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Welcome to the section of our site that deals with the world of Tennis bettingTennis is one of the main and most appreciated sports in the world. There are many champions who are ready to battle in fields all over the world. This betting guide on tennis shows you the best way to play and all the best American betting sites on tennis. Betting on this sport is really fun and suitable for everyone. You can bet on tennis games and on the most prestigious world tournaments such as Wimbledon, Roland Garros, Australian Open, International of USA, US Open and many others. Making drag in the fun of tenis games, thanks to the best sites we offer you you can bet on all the games and all the tournaments you like most. We at playgambling.org We are at your side and we want to make you exactly known all the shades of the betting on tennis. We are real experts who will be guided to betting on tennis in the best way. You also hold your favorite racket and prepare the game balls, betting on tennis are a fun game suitable for all lovers of this game. Below you have the complete list of the best American legal sites that allow you to bet on tennis immediately.

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Types of betting

General information on tennis betting

Tennis, you know, is one of the most played and loved sports in the world. Each meeting, in fact, gives unique adrenaline moments, as well as the joy of seeing their favorite athlete triumph. In addition to following the matches, millions of fans, bet on tennis, to tie love for this sport with that for sports betting. If you are a neophyte of this game, the Tennis betting They may seem to you at first sight complicated, but with a little experience and the basic knowledge about the rules of the game, you will become a careful and above all winning bettor. The tennis game consists in the clash between two players separated by a network. Each player is equipped with a racket necessary to hit the ball beyond the net, in the opponent's field. It may happen that players play in couples: in this case there are 4 players who face each other.

The purpose of the game is, of course, that of totaling more points of the opponent: in this way the game is won first, then and then set and therefore the game. A fundamental rule of the game is that, when the player hits the ball, the latter must touch the ground in the opponent's field: otherwise the point cannot be considered valid. To be able to conquer a point it is necessary to make sure that the opponent sends the ball off the pitch or make sure that the ball, after the launch, bounces more than once in the opponent's field.

The count of the points, for those who do not know tennis, may appear at all simple: when you have understood the mechanism, however, everything will be immediate. The goal of the players is above all to win a game. The first player who totals the 6 game victory wins a set. The first player who conquers two out of three sets, or three sets, wins the game. The points calculated to win the game are: 15, 30, 40 and finally game. So, the tennis player who serves first and conquers a point, brings the score 15 - 0 and so on. However, it should be remembered that in order for a game to end, a player must have two points of advantage over the other. If it happens, therefore, that the two contenders reach a score of 40-40, the so-called Deuce occurs: to win, one of the two must have a point of advantage in addition to the game. If after the point of advantage you return to equality you will not be able to conquer the game.

Games are the points needed to win a set. Each set has 6 games won: the game rules impose that to win a set you have to have two games of advantage. The only exception is that a score of 6-6 occur: in this case the tie-break is called. The game is won by the tennis player who first closes 2 out of three winner sets. In some cases, however, the sets to be played are 5, as in the male gram slam.

How bets on tennis work

Betting on tennis, also available in Best legal casino on the net, they will allow you to play on all the main events in the sector, from WTA to ATP, both male and female, up to the Grand Slam and many other events, if you are a neophyte of tennis it is important that you know, before placing yours Betting on tennis, which you must take into consideration several factors, first of all the world ranking of tennis players: tennis players at the top of the ranking are those who have won the most competitions. To bring them to the top of the ranking are those who have obtained the most points. Another factor to consider is the surface on which tennis players play, be it grass, concrete or beaten earth. Some tennis players are very strong on some surfaces, but not necessarily on others.

Obviously, if you have decided to launch yourself on the betting on tennis you have to pay attention to the shares proposed by the various bookmakers: they can also vary a lot between one operator and another. The variations of quotas and payouts are not only found between different operators but also within the same platform between different tournaments. Betting operators who focused on tennis immediately recognize themselves: instead of proposing only the games played by the best known tennis players, also propose games of minor events. Bets on traditional tennis essentially focus on the player who wins the meeting: in reality the types of bets available are very numerous.

Obviously, the range of betting on available tennis varies from one operator to another: just look for what is right for you. Do not miss, on the bookmaker you have chosen, the opportunity to play bets in real time: while observing the game you get a lot more information on the trend and therefore you can more easily venture the next moves. When the tennis players play world events, such as the Grand Slam, it's easy to be able to get bonuses from the various operators Betting: carefully evaluate all promotions and choose the best for you.

Types of betting on tennis

As we mentioned, the bets on tennis do not just indicate the winning player of a meeting, but they go a lot beyond this simple prediction. We at playgambling.org We want to do the point of the situation with you, to provide you with a picture that is as clear as possible.

  • Winning tennis player or head each: this is the traditional play for those who first approach tennis. What you will have to do is indicate the player who in your opinion will win the meeting. Obviously you have two possibilities: indicate one of the two tennis players. The draw is not foreseen. The game that indicates the winner, could be referred to both to the point and to the game or to the set. The winner referred to the prediction point who will score the next point, and so also for the winning game and for the winning set. Obviously, these last three games are available only in live mode.

  • Victory to the advantages: if you opt for this type of play you will predict whoever wins the game after going to the advantages.

  • Score of the game or set: the bet on tennis that predicts the score, aims to indicate how the game will end. Alternatively, it is also possible to choose between the options on the conclusion of the set.

  • Exact result: exactly as for football matches, your goal is to indicate how the game will end, with what result.

  • Tie-break yes or no: this bet requires to specify whether a set will close or not with a tie-break.

  • Handicap in Tennis: the handicap play in tennis betting is applied by making the total of the sets of the sets won during a match and subtracting the handicap indicated by the bookmaker.

  • Under or Over: this type of bet on tennis can be applied to the single set that to the total games made in the meeting. Usually, bookmakers include the under/over threshold out of 9.5 for single sets and 21.5 for the whole meeting. The under and over can be placed in the betting on tennis also on the player: in this case you will have to decide whether the tennis player will win a number of games lower or higher than a threshold established by the operator during the meeting.

  • Betting on live tennis: in Live methods, betting on tennis present some types of peculiar games, such as the first bet first at x points in the set. By choosing this game you will have to indicate those who in your opinion between the two tennis players will first be able to obtain a number (identified by the operator) of points in the set. Usually, the thresholds are fixed to 5, 10, 15 or 20. The first player mode is also used for X ace: in this case you must predict those who first tota a certain number of ACE. The bookmakers set the minimum threshold of ACE that can be made at 5. The previous one is also the previous one on the first tennis to x twice fouls: what you need to choose in this case is who among the two opponents will first total a certain number of doubles fouls. Another opportunity you have playing in live mode is to indicate whether or not the request from one of the two players will occur during the game to call a timeout for medical intervention. In this case, during the 3 -minute timeout the doctor can intervene to make sure that the tennis player can continue the game.

  • Betting on special tennis: one of the characteristic betting of tennis is that by which it can be indicated how the first and last point will be obtained in a match by choosing between a list of possibilities predefined by the operator.

  • 1x2 for double fouls: this mode allows you to indicate who between the two players will commit the greatest number of double fouls, so it will be wrong more services during the match. In this case, of course, there is also the X that indicates the draw of double fouls between the two contenders.

  • 1x2 for the ACE: In this case the 1, the X or 2 are assigned to those who in your opinion will be more and more ace during the game. Also in this case the bookmakers provide for the possibility that a draw will occur.

  • Played combo with the double result: with this game indicates if the player you have chosen, he will win the game after losing or won the first set.

  • The players Antepost: there are many playful players available in tennis betting. The anteposts provide you with the opportunity to indicate how an event or tournament will end. The best known played players are the one that indicates the winner of a tournament and the one that allows you to predict whether a player or a pair of players will be able to pass the turn.

Betting security on online tennis

Have you decided to develop the first bets on online tennis? Very good. Before choosing your bookmaker or yours Free casino without first deposit obligation, however, you should pay attention to some very important factors. The first thing to evaluate in choosing the right Betting operator is certainly security. Safety, on all online betting platforms is of fundamental importance: the greater the insured security to customers, the more you can say that your personal data and all your banking information is safe. Do you want to be sure to play and bet on a safe site? First of all, choose a platform that has obtained a regular license from Gambling for betting on tennis. AAMS grants regular licenses to all those platforms that have highly high levels of safety, equity and transparency, so much so that it can be included in the parameters of American legality.

The platforms that do not obtain this license, therefore, are considered illegal and included among the gambling games. The checks carried out by AAMS in this sense aim first of all to verify transparency and equity for users of quotas and payouts. AAMS license operators are those who use software and hardware designed to defend the sensitive data of users from fraudulent attacks. Under the AAMS control lens we also find the banking transactions system: payments and withdrawals made by users are subjected to encrypted keys similar to those used by credit institutions. Therefore, if you are ready to choose yours Safe and authorized platform Of Betting Online we recommend that we only evaluate AAMS license operators: it is not only safer and fair for you, but it is also legal.

Betting on tennis and the mobile world

Have fun betting from your mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet? Also place your bets on tennis. All bookmakers have now foreseen platforms in accessible apps at any time and downloadable comfortably on Apple or Android devices. In fact, the best time to play and build the bet coincides with being sitting in front of your PC does not always not always. For this reason, Betting operators have made the online Betting platforms accessible directly from Mobile. For those wishing to always have an app at hand, avoiding connecting to the official website through the web, however, apps are planned. In both cases you will first have to create a game account. The creation of the game account is fast and free: it is about entering your personal data, choosing a nickname and a bright password and you're done.

Clearly, to play and win real money, it will also be essential to insert the methods of payment and withdrawal with the related cards or accounts. Furthermore, to withdraw money, it is also necessary to send copies of your identity documents to the assistance indicated by the platform in the guided procedure: the documents, so that the game account is considered valid, must be sent within 30 days of the creation of the account, e Your major age are needed to certify. Once the procedure has been completed, you have only to download the operator's application directly from the official website, insert your username and password and start betting. To place bets on tennis you will have to have money in the cashier: take advantage of any Welcome bonus, often planned by all the allylibrators for new customers.

Final considerations on tennis betting

Tennis bets are increasingly passionate about bettors, whether they are neophytes and navigated. To bet in a conscious way we at Casinoonlineams.com we want to give you some last tips, which will not give you the certainty of taking you home a win but will surely provide you with an extra gear in your play. The first thing you need is to study and analyze the statistics of the tennis players on whom you want to place your bet. In addition to the historical data informed about the psychophysical conditions with which it arrives at the game. Also pay attention to the field from game on which the meeting will be held: each player is strong on his favorite surface.

In addition to analyzing the players' historian, he also observes how previous meetings went between the two: surely he will help you understand the tension during the game. If you intend to play betting on live tennis, try to focus on tennis players who have an extra gear during the service. Before focusing on tournaments such as the Grand Slam, trained with betting on minor tournament tennis. By putting these suggestions into practice you can get to bet on meetings between great tennis stars with greater experience and awareness, therefore with a few more chances of bringing you home a respectable win.

Bookmakers authorized to betting on tennis