Blackjack game guide

il blackjack It can be defined as the most popular card game ever. In the game of blackjack, the players must be able to beat the score of the counter through cards in their possession but without exceeding the limit score of 21. If the players or the bench exceed from this value, they highlight and thus lose their hand. Very popular in all environments related to gambling, Blackjack is imposed immediately as one of the most loved games from the masses. This enormous success derives from the fun of the game and the possibility of winning huge sums. In the Casino Online il Blackjack game It is one of the most clicked and its popularity grows constantly over time. Let's now analyze the functioning of the blackjack.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of Blackjack

The fame reached by Blackjack free In the rich panorama of gambling games it has few equal. Even today, however, there is no certainty about its origins, even if there is no lack of very different theories. Some consider Blackjack a European "childbirth"; Born as "twenty -one" (this would be the name adopted by the Blackjack in 18th century France), subsequently the game would have reached the US territory, and then transformed into the version that we all know. There are also not even few experts in the field that tend to attribute to Cuba the merit of the introduction of the blackjack in the gambling. Whatever the most truthful theory what is certain is that, from the beginning, the Blackjack is considered a "beautiful and damned" game. What does its charm, remained unchanged with the decades? Certainly a note of merit is up to the simplicity of its rules. Compared to other games based on cards, those who participate in a game in Blackjack find themselves facing the counter, and not the other players. Sitting at the table (real or virtual), the participants will begin a challenge that will see them opposed to the Croupier (or the dealer). Although there are several versions of the Blackjack (this is true, in particular, for the platforms that crowd the network), the rules are essentially the same, except for some small differences. To win is the player who can get closer to the score of 21. If a sum higher than this score is reached what in jargon occurs, it is called "high"; In this case, the player will automatically lose how much bet. A game in Blackjack begins with the distribution of the Croupier (or the dealer in the online version), of the playing cards. You will be assigned two cards, covered. Their sum must be as close as possible to the 21st. If this does not happen you can ask for further cards (one at a time), or please you of what you have in your hand. Even the Croupier belongs two cards, one of which is discovered.

Instructions to play Blackjack

The most important element, in a game of Blackjack, is given by the value taken by the cards. The numerical cards, from 2 to 9, keep its nominal value unchanged (exemplifying, the five is worth five, the seven is worth seven and so on). The speech for the axes and figures is different. The former, in fact, can take a double value according to the needs (1 or 11); The figures, for their part, are worth 10. If in the two cards received, there is no ace initially, determining the overall value is very easy. With an ace (situation to which the name "soft hand" is attributed), you will decide whether to assign to card value 1 or 11. In case the other in your possession is a 5 or a 6, you could opt for the '11, bringing the overall value, respectively, to 16 and 17; An important result that could induce you to stop you, avoiding asking for a further card. If, on the other hand, in addition to the ace you have received a 3, with a value of the annex equal to 11 you would only reach 14, making the call of a third card practically indispensable. This, however, could expose to the risk of having bouncing (this situation would occur by receiving a card with an equal, or higher value, to 8). By assigning the value 1 you would arrive at 4 (3+1), which would protect you from this possibility also asking for an extra card. Turning to examine the figure of the Croupier, the latter is subject to two particular rules. What is it about? If the two cards in him possession of him will reach a sum not exceeding 16, he will be forced to call an additional card. For values ​​from 17 onwards, however, he will see himself forced to stop. Thanks to the rules just indicated, the players end up being slightly favored, if only because it is easier to quickly process the strategies of gameThere are also rules with regard to players. Receiving two cards of the same value at the start of the game (regardless of which it is), you can carry out the so -called "split", that is, divide the cards in order to play 2 hands at the same time. This option is also available when the two equal cards are axes; However, in this case, it is possible to request a single additional card. Another rule establishes that, by creating between 9 and 11 points with the first two cards, you will be entitled to request the "doubling" of the episode, always within the limits of the call of a single additional card. The case in which the first card that the counter is self-assigns is also occurred is an ace. This would allow other participants to ask for insurance. What's it about? In pointing a certain sum of money (the value must not exceed 50% of the initial episode), on the hypothesis that the counter realizes a blackjack. What does it mean to get a blackjack? Reach the score of 21 with the two initial cards; This can only happen by flanking a figure to the ace. In the presence of the insurance, if the counter actually reached the 21, it will be required to pay the episode 2: 1; By obtaining any other value, the players will lose the bet. Previously we stressed that the different versions present, in essence, the same rules. At this point of the guide we want to dedicate a few lines to the few differences. If in Europe they have spread versions that see the use of 6 decks, in US territory their number is reduced to 2. As we have already written, the European blackjack provides for the assignment of two discoveries. In America it is not uncommon to find versions in which both cards given to the players are covered.

Blackjack in online casinos

If you have always played in the blackjack in the terrestrial casino, trying to do it in a virtual platform will allow you to have fun and, why not, to earn interesting figures, simply by relying on the screen of your PC. Keep in mind that, in many cases, you will be given the opportunity to play for free; This will happen by choosing the demo version. This option is particularly useful for less experienced players. The latter, in fact, will be able to familiarize themselves with the blackjack and with its rules without investing their money, limiting themselves to using the virtual one. Any winnings will not be recognized but, at the same time, you will avoid losing money. Another advantage recognized to this game mode is the fact of not forcing users to register at the mess. If, on the other hand, you already have a sufficient knowledge of Blackjack, why not try your luck with the classic version, investing real sums of money? In this way you can also take advantage of the bonuses offered by most virtual rooms. Reached the Playthrough expected your "Fun Bonus" will turn into money, made available on your gaming account. We continue the analysis of online blackjack by examining the terms normally used during the games. The word "hit" (in American "paper") indicates, in fact, the request by a player of a further card. The doubling of the episode is known as "Double Down", while the division is called, as previously written, "split". The term "surrender" corresponds to the American "surrender", and underlines the decision of a participant to abandon his hand. This happens when the user, once you view the cards obtained, compare them with the value of the descended card, feeling that she has no possibility of winning.

Half of the point episode will be returned to the player who has decided to abandon the game. On what occasions can it be useful to withdraw? For example, in the event that the discovering card of the dealer is a 10 or an ace, and the player ends up finding himself in his hand a 16. In any case, several Blackjack experts advise not to make excessive use of this strategy, as The risk would be to lose not indifferent figures (remember that only half of the investment is returned to the player). The combination known as Blackjack, already described in this guide, is also called "Natural 21". We want to underline, in any case, how the blackjack obtained from the counter is destined to prevail over the score of 21 made by a player through 2 or more cards. We want to remind you that, before enrolling in a virtual mess, it is essential to make sure that the platform operates legally by proving, at the same time, safe and reliable. How to do? Connected to the official website of the Casino Without initial deposit From you chosen and check that the AAMS logo is present on the home page. What does it mean? That the platform has managed to obtain the certification by Monopoli to carry out the activity in American territory. It is precisely the certification that reassures users on full compliance with the rules by the site, and on the fact that the transmission of personal data, and the transactions made (incoming or exit they are) is safe. Finally, if you think the unparalleled terrestrial casinos in terms of atmosphere and adrenaline, the blackjack live streaming versions will make you change your mind. Today, in fact, it is possible to play live, thanks to the webcams committed to taking up a croupier in flesh and blood.

Play the blackjack in online casinos from mobile devices

He could a famous pastime like the Blackjack renounce the Possibility to land on the touch screens of smartphones and tablets? There are two ways that will allow you to take part in the Blackjack matches from the display of your favorite portable device. The first consists in accede directly to the section that virtual platforms dedicate to this ageless pastime. The second option leads the players to download an application. Recalling how this pastime is still one of the most attractive classic games today, and also one of those in which it is more "simple" to obtain winnings (by virtue of the reduced margin of the counter), the number of apps will be probably intended for increase exponentially in the coming years. Currently, most of the blackjack versions for mobile devices allow users to play one hand at a time. In recent times, however, multi-hand tables have started to spread (3-handed), also in a live version.

Tips to play best with Blackjack

You will suffice to dedicate a few minutes to a small research on the net to realize how many sites are now committed to suggesting "winning" strategies to accumulate important figures with the Blackjack. Much of these strategies are processed with the help of specific tables. The latter is left to calculate the probability of "exit" of a card in relation to the cards previously obtained by the player. Other tables, on the other hand, take care of counting the exit cards up to a certain moment. Even not considering tables it is possible to provide a small advice. In detail, what is the best time to make a "division"? This operation, admitted when the two initial cards share the same value, can be advantageous in the event that you had to find an ace or an 8 in your hand. Better not to divide, instead, if the value of your cards is equal to 4, 5 o 10.