Canast - information and rules for playing

The history of Canasta has many points in common with that of the burraco. It is thought, in fact, that the country of origin of this card game is Uruguay. Even its diffusion replied what happened for the burraco; It is in the 1940s that this pastime began to collect acclaim among fans and, at the same time, to enjoy the interest of an increasing number of newspapers. The famous "Newsweek", for example, attributed a fame equal to that reached by Monopoli. To confirm these words, at that time, it was the enormous number of copies sold of the books dedicated to the rules this game. But what is the goal of those who sit at a table (real or virtual) to play Canasta? Pursue the highest score, necessary to get to the closure of the game. If, normally, the fee is set at 12,000 points, it is not uncommon for the players to agree to reach a different value. The important thing is to assign the value before leaving the challenge. The score itself is determined by a succession of fishing and waste, through which to give rise to a series of combinations between cards (with the same facial value). The most "simple" combinations see the presence of only 3 cards. The player who managed to form one is not obliged to deport it to the game table, having the right to hold back the cards in his hand. Continue in reading if you want to discover rules, variations and suggestions relating to the game of Canasta.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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Instructions to play canast

Starting to examine in detail the game of the canast included in the Free online deposit casino, the first aspect to underline is the use of 3 decks of French cards, to each of which 2 jokers are added. The total number of cards thus reaches 162. To distinguish the canast from other similar pastimes is the attribution of particular functions to the cards. First of all, the 2 reds are excluded when a player comes into possession of the initial distribution phase. The 3 substitute cards will be caught by the deck. The 3 blacks, on the other hand, have the function of blocking the deck. Fishing them, the participant to whom the next game will be up to the next play will not have the opportunity to withdraw from the bunch of the waste (the so -called well). As far as Jolly concerns, the latter can take the value of any other card; Thanks to the Jolly, the formation of the canaste will be simpler. An interesting aspect, always in relation to the Jolly, is their ability to "freeze" the well when they are discarded. What does this mean? That all players will have the obligation to combat the waste of the waste only with 3 cards of the same value (in place of the usual 2). There is another card that leads to the blockage of the pit socket; It is a card already closed as canast by the couple of opponents.

We now come to the game phases and to the Bets that can be done real canast. The distribution of the cards takes place in rotation, and brings 15 cards to the heads in the hands. The cards not distributed end up in the center of the game table. Each participant, as indicated in previous lines, will be invited to eliminate 3 reds (therefore cards belonging to hearts or paintings), replacing them with other cards. It will continue showing the first card of the deck, and placing a number of covered cards equal to the value of the first card under the same. What has just been written is always valid, with the exception of the case in which the 3 black (belonging to the seeds or flowers), a joker, or a "pinella" to come out. Pinelle are represented by the "2" cards, which is attributed the same value as the Jolly. Upon the occurrence of these exceptions, we will proceed.

The highest combination of the game is Canast; It is a scale consisting of 7 cards. There are two types of Canaste: "Pure" (or clean) or "impure" (or dirty). The first term is assigned to the canaste obtained from the combination of a minimum number 5 cards of the same value, to which are added one or two jokers or, alternatively, a joker and one Pinella or, again, two cinelle. In any case, as already mentioned, there are other combinations; Those of minimum value are obtained by supporting two cards of the same value a joker (or a pinella). On the other hand, the combinations made up of 3 red or 3 blacks are not valid.

A fundamental phase of the Canast is closing. Because this occurs a couple will have to drop at least 2 canaste on the table (it doesn't matter whether they are clean or pure), and no longer have cards in hand. At that moment the score of the score will begin. The couple who closed will get 500 points, to which are added 500 points if the canast is clean, and 300 if the canast is impure. If Pinelle have been used, you will have the "pure pinelle" canast, also known as "Pinellata", whose value will be 3000 points (2000 for the impure canast). The highest score is up to the Canast which presents 6 Jolly and a Pinella, capable of reaching 5,000 points; Curiously, this combination was assigned the name "Sitting Bull". Its dirty version (made up of 5 jolly and 2 pinlle) assigns 3000 points. The value of the 3 redd reds initially must not be forgotten. In a game in Canasta it is not uncommon that no player is able to close; The game will end when the central deck no longer present any card.

From what has been indicated so far, in the count the points obtained with the cards dropped and with those used inside the canaste are included. And the cards still in the hands of the couple who failed to close? The points are calculated following the same procedure; The difference is represented by the fact that they are counted with the least in front sign (therefore as negative points). The counting of the "basic" points features Canaste, closing and 3 reds; From the sum it is removed the value assigned to the cards still in hand. The score of the 3 reds deserves an in -depth analysis. Up to 3, each of them is worth 100 points. Then you gradually go up: 4 give rise to 800 points, 5 to 1200 points and 6 are worth 1800. This scheme is valid when you have at least 2 canaste (a clean and a dirty). With clean canast, but in the absence of dirty canaste, the 3 reds have no value. The worst situations occur in two cases. By possessing a dirty canast, the value assumed is negative; In the absence of Canaste, the negative value due to the 3 reds is even double. The limit of 15,000 points is not so simple to reach, so much so that it is frequent to face more heat to be able to achieve it. We conclude the analysis of the canast scores indicating the values ​​of the individual cards. At the Jolly, the highest value card, 50 points are assigned; Follow, in decreasing order, the ace (20 points), the cards from 8 to the king (10 points) and those ranging from 4 to 7 (5 points).

Canasty game in online casinos

The canast mechanism may not appear easy to read. Still, this is precisely this to have contributed to the success of the game. By gaining experience it will be difficult for you to resist the temptation to try again to challenge the fate and opponents. To facilitate access to the Canast is the decision, adopted by numerous Casino Online Legali Arms, to insert this pastime into the games wallet. Do not fear! The quality achieved by virtual platforms allows you to satisfy even the most demanding on the subject. This means becoming the protagonist in Canasta's games, experiencing the same emotions that you could try by going to a terrestrial casino. All without being forced to move from home, simply relying on a PC and an internet connection. You will find the canast in the skill card games. Not surprisingly, to be able to win luck it is not enough; A certain ability is also needed.

And in a card game the term skill is intended as the ability to adopt the best strategy based on the game in question. Have you ever taken into consideration online casinos? Enter the address of the portal of the virtual room you want to visit, and upload the home page, you can start investing your money. Alternatively, you will have the opportunity to train to enter the canast with the canast by opting for a free game. "For Fun" games have a double advantage. You will not risk losing money due to poor experience and, moreover, you will not have to proceed with any registration. Remember that many casino on the network allow users to play both against other users, connected from anywhere in the world and to face the computer. The choice made by several rooms to offer canast in flash mode is appreciable; You will not be obliged to download software to start playing.

Play Canast in online casinos from mobile devices

If you are used to playing Canasta from the PC screen you will have no difficulty in doing it in mobile mode. The popularity reached by the Canast led some virtual rooms to "enlarge" the game to the owners of smartphones and tablets. Their number, given the growing success, is most likely destined to rise in the future. There are many strengths of the mobile gamenull If the fact of acting on a touch screen screen is a guarantee of even faster games, the possibility of having access to the canast at any time of the day and night has seen the number of users concerned increase. How to play from a portable device? There are two viable roads: download an official app or rely on the flash mode. The latter represents the ideal choice for those who do not want to occupy the memory of their smartphone. To access it, simply search, inside a room, the section dedicated to the mobile game, connecting directly from the portable device.

Tips to play the Canasta better

Knowing the value of each card (therefore the corresponding score) is essential to be more likely to play by playing in a pinnacle. In particular, the 3 reds take great importance; Recall that these cards do not become part of the combinations, but they will allow you to get 100 extra points (discarding them immediately). It is essential to drop a red 3 on the game table; Do not carry out this operation will bring 500 penalty points. Equally important is the closure, as it can guarantee you many more points. If the regular closure is worth 100 points, being able to get it in a turn will give rise to double points. You can also close while your opponent is in possession of the pile of waste, with 25 cards in hand; In this way you will force him to pay the hand. We close by underlining how all the combinations would immediately fall to reveal yours to the opponents gamenull This could favor them, "inviting them" to take possession of the Jolly already used.