed in a counterclockwise sense, lowering a card on the ground. To get from the ground there must be the same card, obviously of a different seed. When can you shout "Scopa!"? When with the paper you have in your hand you can take the only paper left on the ground or when the paper you have in your hand represents the sum of the cards on the table.

But let's go in order. To play the fucking game, in addition to the players you need a deck of Neapolitan cards. In addition to the Neapolitan cards, over the years, other cards have also begun to use, such as the Piacenza ones, or the French ones, excluding the jokers, eight, nine and 10. The choice of who will be the Mazziere is established by fate. Usually each fishing a card from the deck: whoever fishing the highest card will be the corn.

The Mazziere mixes the cards and "cut" the deck to the player who is sitting on his left. He resumes the cards in his hand and distributes them by giving 3 cards to each player. The first to receive the cards, and then playing, is the player to the right of the Mazziere. Distribute the cards the Mazziere discovers four cards on the table. In the event that three of the four cards discovered on the table are kings, it is necessary to redistribute the cards. The reason for this rule lies in the fact that without the kings it is very difficult for it to fuck. At this point the game begins. The first player must drop a card: the best card to play is the same one but with different seeds to a card that is on the ground, or the paper that corresponds to the sum of the cards that are on the ground. For example, if you have a 10, a 7 and a two in hand, and on the ground there is a two, one five, one 8, and a four, the best card to play is certainly the 7, valid also for the " Seventy ", or 10: in the latter case, however, the possibility of making" broom "with 7 will be left to the next player.

Place that everyone can freely decide that paper falls and how bet, when a card drops and on the ground there is the corresponding card is obliged to take that and not the sum of the cards that total the same value. Let's take an example: if you have 8 and on the ground there is an 8, a 2, a 6 and a 9, you are forced to take 8 and not the 6 2. In the final hand, even if You have a card in hand that is the sum of the cards on the table, you cannot make "broom". When the top three cards are finished, the Mazziere distributes three more cards: this is how we proceed to the exhaustion of the deck.

Calculation of the fucking points

When the first blank is closed, points are calculated. The fucking points are 4 to which are added any brooms. Is assigned a point to:

  • Who has the most cards. If the game ends with a equality of cards, the point is not assigned.

  • Who has the most denarii. If the game ends with a equality of money, the score is not assigned.

  • Who wins the "Primiera". To compose your firstiest it is necessary to know that the 7 are worth 21 points, the 6 are worth 18 points, the axes are worth 16 points, the 5 are worth 15, the 4 fourteen, the 3 thirteen points, the 2 twelve points and the figures 10 . If you totally tota a score, the point is not assigned.

  • Who has the seven of denari, also called seven beautiful.

1 point is also assigned for each broom made. These points add up to those of subsequent games. Usually the game ends up reaching 11 points, but can extend up to 16 or 21 points. Some opt for the calculation of the wins of the stumbles: those who can take two out of three wins to take home.

Fucking game in online casinos

The broom could not be missing among the games of Best online casinonull Although the general rules of the game are the same, between the game in real and the virtual game there are differences, dictated in principle by technical needs. The game of broom, even in online casinos, is played with a deck consisting of 40 American or French cards. If in the online casino you choose to play with French cards are eliminated from the deck 8, 9, 10 and jokers. The denarii of the American cards, or golds, correspond to the French paintings, the seed of the cups corresponds to the hearts, that of the sticks corresponds to the flowers and finally, the seed of the swords corresponds to the spades. In any case, you will choose the type of deck to play with.

Since playing at the online casino will be the system, in a completely random way, to establish who the Mazziere is. Once this quick phase is over, the cards covered with each player and the cards discovered on the game table will be distributed. The cards are distributed at the end of each hand and until their exhaustion. In the event that 4 kings or 3 kings are distributed on the table, it is necessary to proceed with a new distribution. The rules of the game are the same as the live broom with the only difference that you will have 30 seconds of time, to decide that card drop. In the event that the established time spent without you doing your move, the system will decide for you. Players are assigned:

  • 1 point for each broom performed

  • 1 point to those who have 21 or more cards

  • 1 point to those who own denser

  • 1 point to those who take the seven nice

  • 1 point to chi Vince la Primiera

In the online broom game it is possible, in some games such as those in couples, to see the "partner" cards without being seen by the opponents, or select the "Cards seen" option to check all the cards played in the previous hands. Usually, the last hand in a 1vs1 game is played with uncovered cards. If you love to play to broke out you can then do it online, clashing with often valid and fearsome opponents. This game is, among other things, an excellent pastime, if you want to have fun a few minutes or a few hours on the PC. To play broom in online casinos it is very important that you choose the casinos authorized by AAMS: only in this way you will certainly be playing while keeping the safety levels from unauthorized scams or safety levels.

Playing the broom in online casinos from mobile devices

If you can play fucking online from the pc when you are at home, if you are on the road, by bus or in the meter, you can dedicate yourself to this game directly from your smartphone or even from the tabletnull Playing is really very simple: many online casino sites have dedicated an app to this game, downloadable for free and ready to follow you in any situation. The apps can be downloaded by reaching the official pages of AAMS authorized online casinos: just enter your account user and password to start playing and win cash. In laternal, if you are not a fan of the apps, you can reach the game from the village and play in flash mode: the game remains fast and will give you all the fun you are looking for.

Tips to play the best of the broom

One of the reasons why the game of broom is so appreciated is that it is a strategy game. Essential elements to play and win at broom are a good memory and a good strategic reasoning. In fact, remembering the cards already dropped and taken it is possible to predict the opponent's moves and prevent him from fucking. Doing the cards is therefore the mile to win the victory. The best and most experienced players generally use one of these two rules: the first is that of 48, the second is called Luciani. Those who follow the first rule keep the splendor cards in mind, or the cards with which two or more cards from the ground have taken. They say they are sparked because they do not "belong" with the others of the deck. When you get to the last hand you arrive with a list of splendor cards: some will have the player in his hand that has put in place the 48 rule, some are on the ground a card or three cards left in the list will be in the hands of 'opponent. If the opponent has only one of the sparse the other two are a couple.

With Luciani's rule, however, mathematics are used to discover the opponent's final cards when they are used for betnull According to this rule, the 10 cards of all seeds in total give a sum equal to 220. If you hold the count of the sockets made to the last hand and also add the cards on the ground and the cards in the hands of the last heat, A value is obtained that is the sum of the cards in the opponent's hand. A little luck and a pinch of memory do the rest, to make you continue to have fun as you were as a child.