Bridge - information and rules for playing

Bridge is a card game that derives from the ancient WHIST of Anglo -Saxon origin, a pastime played in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Today, if we know this exciting card game, the merit goes to Eli Culbertson, an American player who promoted its dissemination and founded the first magazine in the sector. Born as an individual game, Bridge develops at Buyukdere (Bosphorus) as a whist-bridge in 1873 and the participation of two rival couples is expected. The whist-bridge immediately conquers an audience of enthusiasts and over the course of three centuries is transformed into bridge. In this game luck does not have a predominant role, in fact it is the ability of the players in formulating forecasts that plays a fundamental role. One of the most important stages in the history of the game is dated 1892, the year in which John Temple Mitchell writes the first book on the methods of the competitive bridge: from that moment the US championships begin. In 1904 the Auction Bridge appears whose rules governed by F. ROE are published on the Times and allow you to predict the auction for the dominant atout. Bridge also knows a great success in USA: the first American association is from 1937, an era in which linguistic purism requires that the name be transformed from bridge to bridge. We must wait for the nineties to see that CONI recognizes the American Bridge game Federation as a associated discipline: today it is considered a very high level presence. Subsequently, in June 1995, the World Bridge Federation is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the bridge

It is a game, present in All the best online casinos without deposit, which has simple rules and which can be played by everyone but can also become very complex: above all it requires concentration and precision, characteristics that make it, as it has been defined, an elegant "mental sport". As you know, you play with a deck of French 52 cards without the jokers and the four players form the two couples. The two players who pair together are allies and sit in front of the other. If couples are always the same are called "fixed pairs" and the formations are no longer changed. The couples are formed when the 4 players extract a card with a covered deck and shutdown: the highest cards play together against the torque that extracted the lower cards. The cards follow, in fact, a precise hierarchy in which the ace is the highest card while the 2 is the lower one and has no power on any card. The Mazziere is the one who extracted the card from the greatest bridgistic value and distributes 13 cards clockwise. Each player will form his own range of cards by arranging them according to the different seeds and according to the growing or decreasing value: this will allow you to have a quick view of the cards and be facilitated at the time of choice. The purpose of the bridge is to make as many outlets as possible.

Instructions to play bridge

The two couples who are preparing to play take the name of the cardinal points: North and South will play against the east and west. By playing you will be able to see that the declarant is always a south, the dead is north, the opponent placed to the right of the declarant is east and the one located on the left is west. We mentioned the declarant and now we would like to explain to you what it is and what the declaration is. One of the characteristics of the Bridge game is precisely the declaration concerning the color or number of sockets that will be made by the couple: in some cases you can not declare anything and say "step". If the players say "step" means that a higher contract will not be expressed. The seed declaration establishes which seed will have more value than the others while the one without ATOUT (SANS ATOUT) establishes that the seeds have the same possibilities. You must, however, know that the declarations can go up to the third lap and that the advantage given by the Etout can be compared to what the player receives from his trump. Also as regards the declaration, it may happen that the opponent does not believe in what he expressed the one who did it, in this case he declares the cons that the declarant can respond with the swarm. This means that the declarant is said that it is not believed that he will do that number of sockets and the declarant with the swarm replies that he will instead do it. In case the sockets are really what he said, the score was doubled with the cons and quadrupled in the event of a swing.

During the meeting you will have the opportunity to see that when in the couple a player is the declarant, the other is the dead and lays the cards discovered after the attack: the dead does not participate in the game, and the relative feasible bets, and it is the playing companion who moves the cards by appointing them. The opposing couple, however, is in defense. During the brief, the players must respond with cards of the same seed and once the cards of that seed is exhausted, if the contract is at ATOUT you can cut the card played by the opponent, according to a seed to which he cannot respond with an atout. If, on the other hand, these are Sans Atout Game you cannot cut and you can discard if you don't have cards from that seed. When the cards are all of the same seed, the socket is won by giving the highest card, you can then choose to play a card of any seed and the next socket will begin. As for the number of sockets you must remember that the game provides for 13 cards: this means that the number of sockets made by the two couples can never be equal. The number of mandatory sockets, consequently, is 6, number to which those declared must be added. If a 4 spades is declared, there will be ten outlets (6 + 4) and the spades will be the dominant color. Each couple will have to try to complete the contract and will try to prevent the opposing couple from completing their own. The couple who realizes the contract wins the points. But how should the grip be done? The grip is made with high cards whose hierarchical value has already been mentioned, know, however, that the ace does not always ensure that it takes the grip as, if you do not have the Atout axis there is no guarantee. Basically, the preceded in the game of the bridge are of three types: the honors that you will do using the high honors; The long sockets in which you will serve the length of the color and, finally, the cutting sockets, with a predetermined color, with which you can try to win the grip using an atout color card.

Bridge game in online casinos

Whether you are an amateur or a passionate professional, you can practice this card game in the New online casino which, however, must have the license issued by the public body of customs and monopolies. The advantage of newbies is linked to the opportunity to play for free until they have seized the basic rules and the dynamics of the game. The practice in bridge is a fundamental element because if you want to win you will have to refine the deductive skills, train the memory and identify, from time to time, the strategies that allow you to carry out the sockets. The online casino bonuses are numerous and are not always subject to deposit, also some bonuses are interesting because the check requirements can be reached quite easily. The online casino that propose the game of bridge are increasingly numerous and the graphics adopted by the digital platforms are qualitatively excellent: playing in online gaming houses gives emotions to the same game in pairs, where the players are in flesh and blood. By creating your account you can measure yourself in this interesting discipline and perhaps you will reach the 100 points of the Manches.

Playing bridge in online casinos from mobile devices

The enormous popularity of the bridge and the increasingly massive diffusion of entertainment via mobile led the gaming houses to offer an ever wider gambling. The choice to propose Skill Games also based on the fact that despite being a concept game, the bridge also allows great fun. In fact, this is not a game based only on logic or on the rules: the dynamics of this sport-community never cease to amaze, involve and excite. Choose the favorite online casino and connected to the site: in short you can select the bridge game and play for free. When you want to invest money you will have to register and follow the indicated procedure that will serve to check your identity. Once the registration has been made, you can access the Responsive mobile casino Or download any app allows you to play Bridge with a simple touch of the fingers. From the stores you can download the apps made by casino: remember that they are all subjected to high quality checks. You will also find promotions and bonuses created for the players playing in the rooms by connecting with the smartphone or with a different mobile device. Also from Mobile, moreover, you can recharge the account using the safe payment systems indicated by the reference casino.

Tips to play Bridge best

The advice that we at playgambling.org we would like to give you is to play often and to choose comrades and opponents more capable of you because they will explain any errors allowing you to refine the technique. Speaking of the game From a practical point of view we want to give you some tips, useful if you have to attack: in this case you will have two actions to be carried out that concern the choice of the seed and which card to fall. Choose a long color that has many cards and recalls that the initial exit is the one from which the game comes to life. If you are the declarant, the advice above all concern the count of the sockets of each color and the consequent elaboration of strategies. He counts and controls the cards played by the opponents to understand their forces. Do not be too fast in taking but, at the same time, do not hesitate because you could make your opponents understand your strength (or your weakness). Also in contracts in S.A. It counts the safe outlets for each color and do not forget to exploit the long colors. For the defense, our suggestions concern some aspects: eliminates the altars of the dead if presumes that the declarant will use them for cuts. Also attacks with the seeds that the declarant does not play. If it is a contract in S.A. Do not attack according to the seeds of the declarant and carefully observe your partner's waste. Finally one last tip: memorizes the cards played by the opposing couple because it will be easier to understand what remains in their hands.