Briscola - Information and rules for playing

Without a shadow of a doubt, the briscola represents one of the most popular card games in USA, like the broom and the pokerIts diffusion, from north to south, led to the development of different versions; To remain unchanged, with the exception of sporadic cases, it is the number of cards used: 40. If in our country the briscola has found fertile ground, the origins of the game are rather controversial. Some experts indicate France as a place of birth of the briscola, pointing out the term transalpine "brisque" (gallon) as proof. It seems, in fact, that the game would have a good success among the French soldiers (in the army the highest of rank were called, in fact, Galloni) engaged in religious wars and in the 30 -year war. Other studies attribute the merit of having conceived the briscola to Holland. More certainties surround the advent of pastime in USA, an event that took place in the 16th century. It is precisely to USA a fundamental role in the development of briscola, both by perfecting the game mechanism which by promoting expansion towards many European states.

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General characteristics of briscola

In Spain, the briscola is called "BRISCA", in Croatia "Briskula", in Malta "Bixxla". But you can find fans of the game in all corners of the world; It is sufficient to report, for example, how the briscola still enjoys a large following also in Puerto Rico. If the classic version is one of the most practiced, among the other variants deserves to be remembered the "BRISCOLO CALL", which has found wide diffusion especially in the regions of northern USA. In any case, it is the Riviera Romagnola that is particularly linked to this pastime, so much so as to hold different records in the organization of tournaments and events related to briscola. In America there is a version that features 2 decks from 40 cards.

Instructions to play briscola

Before each briscola game, the Mazziere is designated, a figure to whom the task of distributing the cards to the players is assigned; He will deliver 3 each, proceeding counterclockwise. One of the remaining cards will be placed discovered on the table, while the others will form, covered, a deck. The discovery card plays a fundamental role, as it determines the briscola seed of that hand. What does this imply? That its value, in the match, will be greater than that of any card belonging to other seeds. In this regard, we examine the value attributed to the cards in the game of briscola, also because mastering it allows you to quickly calculate the score and proclaim the winner. For convenience, the value of the cards is divided between "smooth", "figures" and "loads".

The highest value belongs to the ace, which assigns 11 points; Follow the three, with 10 points, and the figures (king, woman and jack) who, respectively, are worth 4, 3 and 2 points. The remaining cards have no value and, therefore, are not taken into consideration in the calculation phase of the score. Let's now analyze the game phases, destined to remain unchanged whether you choose to play with friends on a real table and in virtual games on one of the AAMS certified platforms. Those who have first received the cards are called the "hand player", and will choose the card to be revealed on the game table; As mentioned, the latter will determine the seed of the hand itself. The other participants will be able to respond with a card of the same seed, or opt for cards of other seeds. When everyone has released a card the hand will be finished.

The winner of the hand, even if you play in the AAMS American casino sites, will win all the cards on the table, and will have the advantage of fishing first a card with a covered deck, and playing first. If you are wondering how the winner is determined, keep in mind that the participant will be able to put a card on the table to conquer the cards in play having the same seed of the first card played in the hand, provided that it has a greater facade value. If the card placed on the table to open the hand presents the briscola seed, it will be necessary to overcome its value, but only through another briscola card. To distribute the cards in the next hand will be the player sitting to the right of the Mazziere who has just completed his turn. The actual game will end when the deck is completely exhausted. The player (or the team) will be proclaimed who has totaled at least 61 points, that is, half one of the total points available, 120.

Briscola game in online casinos

As indicated in the first lines of this article, the game of briscola has very ancient origins. This led him to be the subject of a series of changes in some rules, and beyond. In fact, over time the players have started to adopt a secret language, based on a series of gestures and expressions of the face. The goal was to find, in the games with 4 participants, an effective way to communicate the papers possessed to your teammate, favoring the game. In reality, this behavior would be forbidden by the basic rules of briscola, but the expressions taken by the players have now become a custom, so much so that they are tolerated. However, if you prefer to dedicate yourself to a completely "clean" version, you can opt for online briscola. In both cases, however, the fundamental elements to win are two: luck and good memory. The latter, in particular, will allow you to remember which cards, during a game, have already been deposited on the table and, consequently, provide those remaining in the deck. The rules of the briscola, as you have already sensed by reading the previous lines, are very simple, and also apply to the online version, whether you choose to challenge the PC or take part in a tournament with multiple players. The platforms that propose the virtual version of the briscola also allow users to choose between multiple types of decks. The most famous are the Neapolitan and Tuscan deck; However, there are also other regional variants.

What are the main advantages of online briscola? First of all, it is advisable to mention the existence of a greater number of game modes, and the possibility of taking advantage of a higher game speed. In addition, many rooms online recognize exclusive bonuses. If you've never played briscola in your life, or it has long been dedicating your free time to this pastime, you will find particularly intriguing the Bonus Without depositnull Another strength of online briscola is the freedom to play alone, having fun in maximum safety. Finally, do not forget that online casinos make available to users not only versions of the trump with real money. By choosing the "for Fun" mode, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with this pastime, or to refine your ability, without spending money and, at the same time, not being obliged to download software and proceed with any registration. If the information presented so far have teased your attention, and you want to have more news about this game, you can refer to the indications between the pages of our site. playgambling.org also offers you a series of reviews that examine the best known online casinos, and the detailed descriptions of many gambling.

Playing briscola in online casinos from mobile devices

If you are now used to living your passion for card games from a PC screen, you will find even more comfortable having fun using the touch screen display of your mobile device. For some time, the casinos have activated to make the world of gambling accessible also to the decidedly reduced screens of these devices, which have become inseparable companions not only of technology lovers. Those who are forced to spend most of the hours of the day at work or family, failing to find enough free time for the PC betting, will be able to carve out a few minutes simply by relying on the smartphone, a notebook or a tablet. The apps designed for the most used operating systems (iOS and Android above all) are increasingly efficient, fast, and surprising on a graphic level. In order to play briscola by using an application, simply have a good internet connection; In the event that the latter is not available, Bluetooth technology will come to your aid. Keep in mind that, even opting for The mobile version of the briscola, you will still have the opportunity to take part in tournaments, to customize the game to make it even more in accordance with your tastes and expectations, and to check the historian of the games.

Tips for playing briscola better

The briscola has enjoyed, and continues to do it still, of a particularly positive response from the public of all ages. The simplicity of the gamble And the right mix between good luck and abilities have certainly contributed to its rapid diffusion. Already in previous paragraphs we have indicated how to enjoy a fair memory is a good viaticum to be able to excel. If you fear that your memory is not so trained, try to focus only on the most important cards, paying attention to the loads. By exemplifying, if the ace or 3 of sticks have not yet appeared on the table, avoid starting a hand with a card of the same seed. The risk, in fact, is that by possessing one of the two cards just mentioned, your opponent (or the PC) manages in one fell swoop to bring home 10 or 11 points (net of the value of the card you played). Another good habit is to count the accumulated points as the game proceeds. If the deck is about to end, it can be useful to make a local mind on the possible exit, previously, of the "seven" or "six" cards. While not directly attributing points, they could bring your opponent, in the absence of briscola or cards of the seed you played (having higher value), to release value cards (like a figure) of another seed; they would end up giving you some points.

Do you love briscola in traditional version, since it allows you to find yourself face to face with your opponents? Well, in this case you can resort to the signals (of which we have previously mentioned). The latter prove to be useful, of course, only when the games provide 4 participants, allowing the two members of the same team to exchange information "secretly". The risk is only not to be too skilled in doing it, allowing the other team (if its components know the language of signs) to understand what the cards that you find yourself in your hands are.