Roulette game guide

The roulette It is a very ancient game that for over 3 centuries has involved generations of players with its charm and with its elegance. In fact, it is absolutely not a casino that is defined by everyone as the "queen of the casino". Introduced for the first time in the 17th century France following an experiment conducted by the mathematician and philosopher Pascal to explain the theory of perpetual motion, he soon became very famous in the game halls where he used to gather the French aristocratic class. The game, soon, was also made known in the "New World", where an interesting variant was introduced: double zero. Thus was born the American roulette. In the 1900s, this game continued to be practiced in all the main European game halls and in Las Vegas, the capital of gambling. In the last decade, thanks to the advent of the Internet and the consolidation of the use of IT tools, the first game platforms that operate essentially on the network were introduced. Thus, online gambling was born. In our time, millions users are, all over the world, every day, they interact within one of the many online casinos. In this guide, we will try to highlight the stages that have allowed the online roulette to evolve in the context of American legal casinos.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the roulette

Introduced for the first time in French casinos, roulette, and also the Roulette free, (term that translated into American assumes the meaning of "small wheel"), is one of the oldest casino games. It would seem that, having led to the ideation of the roulette, it was the "fusion" of several elements belonging to existing games. On the one hand, two pastimes of English origin (roly-power and ace of hearts), both based on the presence of a wheel; on the other, some table games spread in USA. One of the first documents to mention the roulette is the novel "La Roulette, on Le Jour", from 1796. Inside the book the detailed description of a game appears and, from the latter, it emerges how the roulette began to become popular Already in the last years of the eighteenth century. In reality, previous documents would also exist. It dates back to 1758, for example, the publication of a regulation that indicated the practice of some games as illegal, including dice and roulette. This would suppose the existence of the roulette already in the early decades of the eighteenth century. What distinguishes the "modern" version from the previous ones? The role that, gradually, the zero went to take over time. In 1842, the roulette were the object, in France, of a real revolution: the insertion of the "0" in the wheel. Hence what, subsequently, was called "margin of the house". Roulette's landing in the United States has led to further changes, such as the addition of the "00", capable of ensuring an even greater advantage to the counter.

After this rapid examination on the birth of one of the most loved pastimes by bettors, we want to remember how the roulette present 3 main versions (French, English and American), to which many variants have been joined. To differentiate the French roulette (in all probability the most widespread in the world) from the English version are two elements: the lack of "double 0" and the presence of the so -called "the surrender" and "en prison". In turn, American roulette is characterized by the use of particular chips; Each value assumed by the chips corresponds to a different color. In the French roulette, however, while changing the values, the colors are not subject to modification. Also the French, like the European version, sees the presence of a disc formed by 37 spaces, occupied by numbers from 1 to 36, and zero. These numbers (alternate with black and red numbers) are randomly distributed. To make the roulette table complete is the schedule of the episodes, on which the numbers (including zero) distributed in 3 columns are shown, each consisting of 12 numbers.

Instructions to play roulette

Simplicity is the main aspect of the Roulette game. The ball, in jargon called "boule", is released by the Croupier inside the wheel, starting its race starting from the edge. Once several laps has been completed, the boule is inevitably destined to fall into one of the wheel boxes, marked with a number and a color. It will be at that moment that the winner will be decreed. Registration in an online casino Is it necessary to be able to play roulette? The answer is "depends". If your goal is essentially to have fun, you could give up registering by exploiting the free version available in different virtual rooms. In doing so, you will not even be taken to open a gaming account and, therefore, to make any payment. The money you will use for the episodes will be virtual. Keep in mind, however, that any winnings accrued during the games will not be paid. If it is your intention to invest real money, however, registration is fundamental. The registration will follow the sending of an identity document (also in digital format) and a first deposit on the gaming account. It will be the money paid to allow you to buy the Fiches, a tool that will allow you to make the games. You can choose to focus on a single wheel number, on one of the two colors or on a range of numbers. The next step will consist in clicking on the clicking deputy to run the wheel. You will win in the event that the Biglia should arrest its race in correspondence with your episode. By examining the rules of the game deeper, it is appropriate to indicate how the latter provides for 11 types of episode.

In addition to the aforementioned "single number" you can choose between "couple of numbers", "Cinquina", "Sestina", and so on. When the episodes take place on 12 lines, and on the 3 internal columns of numbers, we speak of "internal" games. These games see the player focus on a series of numbers placed in a position adjacent to the scoreboard (even if this condition should not be repeated on the wheel). Among others, the "full number", the triplet, the quatrain, the "five numbers" and the sestine are part of this group. The "external", as is evident from their name, form on the external boxes of the table; In this area the most frequent are "column", "dozen", "red and black", "equal or odd" and "high numbers" (or low). Focusing on the "red-black" means betting on a black number, or on a red one, while choosing "equal-institutes" will see you focus on an equal number, or an odd one. "Alti-Bassi", for its part, leads the player to make the episode on a number between 1 and 18 or, alternatively, on a number between 19 and 36. A "curious" play is the one known as "horse"It consists in betting on two adjacent numbers of the scoreboard, positioned one on the side of the other (or above and below). Even if you have no great experience with roulette, do not forget that the random component is very high and, therefore, you will be assigned the same chances of winning users accustomed to dedicating free time to gamble.

Roulette e casino online

Inside the terrestrial rooms the roulette are managed directly by a Croupier, which is responsible for managing bets and launching the ball. Just the Croupier, even if unknowingly, ends up having a decisive influence on the outcome of the game. In virtual platforms to manage launches is a random numerical generator (RNG), i.e. an algorithm that fully respects the rules dictated in USA by the monopolies. This algorithm ensures users on the fact that the results are completely random; In addition, this system is able to reject any hacking attempt. The RNG does not constitute the only strength of online casinos. Another advantage of playing the Roulette on the net is the possibility of enjoying a very high RTP. The acronym for "Return To Player" (in American "Back to the player") indicates, in a percentage form, the part of the bet of a roulette (and of any other gambling) destined to be paid to users in a certain period of time. A higher percentage correspond to more winning possibilities. Each roulette has a different RTP, but this pastime has precisely in the particularly high return (higher than 90%) one of the characterizing elements. Since its first appearances inside the online casino, the roulette have enjoyed the affection of the public, managing to rival with absolute "must" such as Slot machine and Blackjack. However, still today some new members prefer to allocate the first bets to other pastimes, considered less risky.

From here the idea was born from the earth's halls to propose this game free of charge. With the passage of time it took place at the introduction of the roulette in "live" mode. In this case, once you have "sitting" at a virtual table to serve you will be a professional dealer, taken in real time by a series of cameras. The images obtained will be transmitted to user webcams. During the games you will also have the opportunity to "dialogue" with the dealer itself. To make the online versions to those present in terrestrial rooms even more similar is the fact that the dealer is destined to vary a certain period of time. This figure is also awarded the task of announcing users the "hot" and "cold" numbers, that is, respectively, the numbers that came out more frequently in a certain period of time and those released more rarely. The platforms born recently allow participants to choose the dealer from a list.

Playing roulette in online casinos from mobile devices

Smartphones and tablets are now essential tools of your working days? Take advantage, as well as to make calls, send messages and surf the net, to bet every time you want it. The number of platforms that have decided to "open" to this new way of using gambling is constantly increasing. On the other hand, there are not few users who find extremely comfortable having fun without being forced to sit in front of the PC. And the extremely positive feedback they enjoy i mobile devices He led the halls to invest increasingly important amounts in this area. This, in turn, has favored the development of increasingly advanced technologies. Today there are two ways to take advantage of online roulette. The first consists in connecting, directly from the mobile device, to the casino where you chose to register by entering, subsequently, in the section dedicated to this mode. This is the ISTANT Play, which will allow you to play from the web browser by entrusting yourself solely to an active flash plugin. The second provides for the download of one of the casino apps on mobile, widely spread on the market and available in the official stores. Opt for mobile roulette means enjoying the quality normally recognized to classic online casinos. Despite being in the presence of a small screen, the visual impact and fluidity of the roulette will be surprising to you. The most recent titles are ready to amaze you with the graphic effects, and with an audio accompaniment that has nothing to envy to many soundtracks.

Tips to play at best with roulette

We begin this last paragraph dedicated to roulette, also those available in American without deposit sites, indicating how strategies do not exist that it is possible to define infallible. However, some suggestions may help you bet with greater awareness. For example, if the lack of sufficient experience suggests to invest in simple episodes (such as, for example, the peer or odd), carefully evaluates the succession of the latest numbers subject to extraction. Without prejudice to what has been written so far, probably the best strategy consists in reading carefully the regulations present in the different virtual platforms. In this way, you will be able to quickly get in confidence with the game. In addition, at least at the beginning a valid advice is to try to maximize fun, without getting obsessed with the idea of having to win at any cost.