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The world of sports betting is constantly changing thanks to the latest technological found. Now I am very popular among the American bookmakers the Virtual betsThis type of bet allows you to bet true money on virtual events, created from the latest generation computers. The virtual sports on which to bet are really a lot. You can place your virtual bets on dog races, horse races, basketball, football games and much more, obviously all in virtual mode. We at playgambling.org want to make you know all the latest news from the world of sports betting and virtual bets are a real gem. Below, as you can see, we give you the opportunity to choose the best American legal sites of virtual bets. These bookmakers organize virtual events every day in which you can bet at all hours of the day. If you still never heard about virtual bets, we cosnillaly read this page in the bottom. Our editorial staff will guide you to discover this brand new virtual fun and discovering all the best virtual betting sites. Try to bet on virtual events, fun is guaranteed.

Best virtual betting sites

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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Types of betting

General information on virtual bets

Are you a betting enthusiast? You will probably have tried to place some episodes on an online betting site, which allows you to bet in a simple way at any time of the day. You have to know that you are not the only one! In fact, over the past few years, the movement of online betting has developed and has grown exponentially, always developing new ways to involve you and other web users. Among these, for example, you will find the so -called "virtual bets", episodes at a fixed altitude referring to completely simulated events. Most of the suppliers transmits these games/races/competitions in real time, as if they were actually carrying out that instant.

The Virtual bets They are defined as events simulated to the PC (or in any case inside a mobile device), the result of which is automatically generated through an RNG (Random Number Generator). We therefore speak of an IT algorithm, developed by authentic experts in the sector, who defines the outcome of the competition in a completely random way, indeed pseudo-capitals. There are many bookmakers who give you the opportunity to have fun with virtual bets and, with the passage of time, many platforms have implemented their offer by also improving the graphic aspect and the "user experience" in general. It is not uncommon to be able to attend the simulated sports event as if it were a live match/game, with high resolution images of the playing field, the compelling live commentary and the inevitable highlights re -proposed at the end of the race.

As if that were not enough, with virtual bets you use statistics, player profiles or fictitious chronologies related to past events, for example as regards football, on which you can base yourself to understand the trend of the event. The general characteristics of virtual bets always remain the same, what changes is the offer of the various Betting portals. Another "pro" in reference to virtual bets is the one that allows you to play at any time, even in the middle of the night, with a service that therefore comes to meet any type of bettor, even the most committed ones. The shares relating to the events are set by a certified system and the winning percentages are applied, according to the DIR decree. Of 12-02-2013, the relative percentages of allbrase. As for traditional bets, you have the opportunity to bet both on single events and on a combination of multiple games/races. In the latter case we speak of "multiple bets" and the win is given by the product of the shares relating to individual virtual competitions. As you have already noticed, many of the characteristics inherent in virtual bets are those that finds in traditional bets.

How virtual bets work

Ultimately, when you decide to focus on virtual bets you are relying on a real "simulated" event. It is a question of giving the prediction of a virtual sport or other types of events, based on what the specific platform or the legal mess choice. These events are therefore not really taking place inside a track, a stadium or a sports hall, athletes in the flesh and blood are not involved, but every detail is created by a computer system. Here therefore the virtual bets are strictly interconnected to the theme "technology", since it is thanks to the enormous progress made in the scientific field that it was possible to develop this revolutionary game system. As previously said, among the characteristics of the Virtual Betting most appreciated by users you will find the rich schedule. In fact, you have the opportunity to bet practically any hour of the day (and of the night), with the competitions that are planned so that they begin a short distance from each other. In this way you can always find an event on which to focus, even if, for times incompatible with your commitments, I should miss the real matches/races.

All the episodes, while based on virtual events, are safe and there are no tricks or tampering, since the results of the races are calculated randomly through an IT function, therefore absolutely above the parts. The RNG, i.e. the generator of pseudo-casual numbers, in fact to select a value in reference to the set parameters, such as handicaps and weighting factors. In this case, the result of the virtual bets therefore does not depend on the characteristics of the players who took the field, on the weather conditions or the relative speed of the horses participating in a race, but by a purely numerical system. Their operation is linked to complex software, also present in the American sites that allow you to win real money without depositing, which are able to replicate the virtual race and to establish a result of it. The outcome is therefore obtained by certified EDM extraction, with the RNG that is present in the so -called "national totalizer", ie in the computer system it receives, processes and controls all transactions recorded through authorized dealers. This allows you to "guarantee" the closure of all sales/betting processes before the actual diffusion of the result of the event, as it happens precisely for real competitions.

Sports and virtual events in which to bet

Do you want to know what events are taken into consideration when it comes to virtual bets? There are many of them, but among those that make the most "driving force", as it happens for real episodes, you certainly find football. Then there are tennis, Formula 1, cycling, dogs and horses, just to name a few. But let's consider some sports specifically.

  • FOOTBALL - As mentioned, it is one of the favorite sports from bettors, both in the real and virtual world. The events on which to bet are different and range from the exact final result to the winner of the game, passing through the double chance, the number of goals, the GG (both teams mark), the goals away, the goals at home, the Choice of the team that first marks the number of total goals and so on. The big difference between virtual event and real event is found in the "duration" of the game. In fact, in a real match, the game time is 90 minutes + recovery time, while as regards virtual bets there is talk of a few minutes. Previously we have told you that the events follow each other and allow you to place several virtual bets in a short time, offering you more fun. Then there is not the possibility of betting live, one of the favorite mode by those who bet on Serie A matches, Serie B etc .. but in the field of virtual bets this mode is not foreseen.

  • Tennis - Every time you have the possibility, you love to attend exchanges between the great champions, such as Nadal, Djokovic and Federer? If your passion is tennis (but even if it is not), remember that virtual bets allow you to place your episodes on the simulated matches played on rectangular grass, red or concrete fields. The popularity of this sport on online betting platforms has grown hand in hand with the improvement of graphics, which allows you to enjoy the games just as if you were in the stands, a stone's throw from the athletes. Also in this case the difference with real matches is given by the duration of the race, which for virtual bets is generally 1 set, a feature that limits the types of events on which to bet. In fact, these are reduced to total points obtained and winner of the match. So if you have a habit of betting on real tennis, you will probably miss the major options available. It is not foreseen The Live Section.

  • Formula 1 - Another exciting sport on which you can also bet in "virtual" mode is Formula 1, although unfortunately not in live form, as well as for all virtual sports. Also in this case the available bet options are smaller than the real market, however they guarantee you a good margin of choice. You can aim, before the race starts, in Forecast mode, that is, trying to guess the first and second classified of the race, or in Tricast mode, i.e. choosing the order of arrival of the first three ranked drivers. The races develop on tracks that are repeated for a reduced number of laps, generally only 2-3.

  • Cycling - If you love cycling, then you will also like to bet on its virtual version. The races are followed by enthusiasts of this sport, but also by simple users looking for new emotions, and are identical to the real ones! The high -level graphics allows you to completely immerse yourself in the competition, with many types of shots that effectively simulate the vision experience you would have watching TV. You can bet to guess forecasts, the Tricast and the winner.

  • Racs of dogs and horses - These two virtual sports are similar to cycling, of which we have just talked about, therefore we at Casinoonlineams.com We decided to describe them together. The differences mainly concern the graphic sector, with specific slopes for dogs or horses and "protagonists" different animals. You can enter numerous hippodrome and virtual cinodromes directly from home, office or while you are in tram. The games of the races develop throughout the day and the events are generally carried out on a single lap of the track. The markets on which to bet concern, for example, the winner, Forecast and Tricast, that is the first three classified of the race.

Virtual betting safety

You may have any doubts inherent The safety of the virtual gamenull However, being based on a computer software and therefore on an unchangeable mathematical algorithm, the system is absolutely reliable. In fact, it is not possible to change the results calculated by the generator of pseudo-capitals, or RNG. Our advice is, of course, to rely exclusively on bookmakers equipped with Gambling concession, i.e. 100%regulated and safe sites, which are based on what is established by the Revenue and State Monopolies Agency null Sites without these licenses could in fact hide pitfalls and you could run into unpleasant computer scams.

Virtual bets and the mobile world

Many sites providers of virtual betting services equip yourself with apps for mobile devices that allow you to place all your episodes on the move, wherever you are. To exploit the features of these software, often similar in all respects to those offered by desktop sites, first of all you need to download the program on your device, Whether it's a tablet, a smartphone, iPhone or iPad, then going to set your personal profile. In most cases it is sufficient to insert your access credentials to the platform, if you are already in possession, otherwise it can register for the service via email or social profile, based on the types of login offers.

These apps in fact reduce the data time limits, for example, by physical receivers, but also those relating to your position. In fact, an application of this type of allows you to bet on your favorite virtual events at any time and wherever you are, perhaps during the lunch break or while you wait for the bus to the stop. A nice advantage especially if you usually spend a large part of the day away from home, because of the work or other commitments.

Final considerations on virtual bets

Why have sports and virtual bets have and are having this success? According to us at playgambling.org the reasons are many, primarily the possibility for you to play at any time, thanks to a rich and always active schedule, 24 hours a day. The service of virtual bets then includes a "visual" experience which follows the characteristics of the classic managerial video games, with a simulated representation of the event capable of completely involving you. Realistic images, the different vision angles proposed, i bonuses obtainable And the numerous scenarios, place you in front of an event very similar to the real ones. The brevity of the games, of the races, of the races, then prevents you from boring you and contributes, on the contrary, to keeping watchful and attentive. The game scheme is based on a three -dimensional graphics that is associated with pure artificial intelligence, a combination that manages to create consistent and as real individual actions.

In many cases you even have the opportunity to attend the match as you listen to a commentator who follows and comments on the various moments of the meeting or the race. The final shares, calculated for the various virtual events, are then little influenced by the various bookmakers or other "human" interventions, such as combines. Another positive aspect is the following: to focus on virtual bets you don't need any previous knowledge of the sport you choose. Furthermore, you do not risk that your event will be canceled or postponed due to adverse weather conditions or other random causes. Perhaps the only disadvantage is represented by the absence of the already mentioned "live" options, but for this type of bet it would not make much sense, since the final result does not depend on variables such as: more or less fit players, weather or capacity of the 'referee to keep the game in balance. Now that you know something more about this betting mode you can think of playing yourself. As mentioned above, we at Casinoonlineams.com advise you to rely only to platforms that deal with virtual bets, but equipped with AAMS license, certified and safe. Now you just have to try to win with virtual bets too! Good luck!

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