Beast - Information and rules for playing

Did you say beast? If it is Christmas, you are at friends' house and everyone is collected around one table, you can relax: nobody races against another but simply a game of one of the most fun and compelling gambling in Europe, the beast. If you know Briscola you can start going to drop in the game of the beast: discover the rules and tricks with us at Casinoonlineams.com and launched in the simplest forbidden game of all time. Don't think you can play beast in a public place: it is forbidden. To play a game and not risk getting out of legality you can play in your house with friends or in front of the PC or tablet sitting at a table of one of the Online casino with regular AAMS licensenull You just need a bouquet of traditional cards to give life to a game of beast and at least two of your friends: if you are many, up to ten, you can still play and have fun together. The game prize? The dish of each brief.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

Play responsibly

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General characteristics of the beast

The game was born in France in the eighteenth century, certainly before 1739 when it appears as a widespread game in the volume Académie Universelle des Jeux. Also in USA it was widespread before 1753: Raffaele Bisterghi talk about it. The beast belongs to the Tressette games family: it is a game with an answer obligation. Obviously, compared to the eighteenth -century game, the game is a little different: some rules remain equal, such as the mandatory number of sockets during the game hands equal to five, a reduced deck, the placed and the needs of cutting and answering.

Instructions to play the beast

The game of the beast, present i Many without deposit sites, provides for a minimum number of players equal to three and a maximum number of players equal to ten. The cards to play beast are the American ones: you can indiscriminately choose Piacenza and Neapolitan or even Turin cards. Just as happens in the briscola, in the beast the ace is the highest card, followed by three. The cards with the greatest subsequent value to these two are the king, the horse and the infantryman. Following the cards from 7 to 2. established the number of players moves to the game phase which is known as a declaration, through which the card game is established and what the players of the hand will be. The game proceeds counterclockwise. At this point of the game, the value of the dish is also established: the total of the dish is given by the sum paid by the Mazziere, or by the player who in turn holds this role. The amount is not fixed but can be freely decided by all players: the essential is that it is a number divisible by three.

The Mazziere is established by all the players: normally a card is fishing and those who fish the highest one will play the role of the Mazziere first. The Mazziere has the task of mixing the cards: the deck is cut by the player who sits on his left. At this point the Mazziere turns a card: the seed of the discovery card is the seed of the play of the play. We then move on to the distribution of the cards: this is where the real game begins. The cards are distributed by the Mazziere in number of three each in each hand starting from the player who sits on the right of the Mazziere. In the beast we often hear about taking in the game: the sockets correspond to the cards you have in hand during a play, this means that during a hand each player can make three potential sockets.

Fundamental rule of play also from mobile devices It is that each player responds to the previous game with a card of the same seed: this rule recalls in all respects the tressette. It may happen that a player does not possess the seed played by the player who preceded him: in this case it is a must to drop a trump, provided that the player has one. Once the distribution of the passing cards are completed to the locking phase, also known as a declaration that materializes in expressing one's will or not to participate in the game.

To participate in the game of the beast, after the distribution of the cards, the players must knock: this means that they are sure they can do at least one grip. If a player does not knock then he will pass the game: in this case he has to leave his covered cards on the game table. The passing player can still play his hand, but to do it he has to change all the cards. If a player decides to change all the cards of him he must commit himself to at least one grip. The change of cards during the game of the beast is called "taking the hole", "being a doctor" to go to the doctor "or take the child". The first to have to make the declaration is the player that is located to the right of the Mazziere. When all the players have made their statement then the Mazziere will ask the players who have passed the tour if they want new cards: if so they can go back to play. If the Mazziere does not have enough cards for everyone he can take those on the counter, abandoned by the players to be able to distribute 3 each. The waste or the trump card cannot be mixed.

At this point you move on to the card game: each player drops one card at a time and the lap is complete when everyone has dropped their card. Each player must respond to a card that got out of the previous player with a card of the same seed: for example if the first player has put a cup card on the table, the others must respond with other cup cards. Those who do not have cup cups can overcome the problem by lowering a card with the seed corresponding to that of the trump. The cards will take the player who has dropped the highest card of the seed on the ground. If a player has played a trump card he will take all the cards or in any case he will take the player who played the trump card with greater value.

At the end of the hand, the dish is divided among the players: the value that is granted to each depends on the number of sockets made during the game e the various possible betsnull So the three outlets foreseen for each hand correspond to one third of the value of the dish that will be up to those who have won the grip. If a player does not even make a grip, he says he "goes to the beast". This expression means that they are obliged to pour the entire sum that made up the previous dish on the plate.

Best game in online casinos

If you access one of the online casinos with a regular AAMS license, you can have fun playing beast. Usually you find the game inside the skills game. To play beast in online casinos you can decide whether to sit at a single table or if instead to launch yourself in a tournament. Before starting to play you can also establish the type of cards to use. The options are numerous: you can select American or French cards. To participate in the game you will have to pay what is established on the plate. The sum is defined as an invitation, so the dish is the sum of the invitations paid to which are added the "go to the beast" of the players. All active players at the table can participate in the game while players participating in a tournament but no longer have chips are automatically eliminated.

To begin to play it is the system, in a causal way, to choose the Mazziere: from the first round onwards the Mazziere always changes proceeding counterclockwise. There are no substantial differences between the rules of the online beast game compared to what you usually do at home with your friends or relatives. A significant difference is implemented only in some online casinos authorized by AAMS: instead of playing with 3 cards at Player you play with 4 cards. Another difference in this variant compared to the traditional one is that the first player who agrees to participate in the game must compulsorily make two sockets: otherwise he goes to the beast. Even the dish in this variant of the game undergoes changes: the sum of the dish is divided into 4 equal parts that correspond to possible sockets with the four cards distributed. For the rest, the game of the online beast is identical to what is possible play live: it is the same in the distribution and declaration, in the distribution of the dish as well as in the card game. Thanks to the insertion of the online beast game you can enjoy this game at any time of the year and not just at Christmas.

Playing the beast in online casinos from mobile devices

The game of the beast, like us at Casinoonlineams.com we have already reminded you, belongs to the skills game and as such is one of those casino games Available immediately to be played by mobile devices. Characteristic of the skills game, in fact, is the immediacy and simplicity of play, the peculiarity of the game of the beast. In addition, this game is very funny and is able to make any hand compelling, especially if the opponents are strangers. The belonging to the Skill Games makes the beast a game that does not require any installation or download: by downloading the official app of the online casino authorized by AAMS that you have chosen, in fact, you will have the opportunity to have the game at hand.

To download the app you can go directly to the official portal of the online casino you prefer, or direct you to the general store of your smartphone or tablet and the name here. There is no shortage of online casinos dismissed by Aams who preferred to group all Skill Games in a dedicated app: so without going from the game platform you will be able to access with your account directly to the game you love the most. If you don't want to download any apps but you like the online game, you can opt for the flash mode. In this case it will be sufficient to reach the official page of the online casino that you are used to attending, click on the game and start your game in flash mode directly from the browser.

Tips to play best with the beast

To play the beast and create your solid strategy there are advice that we at Casinoonlineams.com would like to suggest you. First of all, it is clear that to ensure the victory, regardless of the cards that have your opponents in hand, it is better to drop a trump immediately, both when you have only the trump cards in your hand, and when you do not have any seed card that is in Earth. If you play the briscola, however, remember to drop the strongest one you have in your hand. If you have an ace or a three of briscola it is better to play them. This is almost a rule more than a real game advice. To secure the victory it is better to play these cards even when you are from your hand after the first grip. In fact, the goal of the game of the beast is to win most of the money on the plate, as well as obviously, to make the other players go to the beast.