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Here is the slot machine city life gratis with which you can play every time you want it without depositing and without subscribing to any site. We wish you a good fun with this free online casino game offered exclusively to you by the editorial staff of Casinoonlineams.com.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General information on the FREE Machine City Life

The world of the night finds its best interpretation in the 888 holding programmers who gave birth to the free Machine Life slot present in All legal casino AAMSnull Inside the free city life slot you will be joined by the protagonists of nightlife as well as by the main symbols that distinguish it. Just like the elements of the night, inside the free Machine Machine free there is not even lacking very engaging sound effects, capable of keeping you awake exactly things if I were in a powerful gangster around your beautiful car flanked by a breathtaking pupa.

In fact, inside the Slot Machine Life, you play the role of a gangster ready to make war on the law: the setting is full of beautiful women, expensive machines and money. Your task is to break the rules to keep your lifestyle unchanged. Bosses and handcuffs, girls and fast cars, briefcases full of money and policemen, are the protagonists on the rollers: the combinations are formed inside 5 rollers and 20 payment lines.

To play at the Slot Machine City of Life for free you will not need to point real money: you can bet 1 token on each payment line, with a minimum episode of $ 0.05 and a maximum episode of $ 200. If you leave the settings unchanged, your default episode will correspond to $ 5. Each coin, has a default value of 0.25 $ and a maximum value of $ 10. If aiming for the demo version of the free Machine Life slot will help you learn to play, do it in the one with real money will make you win.

How to play at the City Life Slot Machine Free

The Slot Machine gratis It is in all respects identical to the one in which you can focus true money, apart from the winnings: the first virtuals, the real and taken seconds. Inside the game you will find, as in most slot machines, the Wild and Scatter symbols. There are 2 Wilds in the City Life slot Machine Life: the first can be equated to the Jolly municipality, or the symbol that replaces any symbol to create a winning combination, except for the scar and the bonus. The second Wild, on the other hand, is characterized by symbol X3: in addition to having the Jolly function, the possible winnings obtained in the event that a winning combination is made.

Furthermore, if at least two scatter symbols appear on the screen, the episode multiplies. Specifically, with two Scatter symbols, the episode is doubled, with three symbols Scatter it is quintuple, with four symbols Scatter the episode is multiplied by 50 and finally with 5 yes, Boli Scatter the episode multiplies by 500. This means that a winnings obtained Through these episodes they will make much but much more.

The game is intuitive and has a very simple structure, as well as very clear. All you want to know about winning combinations and payment methods will be found within the "payments table", while the section with the "information" contains the data concerning the game account and small info regarding the game itself. Obviously your wallet is always clearly visible on the main picture of the game.

Among the buttons in the main box there is the one that offers you the opportunity to continue the game automatically: by operating it you can establish the number of games that will start without your intervention; At the end of the automatic games you can take an idea of how it went.

Inside the free Machine Life slot you can access the bonus game. It enabled when the cities at night appears on rollers 2.3 and 4 with the word bonus in number of 3 or more. The bonus game is renamed "Streetwise" that requires you, first of all, to choose one of the 5 available characters to play with. The purpose of the game is to help the chosen character to escape with the booty: each character brings with it a different figure, so managing to identify the individual with the highest loot you can pocket a nice nest egg.

To make him flee you have to choose 3 objects, which are distinguished by having the same value: if you identify these objects then you will repair your speakers of the value of the individual objects, which will be multiplied by the value of the booty that your character has with him null

Advantages of playing with the Free Machine Life Slot Machine

One of the advantages that the free Machine Life slot, present in the Best sites without real money, brings with it is the high level of the percentage of winning that reaches 95.67%: this means that winning this slot is really very simple. The slot machines with these returns of money are the most followed by the gamblers but they are also the most suitable for all those who are approaching the game and want to immediately try the thrill of victory. Another point in favor of the free Machine Life slot is the structure of the game itself: simple, quick and very fluid, as well as very engaging from the graphic point of view and audio effects.

Further advantage of those who intend to play the free Machine Life slot is its being a demo playable by everyone without the need to download any software or game clients: the slot can be reached immediately and playable in the flash version, therefore no registration is needed to no online gaming platform. Among the benefits that the game for free at this slot machine brings with it there is also, and above all, the opportunity to build a precise game strategy. If it is the first time you approach the universe of slot machines or if you want to have full control of this slot machine, the demo version offers you a clear picture of how it works, possible combinations, the presence of bonuses and their function , without having to invest money. Once you have full mastery of the game then you can also launch yourself: dress the role of a famous gangster, on the other hand, can be fun, at least for a few hours.