Complete guide to the videopoker

I video Poker They are electronic machines that allow us to play poker and win a lot of money. This type of game was very popular in the early 90s when these machines were installed in most American bars. The purpose of the game is to totales the highest possible score, following the rules of classic poker, to win.

Each score will make the player win a different sum. In the game hand you have the opportunity to change up to 5 cards simultaneously. In short, video poker are nothing more than the virtual version of the poker game.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the videopoker

Do you love spending part of your free time online, having fun inside one of the numerous platforms dedicated to gambling? Do you include slot machines and poker among your favorite pastimes? Then the Video poker free, conceived as a sort of "fusion" between the two games just mentioned, has all the credentials to conquer you. If the slots the videopoker resumes the simplicity of the mechanisms, the level of interaction and the usefulness of the strategies are the elements shared with poker. The success achieved between the public led the virtual rooms to introduce new versions with a certain frequency. The 3 best known are the "Jacks or Better", the "Deuces Wild" and the "Joker's Wild". What differentiates them from each other? If in the Jacks or Better the winning minimum combination is represented by the jack pair, in the Deuces Wild the "two" take on the role of Jolly. Finally, in Joker's Wild, it is the Joker himself who can replace any deck card to give rise to a winning combination. Another version of the rather famous videopoker is the one called "Aces and Faces", and has the real protagonists in the axes and figures. This variant shares the minimum combination with Jacks or Better, that is the jack pair. To make it something "different", it is the fact of providing more types of poker, for each of which have been established of different value. With poker obtained through cards from 2 to 10 you will be paid normally (up to 125 times the mail). Figures poker, on the other hand, come to pay the episode 200 times. Finally, axes can multiply up to 400 times. Videoopker is a rather recent game; It was presented for the first time (in the Jacks or Better version) in 1975, in a playroom in Las Vegas, immediately managing to capture the attention of fans. The user who decides to approach a game of videopoker is simply held to perform an episode, then seeing himself assigning 5 cards. At that point he will have to select which of such cards holding in hand, and which one to return. Once the cards are obtained in return, to be used to complete the hand, you will win if you are able to form one of the combinations provided for by the regulation.

Instructions to play with the videopoker

The over 100 variants of video poker scattered between Online casino platforms I am Warranty of fun. Obviously, the versions tend to differentiate both for the bet (it can vary from 1 cent to amounts over 50 $) and for the type of game. In addition, there is no single payment system. We enter more on the merits of the most famous versions. The Jacks or Better, mentioned above, is above all recommended for beginners on the subject, and sees the work a deck consisting of 52 cards. As we have already indicated, the minimum combination to achieve a win is represented by the jack pair. In order of importance, starting from the most profitable, the "rewarding" combinations are: royal scale, color scale, poker, full, color, scale, trio, double couple and couple. The royal scale is made up of 5 cards in sequence (Asso, K, Q, J and 10), belonging to the same seed. Color scale, however, is obtained from 5 cards of the same seed, always in sequence. If poker sees 4 cards at work having the same value, the scale is a combination of 5 cards, even of different seeds, presented in numerical sequence. The tris sees 3 cards of equal value; Two equal cards give rise to the double couple. As for the couple, the couples formed by 2 jacks will be in the Jacks or Better, or by even greater value cards, to be successful. The version called "Tens Or Better", for its part, awarded a prize to couples formed by two "10", or by higher value cards.

Video Poker No Casino Online

If the versions mentioned in the previous paragraphs (Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Tens or Better) enjoy a consolidated success, over time virtual platforms, even those where There is no deposit to play, have expanded their catalog by inserting even more intriguing versions. As happens for the "Deuces Wild", many other variants are characterized by the presence of the "Wild" or "Jolly" symbols, aimed at guaranteeing greater probability of winning. These symbols allow to obtain the winning combinations more easily, as it is possible to use a certain card (called Wild) as a substitute for the card that is not considered useful. Some online platforms have chosen to offer versions of videopoker in which the user has the faculty to try to double the winnings. In this case, it is up to the player to decide whether to try doubling through a mini-game. The latter sees both the player and the bench extracting a card; Who of the two will have received the card with the highest value will be decreed winner. If you are the lucky one, the mail will double in value. On the contrary, if the counter is to win, the player will also lose the sum obtained in the previous hand. In general, online videopoker maintain the rules used for "bar" versions. To start playing videopoker in an online casino, having access to the online platform in which it is registered (or, if you are not, follow the phases to register) you will have to place the episode.

5 cards will appear on the screen of your PC, generated in a completely random way. If the combination obtained is not to your liking, by clicking on "Hold" you will decide which cards to hold in hand, and which to change. If you wish you can also change them all five. By maturing a winning combination, the machine will be required to pay the amount due to you, that is, the one shown in the winning table. Do not forget that the evolution of the virtual rooms led the latter to offer machines dedicated to multi -hands videopoker (up to 100 hands at a time). Bankroll associated with these versions is much higher, as the episodes are the subject of multiplication (they are multiplied by the total number of hands subject to the game). There are also videopoker capable of assigning progressive jackpots. This occurs in the event that the user proves to be so lucky as to hit a royal scale. The highly high amounts associated with these jackpots are the result of the mechanism that leads to its training. A small percentage of each bet inserted in the machine, in fact, helps to increase the jackpotnull Before concluding this paragraph we want to dedicate a few lines to a particular version of the videopoker, called "Red Dog Stud", always practiced with a traditional 52 cards. If you love this type of pastimes, this game will make you spend pleasant moments by virtue of its originality. The goal of the Red Dog Stud player is to guess if the value of the third card is positioned between that of the two cards that precede it. A very simple mechanism intended for those who want to try to win despite having little time available, or want to do it without being forced to process special strategies.

Playing videopoker in online casinos from mobile devices

The advent of the world of gambling on mobile devices, initially seen with a pinch of skepticism, has ended up representing one of the most important steps in the sector. Have the chance to bet Directly from the reduced screen of a smartphone, or a tablet, it made the games even more comfortable. For many pastimes this has meant to guarantee an even more engaging experience and ensure an enviable level of customization to users. The different versions of the videopoker presented in recent years on the market are designed and structured with great care. It is precisely the attention paid to each element of the games (graphics and sound in the first place), that allows software to "turn" optimally regardless of the chosen operating system (from Android to iOS, up to Windows). As regards the functions available in the mobile version, you will be given the opportunity to choose the value to be assigned to your episode and the number of episodes of each individual hand. The only limitation, compared to the PC version, has as its object the maximum number of episodes which, in mobile devices, tend not to be greater than 5. In addition to having the right to try the doubling, in case you consider excessively risky such Option you can try the road to the "half double". You will thus access a mini-game that will lead you to guess the color of a card extracted from the deck and covered. Mobile technology available to software house allows them to propose software and applications that can automatically recognize the user's device; This, in turn, allows the content to adapt perfectly to the screen on which it will be reproduced. You will simply try to play a game to check how the problems associated until a few years ago at the smartphone games have now been resolved, making the videopoker accessible from any device. Graphics and colors, for example, have nothing more to envy to the PC versions, like the speed of loading the pages and the richness of the contents. Users also have commands made with the aim of making the response to the "touch" immediate. A touch screen and a few minutes of time will be the only elements to rely on to catapult yourself to the center of the action.

Tips to play better with the videopoker

The goal of each user who approaches the videopoker is to obtain frequent winnings, trying to minimize the risks. In a game of Jacks or Better, finding a staircase or color in hand, you would do better to keep the cards in hand. With a couple, i.e. the minimum combination, it is more useful to change the other 3 cards while, in the absence of the combinations just indicated, you should limit yourself to holding only the cards with a value of not less than the jack, changing the rest. In all other cases it is convenient to return the 5 cards and fish for new ones, hoping for greater luck. Fundamental element, if you want to close with a "profit", is the management as well as possible of the Bankroll. It is true that playing with the maximum number of coins means, if a winning combination is configured, obtaining higher winnings. In any case, one cannot fail to take into account the reverse of the medal, that is, the fact that the adverse fortune will inevitably lead to mature losses of a certain consistency.