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Here are the general characteristics of Snai Bingo

Bingo's game does not require presentations. Few simple and clear rules that recall those of the bingo, the adrenaline that rises while waiting for the extraction of numbers and the possibility of winning through different combinations: here are the three factors that explain the success of a game that recalls a large number of enthusiasts and who led the casino online to insert the bingo in his schedules. With this review, we at Casinoonlineams.com We present the distinctive features of Snai Bingo, the online bingo available on the Snai.it website. Snai has been operating on the game market since 1990, he made the history of sports betting at national level and, as a true pioneer, he landed on the web already in 2008. In the continuation of our report we will present you the virtual game rooms, the tournaments and the bonuses Available on Snai Bingo. We will talk to you in detail of the methods provided to proceed with the deposits and samples. And, certainly not the ultimate aspect, there will be an in -depth analysis of the Snai app and its ability to give a valid game experience from mobile devices. We can immediately anticipate that Snai Bingo is one of the most complete and stimulating platforms with which we interfaced: the merit is to be ascribed to the presence of six constantly active rooms, with compelling graphic functionality and with rich jackpot. Noteworthy is also the use by Snai Bingo of Virtue Fusion, a very solid guarantee of safety, as well as fluidity of the game.

If you want to start playing online in Snai Bingo, remember to subscribe to the portal, entering your personal data and awaiting the confirmation e-mail of the registration. Before entering the Snai Bingo area, the system will ask you to type your nickname: we invite you to choose your alias carefully, since - a selected time - the nickname is no longer modifiable. At this point, you can start playing: select, among the six available, the room you prefer and proceed with the purchase of the folders. It will amaze you the low price of the folders, within reach even budgets to the bone. The game begins when the timer, positioned at the top of the screen, reaches zero: only at that point does the extraction of the numbers start. In summary of the rules of the game, each folder has 15 numbers distributed in 27 boxes. During the draws, the numbers on your folder are marked. You will make five if five extracted numbers are aligned on the same line, while to make bingo all 15 numbers in the folder must be the subject of extraction. Instead, you will remain dry in the event of both, terno or quaterna.

Discovering the rooms and tournaments available on Snai Bingo

Among the strengths of Snai Bingo includes, in our opinion, the consistent number of virtual rooms to which you can access. We tested all the rooms available on Snai Bingo and each time the experience proved to be positive and free of hitches. The rooms made available are six: the rooms are distinguished by the opening and closing times, for the duration of the matches, for the cost of the individual folders (and, therefore, for the relative prize pools), for the maximum number of folders Purchable, for the necessary combinations in order to obtain the prize and for the distribution percentages. The promotions also differentiate to differentiate a room: each Snai Bingo room boasts a dedicated promotion and these promotions are subject to continuous updates. In the face of this very varied proposal, Snai Bingo offers you the opportunity to choose the room most in line with your budget and time needs: if you are a neophyte, we suggest you invest in a penny folders. If you love suspense, we advise you to access a room that makes use of more substantial jackpots. Open from 7:00 to 5:00 on the following day, the Music Hall room has musical themes to act as a background and involves the assignment of a silver jackpot which can be obtained within the forty extraction. Operating from 13:00 to 19:00, the Bhotel Room is giving away one of the most delicious Jackpot: it is a diamond jackpot, also assigned within the forty call. Accessible from 07:00 to 14:00, the Paris Café Sala has the Jackpot Café worth a thousand $, assigned within call number 38. In activities from 07:00 to 13:00 and from 19:00 to 03:00 , the Andromeda room includes among its distinctive features a silver jackpot paid within the forty -fourth call and awards awarded in Cinquina and Bingo. Open from 14:00 to 02:00, the Cassiopea room of Snai Bingo is giving away a special jackpot guaranteed during the games that start between 21:00 and 23:00. Finally, the Pegaso room is accessible from 11:00 to 03:00 and offers the Scrigno Jackpot to be centering within call number 46 and which rewards with 150 $.

Here are the bonuses available on Snai Bingo

The bonuses available on Snai Bingo did not betray our expectations. First of all, we point out the welcome bonus: for new members, the assignment of 25% of the amount relating to the first deposit made on the account is provided, upon registration for the site. The recognized maximum bonus is equal to 100 $ and the crediting takes place within five days. We remind you that Snai Bingo offers many other promotions that make the gaming experience more satisfying and engaging. Once recorded on Snai Bingo, you will automatically accumulate the "bingopoints", points intended to become real bonuses to achieve a pre -established threshold. The more bingopoints accumulates, the higher the VIP level assigned (in increasing order, the levels are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and koh-i-noor club) and in the VIP Shop you can convert the accumulated bings by purchasing folders. Snai Bingo also includes two types of jackpot. In the case of a progressive fixed extraction jackpot, the prize is awarded to those who, within a number of pre -established draws, manage to satisfy the conditions of the bingo. In the case of a progressive jackpot of incremental extraction, the amount at stake is destined to grow progressively: if in a game no one manages to win the prize, the latter is offered for the next match. Snai Bingo also allows access to mini-games (the so-called chat games) organized by moderators with the possibility for players to accumulate bonuses or money. Among the Games that we have appreciated most we point out "Whoever makes mistakes wins!" Active every day from 16:00 to 17:00 and "Anagrams" scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays from 17:00 to 18:00. The first mini-game consists in providing the wrong response between two possible solutions, while the second chat game is committed to reconstructing a word of meaning made from a series of mixed letters.

Deposits and withdrawals on Snai Bingo: everything you need to know

Making deposits and proceeding with samples on Snai Bingo is very simple and fast. As for the deposits, once the game account is activated, just click on "Reload" and choose one of the available payment methods. All credit cards and prepaid cards of the Visa, Mastercard and Master circuits are accepted: top -ups cannot have a value of less than 15 $ and cannot exceed 500 $. For deposits you can also use Postepay, Skrill, Sna Card and Snaipay. To these modalities are added Paypal and Mobil Mat. Money can also be transferred by bank transfer and postal order. Moving on to SNAI Bingo samples, remember that only the sums deriving from winnings or refunds can be taken, while the accrued bonuses can only be invested in future bets. You will have to access the "Your account" section and select the "withdrawal" item from the left menu. The Postepay card and the other credit cards, the vouchers, Paypal, Skrill, the bank transfer and the domiciled postal transfer concretize the options available. If you intend to request a voucher, you have to access "your account" and click first on "withdrawals" and then on "voucher". Enter the amount you intend to withdraw and press "Send". From the menu that appears to the left, select "Other operations-prize approved" to verify that the request has actually been authorized. Before you go to a Snai point equipped with an identity document for the withdrawal, you have three options to view the voucher: you can receive the identification data of the voucher via SMS or the coupon will be delivered to you by electric mail or you will have to print a file. We have never encountered problems in the filing and withdrawal phase: if the hitches are presented, you can still rely on the Snai Bingo customer service. If you need a support for any question inherent in the game, assistance can be requested through different channels: the chat, the toll -free number 800 050 140 operating every day from 08:00 to 24:00 and the e -mail by filling out the form in the "Contacts" page.

Snai Bingo's app to play where and when you want

Launched in 2013 and available in free download, the Snai Bingo app for mobile devices proves quickly, simple to use and graphically fluid. If you want to play Bingo from smartphone or tablet, the app offers you the same guarantees that are worth the bingo on the portal and gives you a game experience dedicated to flexibility. Able to work perfectly on all the major applications on the market (the reference is to iOS and Android devices), this practical app allows you with some taps to access the game account, to select the virtual room you intend to play, to buy the folders and to kick off the play. The app is safe: you can make payments and take from the game account without fear of data thefts and you will have the opportunity to play by comparing yourself with a truly intuitive graphic interface. In light of the considerations just carried out, we believe that, in terms of navigability and reactivity, this app manages to fully respond to your game needs. If you intend to play through smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads or other devices, Snai Bingo recognizes you a further bonus that adds the welcome bonus that we have already told you about. By playing from mobile, you are responsible for 2 $ additional: you will have to register, download the app and play 1 euro to see you recognized the bonus in the following three days. As for payments and withdrawals, the same methods as the desk are valid for the app.

Final considerations on Snai Bingo

As you have sensed from what has been said so far, our gaming experience on Snai Bingo has been more than positive. We at playgambling.org We believe to promote the platform with full votes: there are multiple factors that lead us to express this positive judgment and that push us to suggest you trying luck on Snai Bingo. Among the flagships of Snai Bingo we cannot fail to mention the welcome bonus and chat game. The welcome bonus is double: the first bonus is obtained with the first payment and is a 25%premium, while the second bonus is dedicated to those who access Snai Bingo from a mobile device. The chat game are a pleasant diversion when you want to take a pause from the actual bingo: try their hand at the quiz is fun and there is also the possibility of winning bonuses. The added value of the platform is represented by the gaming experience that manages to give to any type of player, from the neophyte to the longtime player. To surprise you will be the graphic interface adopted with its visual pleasantness and with the large customization possibilities it offers. At your disposal you will find over one hundred skin thanks to which you can create a game environment in tune with your tastes. We appreciated the presence of six game rooms with very large opening hours and fully regarding jackpot given the high amount.

The low cost linked to the purchase of folders together with the considerable prizes assigned to the winning combinations are not negligible aspects: even those who have a very limited budget to be allocated to the game can challenge certain fate to invest small figures. The software used is a guarantee of reliability: the inclusion of Snai Bingo within the circuit developed by Virtue Fusion makes it safe (as well as a source of fun) the player's stay in the virtual halls. Lastly, we always mention the numerous promotions present, the long experience gained in USA by Snai and the quality of the assistance service. Why do we advise you to enter the Snai Bingo platform? Because it is able to meet the needs of a very varied audience of players who can, among other things, count on an excellent mobile version, on a great variety of gambling rooms that offer high jackpot, on different payment options and on immediate and free payments.

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