Rubamazzo - Information and rules for playing

The word Rubamazzo does not simply correspond to a card game but indicates the very essence of fun between friends or opponents. Rubamazzo, in fact, is such a simple game that is a favorite from the little ones, who learn to play us to spend the long Christmas holidays in total light -heartedness with their peers or the greatest. The game of Rubamazzo is not peculiar of the American peninsula: it is not difficult to meet European fans of this adrenaline game. If you would like to know what the country of origin of Rubamazzo is also in line: its history and its origins are completely wrapped in the mystery, so much so that some trace this gambling at the moment when the cards were born. Probably the history of Rubamazzo develops in the Arab world: from here it would then have spread in the western world around 1300 AD. The oldest name with which this game was indicated, then, is of clear Arab derivation: in the past eras, in fact, the Rubamazzo is indicated with the term Naibi, even if this word was used to "call" all the card games.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of Rubamazzo

The peculiarities of the game, in ancient times as today, are speed and simplicity. Rubamazzo, in fact, is a truly engaging and easy to learn game: each player can implement its strategy or rely on a precise technique. None of the players involved, however, must forget the importance that he assumes, in this as in other games, luck: without his support and benevolence of him, every attempt to have the best is undoubtedly in vain. Ready to launch yourself into the game? We at playgambling.org have summarized the rules of Rubamazzo: do a quick review and start Playing in online casino authorized by AAMS.

Instructions to play Rubamazzo

Play Rubamazzo, as we have already pointed out at playgambling.org that we also deal with casino gratis on line, it's really easy. If this were not the case, this would probably not be one of the very first games that the great teaching to the little ones, to entertain them in the Christmas period. The first thing you need to do if you want to play Rubamazzo is to get a deck of Neapolitan or American cards. The deck then counts 40 cards, 10 for each seed. The number of Rubamazzo players is quite variable: the minimum of the players is two, but it is also possible to play in three or four. It all depends on how many you are to play. The game counts 4 phases, the first of which is the preparation of the hand and the last one of the points obtained.

So let's start from the preparation of the game. Preparing to play Rubamazzo means to establish who the Mazziere will be: the latter has a duty to mix the cards, which will then be removed by the player who sits on the left of him, provided that more than two players play. If you intend to challenge a friend of yours, however, the blatant of the cards is immediate. Once the cards are removed, the Mazziere rearranges the deck and distributes the cards. The Mazziere distributes three cards covered in each player participating in the game. When all the players were served, the Mazziere turns four discoveries on the game table.

When the safe gambling The Mazziere ends: the next player takes his place, that is, the one who sits next to the Mazziere calculated counterclockwise. The cards will be mixed again, removed and distributed to open a new hand. Each player has the opportunity to play a card when it is hand. When all three cards in the hand of the players have finished the Mazziere must distribute three others each. In USA the play rules are common to all territories only up to this point: the actual game, in fact, takes on different contours depending on whether you are in the south or in the center north. According to the rules of Rubamazzo's game of Southern USA, the hand player must consider whether among the cards he has in his hand there is one that has the same as a cards present on the ground. If the player has an equal card he can take her from the game table and place her next to him, together with him. The cards taken from the game table must be discovered, so that the other players can see them.

The deck of the discoveries can be "stolen" by the next player or by another player if he has a card of the same value in his hand compared to the card which is at the top of the deck of the cards that have been taken from the ground. If so, the deck of cards passes by hand and is positioned in the player station that stole the deck. According to the rules used in the south of the peninsula, it is also possible to steal the deck by making the sum between the paper on top of the deck of the cards from the ground and the cards on the ground to obtain the value of a card that you have in hand. For example, if at the top of the deck of the sockets there is a 4 and on the ground there is a two and the player on duty has a six can steal the deck also taking the two on the game table and placing the six at the top of the deck. The rules of Rubamazzo used in Central-North USA, on the other hand, do not provide for the use of additions to steal the deck, but only to take the cards on the game table. So, to steal the deck it is necessary to have the card of the same value compared to the one on top of the deck. The game ends when there are no more cards to distribute. If on the game table there are cards not taken from anyone, they are assigned to the player who lastly managed to take cards, or to those who stole the deck last. At this point the points are counted. Those who have conquered multiple cards wins.

Rubamazzo game in online casinos

As you will know, in USA Rubamazzo is a historical game. To play, as mentioned, they are young and old and many fans are looking for it even when they reach the game tables. If you are among these, you could play Rubamazzo also by consulting the online casino list present on our site. Rubamazzo, as an elementary and fun playing game, allows you to have fun without too many complications, allowing you to spend time playing and above all trying to take home even a small win. If you play Rubamazzo in an online casino you will have to do with software. In fact, Rubamazzo like all other online games was made by brands that make all the Gambling Game. The introduction of Rubamazzo in online casinos has allowed this local game to spread even in very distant places, and overseas. The goodness of the game managed by the software is however tested by organisms unrelated to the platform: these are to determine how much the software you will clash is correct and safe. The purpose of the game always remains the same: to collect as many cards as possible.

The online casinos and therefore the games distributed in them that can be said to be reliable and safe are undoubtedly those authorized by AAMS. The state monopoly ensures, in fact, the security of the game like that of your sensitive data. In addition, all the software used inside the online casino that have obtained a regular license from AAMS choose software that ensure equipment and regular games, and not made to make the interests of the platform.

Play Rubamazzo in online casinos from mobile devices

Do you want to play Rubamazzo in an online casino but not only when you are at home in front of the PC? No problem! By train or bus, traveling for work or in full relaxing during a holiday you can enjoy all the adrenaline that Rubamazzo can give you Using your smartphone or tabletnull In fact, the major online casino authorized by AAMS have provided the launch of apps dedicated within which there are not only the game of Rubamazzo but also all the best known games that have their roots in the historical tradition of the Bel Paese. By playing from a mobile device, the games last very little and you can make your play both in free mode, therefore without spending real money, and with real money. To play you could directly download the AAMS online casino app that you have chosen on your mobile device, or reach the official website of your favorite platform from browser: in the latter case the game will start in flash mode.

The difference between the two game modes is that if you want to download the app to play Rubamazzo in an immediate way, you will have to register for the portal and create an account. The game in flash mode, on the other hand, does not include the registration on any platform: just launch the game and start it. This is valid if you don't intend to invest money. If, on the other hand, you want to try your luck, of course you will have to open a gaming account on the AAMS platform you have chosen. From your mobile device the game will seem faster, and this is thanks to the possibility of playing via touchscreen. Do not be afraid to play Rubamazzo online from mobile device: all the games of the online casino platforms with regular AAMS license are tested to guarantee a fair and fast game, but above all to keep the attackers away from your sensitive data. To obtain the AAMS license, in fact, they are not all online casinos but only those who demonstrate that they have the requirements of the reliability of the platforms and safety systems, as well as having the most updated and technologically solid software inside. Playing Rubamazzo is fun and from mobile it is also sure. Playing will make you return child and maybe earn much more than you imagine.

Tips to play at best at Rubamazzo

If it is true that much of the merit to win in Rubamazzo and the scommesse online It is of the blindfolded goddess it is also true that help can be developed your strategy. An effective advice, when you have two equal cards is to immediately get rid of one of the two: staying with two cards of the same value in hand during the game is certainly counterproductive. For example, if you have two ten and a five in hand and on the ground there is the five, it is not convenient to take five from the ground but that discarded ten, hoping that an opponent player will create the deck for you. If you play from Southern USA, then you should always keep the highest cards in your hand, so that with the sum of the cards on the game table the one on top of the deck you manage to steal the deck formed by another opponent. Small precautions are enough and a little luck and the game is in your hands.