Baccarat - Information and rules for playing

Several hypotheses have been made regarding the origin of Baccarat. Some experts on the subject agree that this game was born in Macao, later spreading in France. Other scholars see in USA the state in which Baccarat has generated its roots. Finally, there is no shortage of those who trace the baccarat at the time of the Etruscans; A clue in favor of this hypothesis would be a legend that features 9 gods as protagonists, a virgin and a 9 -faced nut. Regardless of its origins, it seems certain that already in 1500 the French nobles knew this pastime, destined to remain a game of elite for several years. Depending on the country reached, the Baccarat was assigned different rules. In England, for example, the French version, known as "Chemin de Fer", has been successful. From the old continent, the game started finding fertile ground in South America, then spreading all over the world. It was the famous "dunes" casino who introduced him to Las Vegas, presenting a version halfway between the "Chemin de Fer" and the European Baccarat. Nowadays players can choose between different versions, the most widespread of which is the American one, followed by the "Banco Punto".

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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Instructions to play with Baccarat

The protagonists of a Baccarat match, even within All American sites that allow you to play for free right away, they are the counter, the player and a variable number of other participants. If the game mechanism allows you to choose between multiple types of episodes, the aim is to reach, through the cards in hand, an overall value as close to 9 as possible, without exceeding it. If you get (or if the counter will do) a value from 10 onwards, 10 points will be reduced to the total sum. A different score is recognized to each card. The ace takes on value 1, while the cards from 2 to 9 maintain the value that appears on their facade; Finally, to the cards from 10 to the king it is assigned value 0. Exemplifying, if in one hand I had to hold a 4 and a king, the total value will be equal to 4 (as the king is worth 0). Instead, with a 9 and 6 the total value is 5 (given by 9+6 = 15, from which 10 points must be removed).

Each game has the distribution, to the player and the counter, as its initial phase, of 2 CADAUNO covered cards. If one of the two, adding the cards, should obtain a value of 8 or 9 (event called "natural"), the hands are shown, and to win it will be those who have approached more to 9. If the sums of the bench and the Player coincide a draw occurs, and this leads to the return of what was aimed at the player. If neither of the two has participants, it has cards that added the values 8 or 9, it will continue taking into account the cards held by the player.

If their sum is 6 or 7, the player will be required to "stay"; Otherwise he will have to fish a new card. At that point it will be up to the counter to make its move, linked to the overall value given by the 2 covered cards and the third card of the player. If the value in the hands of the counter is equal to 7, he will be forced to "stay". With a 6 the counter will fish a further card, but only if the third card caught previously by the player was a 6 or a 7. If the value of the cards of the counter is 5, a new card is caught if the third Player card is 4.5.6 or 7. The mechanism is repeated following the same logic for the other values. When the counter has concluded its move, the cards will be shown. To win, also in this case, it will be those who have obtained the total value closest to 9. In Baccarat, as anticipated, there are 3 types of episode; In addition to betting on the counter, you can do it on the player or on the "flap". The first two games are paid 1 to 1, but you must consider that the winning games on the desk see the application of 5% of commissions. The flap, on the other hand, is paid 8 to 1.

Baccarat in online casinos

In recent years, Baccarat has reached a great popularity, in terrestrial casinos, especially in Asian territory. In the rest of the world, it was the diffusion of its diffusion Casino Onlinenull In particular, to push more and more people to bet from the PC screen, using a network connection, it is the choice adopted by different virtual rooms to offer it in the "live" version. The live are characterized by the presence of real Croupier, who will allow you to live your games trying the same adrenaline as those who usually attend the terrestrial mess. If your passion is videopoker, or slot machines, you will have the opportunity to play with baccarat versions completely similar to such pastimes. By now, the online baccarat has reached an enviable quality level; This is also thanks to the interest shown by the major creators of software, Playtech and Netent in the first place. In USA, Baccarat is present in many of the casinos equipped with AAMS authorization. You can choose between 3 variants: American, European Baccarat and Mini Baccarat.

In the first, the counter is entrusted to the casino, and the games provide a minimum limit of episodes, decided by the players themselves. The European Baccarat, on the other hand, was born in England and, compared to the previous version, sees the choice of the minimum episodes assigned to the counter, that is to the casino. The Mini Baccarat is characterized by a greater speed of the games, and by the presence of a more contained number of participants, equal to 7, instead of the 12 expected in the other variants. Furthermore, Mini Baccarat games take place on the tables traditionally assigned to Blackjack. There are other differences between Baccarat and Mini Baccarat. Premising that the basic rules are substantially the same, 2 elements vary are mainly: game speed and tableout of the table. To prefer the baccarat are above all the "high roller", That is, players who love high value episodes. It is not uncommon for the minimum episode, on the tables, it is equal to 100 $. If players can also distribute cards in Baccarat, this operation is not allowed in the mini baccarat; This task belongs exclusively to the dealer. If you want a quick game, the latter version will be satisfied, allowing you to play many hands in an hour, whose number can reach 200. Compared to the traditional version, the mini baccarat has lower limits, and this peculiarity continues to exercise a Of course, charm on users who have never had the opportunity to test their ability in a card game. A last aspect of the online baccarat that deserves to be remembered is the possibility for players to repeat the same episode relying on a single button, therefore without having to manually insert the figure to be investing in each hand.

Play Baccarat in online casinos from mobile devices

If you find the time needed for Online betting It has become increasingly difficult due to work and family commitments, thanks to the technological progress of the last few years you will no longer be forced to give up your passion for gambling. In the specific case, apps allow you to bet directly from smartphones or tablets. You will no longer have to turn on the PC, as it will be enough a few minutes to place an episode. The apps intended for gambling immediately enjoyed an excellent feedback from the public. This led manufacturers to concentrate efforts in order to make them even more functional. Initially there were problems with "adaptation", due to the fact that smartphones are equipped with decidedly smaller screens than those proposed by PCs. But, over the years, this problem has gradually disappeared, being able to count on optimized apps. Sensitive improvements have also been found graphically, so much so that in many cases it was reached the quality level associated with Baccarat online from PC.

Even from the safety point of view you will have nothing to fear. You can manage your account by making payments or withdrawals, using the touch screen of your smartphone, and using the methods allowed by the casino in which you have chosen to register. The existence of encrypted protocols will protect you from any scam attempts. You will guarantee you at the same time fun, adrenaline, and the possibility of obtaining even substantial winnings; All this without exposing your wallet to unnecessary risks.

Tips to play best with Baccarat

If you have decided to dedicate a few hours of your free time to Baccarat, keep in mind that you will have no way, with your actions, to influence the order of the different cards, and not even to decide freely whether to fish another or if "staying". The fact that the statistics, in this game, is not able to help you in making "forecasts" on your future episodes, does not necessarily mean having to give up improving the game strategy, in order to increase your chances of winning. By choosing the online version of the Baccarat you will have software available legal gambling capable of offering a "historical". But the most effective way to make the advantage of the bench minimum is precisely to focus on the counter itself.

It will be accumulating sufficient experience that you will find yourself more and more frequently to carry out the best episode at the most suitable moment. Your passion for gambling is quite recent, and you don't want to risk getting from the frenzy by betting, without realizing it, rather high figures? Before starting with the episodes, establish the budget to invest. If the fortune does not prove to be a faithful companion from the first moments avoids consuming the entire budget by granting you a regenerating break. Even if the winnings will not be long in appearing to appear, however, do not forget that the situation could change at any moment, without any notice. If, on the one hand, abandoning a game session could leave you bitter in the mouth, on the other, consider that, in this way, you will limit the risk of losses. The best way to appreciate a gambling, whatever it is, it is to be able to have fun; Try to remember it. To conclude, if you wish to have more information on the most famous casino games, and read reviews from the best virtual rooms with AAMS license entrusted to playgambling.org.