Videoltery - Information and rules for playing

Also known as VLT (acronym for Video Lottery Terminal), videolottery represent a type of gambling which, only recently, has started to spread in our country. The regulation of this pastime dates back to 2012, the year from which the videolottery have become part of the playground of the main mess, both terrestrial and virtual. The possibilities offered by the latest technologies have certainly favored the growth of the number of fans. The positive trend found worldwide is also linked to the continuous investments made by the producers, who have led to propose new versions available and, at the same time, to maniacally treat the quality of the proposals. Compared with slot machines, videolottery can be defined as a more modern variant of the slots themselves. Some differences can also be found at a gameplay level.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General features of videolottery

A first aspect that deserves to be taken into consideration is the presence, inside the slot machines, of a game card not only single, but also independent. On the contrary, all video recipients are connected to an online network server; It is precisely this national central terminal that supervises the operation and management of machines. The fact of relying on a network technology ensures greater guarantees in terms of protection. It is impossible to have access to vide -cololtery in an attempt to tamper them, even for more experienced hackers. At the same time, the mechanism just described avoids that incorrect managers or operators interfere with the normal functioning of the machines. If this aspect is certainly important, the qualitative level offered in recent years by videolottery is the same. As already anticipated, the graphic level is now remarkable, so much so that you can live unique experiences in a large number of different settings. Having to do with a centralized terminal, the individual machines do not propose the games using special cards. It is the central server that transmits them, ensuring frequent novelty and constant updates.

Depending on the chosen machine, even within the Best reliable online casino, you will find yourself immersed in the world of Far West, or you will live adventures between mummies and mysteries of ancient Egypt. Still, if you are passionate about cinema, the protagonists of the greatest contemporary Hollywood successes will be attentive to you; You can also relive the emotions of your favorite TV series. Since these are multiplayer terminals, you can have fun with classic games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. To make your experience even more pleasant, in several cases, will be the magic of 3D. It is now possible to indicate the main strengths of the videolottery. If of the highest number of games available, and of the continuous updates, we have just mentioned, remember that you can play using coins, banknotes and credit cards. You will have the opportunity to make episodes whose value will be between 50 cents and 10 $. Another point in favor of the videolottery is the high Payout (equal to 85%), much higher than the one ensured by the slot machines. The winnings are also higher, reaching a maximum of 5,000 $. And the existence of 3 progressive jackpots inevitably raises the value of the winnings.

Instructions for playing with videolottery

Among the existing videolottery today, the most popular are those based on the typical roller mechanism, intended to reward the combinations of symbols. From this point of view they end up re -proposing what is offered by Slot machine traditional resulting more engaging, however, by virtue of the presence of imaginative settings made, in most cases, impeccablely, including symbols. But how does a video row work on the practical crying? You will simply have to perform the episode by choosing the amount and using, as previously highlighted, coins or banknotes. If you have matured a win, you can also take advantage of the tickets paid for the payment of the prize, provided that you have not already converted the latter in cash. At this point, the speech relating to the 3 jackpots called, respectively, "Easy Jackpot", "Super Jackpot" and "Mega Jackpot" deserves a clarification. The first represents a "room" jackpot; This means that only the terminals of the room in which you have chosen to play will participate in its formation. The maximum value that can be reached from this Jackpot is 5,000 $. The Super Jackpot, also "of room", stands out for the highest amount: 10,000 $. Finally, the mega Jackpot is "nationally"; Therefore, any video recording terminal present on American soil contributes to increasing its value. This mechanism will allow you to win up to a maximum of 500,000 $.

It may be useful to make a comparison with the winnings recognized by the traditional slot machines also present in Without deposit game sites, which do not exceed 100 $ (opposite to the 5,000 $ of the videolottery). This difference is linked to the methods of calculating the so -called "payment cycle" which, in the case of classic slots, stands at 74%, much lower than that associated with the VLC (the percentage is 85%). If you have accrued a win of not too high amount (up to 999 $), you will have the opportunity to request the payment directly from the manager, who will convert it into money. If the amount won is between 1,000 and 4,999 $, the balance takes place by bank transfer, or check. To collect it, you will be required to issue a copy of the identity document and the tax code, in addition to the original winning ticket. These documents will accompany the card identifying the winner, responding to the provisions of the anti -money laundering legislation. If luck wanted to reward you with a figure greater than 5,000 $ you will not be able to the manager; It will be the dealer, received original ticket, copy documents and identification card, to pay the win. It is important to remember how the figures that exceed 500 $ are subject to taxation (6% of the part exceeding this amount).

Videoltery in online casinos

Videoltery have come to be part of the universe increasingly richer in online casinos. The platforms have sensed the great potential of this new pastime, capable of attracting fans of gambling of any age, and of closer to bets Even those who have chosen so far to ignore this opportunity. The types of games available in a virtual room do not normally differ from the proposals present in terrestrial rooms. A point in favor of the online game is the possibility of having access to software made by a greater number of producers.

In the case of virtual videolottery, each of them is identified by means of a code, assigned by the control system. The latter is to allow the univocal identification of the games offered. In addition, in order to guarantee maximum transparency and safety, automatic verification of the integrity of the software is foreseen. The legislation requires the offer of demo versions to the virtual rooms; In this way users have the opportunity to fully understand the rules of the game without spending. The same rules, to be clearly indicated, must be accompanied by the indication of the costs of each individual match (i.e. the minimum and maximum amount of bets), the winning combinations, and the maximum obtainable win (from whose amount the value is excluded Jackpot).

As far as the outcome of the games is concerned, the random generator of numbers (from the English "Random Number Generator") determines it. This processor, relying on an algorithm, guarantees the randomness of each episode. Speaking of online videotaries we cannot neglect the payment methods. In this area, credit and debit cards, prepaid and electronic wallets come into play. To conclude, the online video rows have the undeniable advantage of allowing, to those who do not intend to leave the house to give vent to their desire for bets, to participate simply by exploiting an internet connection, and making use of a PC or a mobile device (tablet or smartphone that it is).

Play videotulottery in online casinos from mobile devices

Already from their advent on the game of gambling, the videolottery have made people talk about themselves, above all because the extent of innovation has appeared evident. In order to quickly increase the number of users, several dealers related to gambling have decided to propose the videolottery by offering apps (both free and for a fee) that would allow play directly from portable devicesnull With the passage of time these apps have been perfected, resulting more and more fluid and stimulating also on the graphic level. Currently, most of them do not present any compatibility problems with the most popular operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows). The apps have the undeniable advantage of allowing the withdrawal of the sums available on the escalator to take part in a game; At the same time, this account can be used during the collection of winnings.

If it is your intention to have fun with the videolottery only from smartphones or tablets, keep in mind that there is an alternative road to the apps. The best known portals have made access to mobile game even easier not to oblige to operate any downloads. You will suffice to access the online casino you chose, register and validate the email address. At that point you will do nothing to do but select the virtual room reserved from the casino to the mobile game.

Tips to play best with videolottery

Is it possible to provide some useful tips to increase the probability of winning video rowing? To answer this question it is appropriate to remember, first of all, how VLT systems are regulated by the random numbers generator. Consequently, a strategy valid for this pastime consists in carrying out continuous play; In this way, the videolottery will transmit payment "inputs" to the central system. Even better it would be to proceed with episodes of progressively higher amount. This tactic leads to prolong communications between the reference terminal and the server, preventing the VLT unloading. But to influence your probability of winning it will be above all experience; Only by spending a good number of hours to finalize your understanding with a certain videolottery will you be able to guess the moment when the central system is approaching the payment phase.