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Eurobet Bingo: discovering a pleasant and safe platform

If you love the game of the Bingo and if you are looking for a platform that ensures you a scarce online gaming experience, for us at Casinoonlineams.com Eurobet Bingo deserves a report in consideration of the fact that on the site the Bingo reaches levels of excellence. After introducing you to the general characteristics of Eurobet Bingo, we will go into detail by examining the virtual rooms, tournaments and bonuses available. We will explain how to deposit and withdraw and there will be a short report of our gaming experience on Eurobet Bingo from mobile device. Before doing all this and getting to the heart of our review, it is good to spend a few words on Eurobet and its history in the world of online game. Eurobet was born in 1999 and quickly took place in the panorama of international online gaming. In 2007 the Bingo arrives: it is undeniable that Eurobet finds one of its flagships in the game of Bingo. We therefore believe that the lovers of the game can identify in Eurobet Bingo a point of reference: that you are approaching the Bingo or that you are a longtime player, you will find a platform in which virtual rooms are well organized and in which The presence of the chat will allow you to interact with the other players as if you are in a real terrestrial bingo room. Registration for Eurobet Bingo is not subject to particular formalities: simply enter personal data and type the access data. At this point, you will simply have to click on "Register" and "Refill your account and play immediately". At the end of this review you will know our judgment on Eurobet Bingo: we anticipate that it is a more than positive opinion. And we tell you as of now that Eurobet Bingo has convinced us from several visual corners. We appreciated the prices of the decidedly accessible folders, the incentives starting from the welcome bonus, the reliability of the payment systems, the presence of always new and often very advantageous promotions, the possibility to choose between six game rooms and the value jackpots high and divided into categories. The competence and punctuality of customer service, reachable by telephone, via chat or by e -mail is also worth reported.

Here are the game rooms and the tournaments available on Eurobet Bingo

The virtual rooms that Eurobet Bingo dedicates to the game are six: the rooms are distinguished as well as for the captivating names that lead, for the opening and closing times, for the price of the folders (these are always low and affordable prices), For the progressive jackpots put up and, more generally, for the regulation that applies in every single Bingo Room. Open 24 hours a day, the Rubino room is giving away the fixed jackpot and the Jackpot One which at the end of each hour assigns 400 $. The amount of its prize pool corresponds to 70% of the amount spent overall from the players for the purchase of the folders. The latter have a cost between 10 and 50 cents and each individual player can be purchased up to 180 folders. The room recognizes a Gold Jackpot (awarded within 41 extracted numbers), a silver jackpot within 45 numbers and a bronze jackpot within the forty -first extracted number. Activate from 10:00 to 02:00, the Diamante room offers folders at a fixed price of 40 cents, start the games every six minutes and sets the maximum number of folders that can be purchased per game in 90. If you do bingo, you are up to 50% of the prize pool. The cinquina is paid, however, with the 10%share. This room also assigns a Goldpot Gold (within extraction number 41), a silver jackpot (within extraction number 44) and a bronze jackpot (within call number 51). Operating all day, Sala Italia is giving away the Jackpot One of 200 $ and allocates 48% of the collection alloca. In activity from 12:00 to 03:00, the Sala Zaffiro offers a classic version of the bingo and guarantees a fixed jackpot and a bingo corresponding to 50% of the prize pool. With a 5 cents folder you can participate in two extractions per hour, while if you want to win the jackpot gift the folders cost 10 cents. Accessible from 10:03 to 00:00, the Andromeda room includes a series of fixed jackpot and a 40 euro jackpot one every half hour. The Gold Jackpot is collected within 41st extraction; the Jackpot Silver by 45th; The bronze jackpot within 49 extracted numbers. Open from 11:00 to 01:00, the Day Sala offers a Super Jackpot Gold every 60 minutes, while the Super Jackpot One equal to 200 $ is paid within the 47th call. The price of the folders is between 25 cents and 1 euro. The room offers the Gold Jackpot within 40 extracted numbers and the Silver Jackpot within 25 draws. To bring home the bronze jackpot you have to make bingo within 44 extracted numbers.

Discovering the bonuses available on Eurobet Bingo

Eurobet Bingo is a generous bonus platform. Particular attention is paid to new members, but there is no shortage of gratifications for long -term players. The welcome bonus consists of a 25% reimbursement of the amount spent for the purchase of folders up to a maximum amount of 20 $. This bonus applies to the folders purchased by 23:59 on the day on which the registration was carried out and cannot be immediately taken, having to be reinvested in one of the game rooms. For the credit of the bonus by Eurobet Bingo, consider a maximum time of 72 hours. All users of Eurobet Bingo then have the possibility of winning 1 or 2 euro bonuses playing in chat with moderators: to see the bonus assigned is the active player in chat that manages first to provide the exact response. Consider that every month Eurobet Bingo is giving away over 6,000 $ to encourage you to chat and try to win. The so -called chat games allow users to participate in curious and fun games and to be rewarded for the readiness in the answer. Among the quizzes that involved us most and that allowed us to win the bonuses, we point out the Bingo Chef who assigns 1 euro of bonuses if you correctly answer questions about the world of cuisine and the bingoal appreciated by those who are ferrata in football. The platform also assigns bonuses on occasions of particular parties (such as Halloween) and there is no shortage of bonuses that are renewed according to the period of the year. To note is, then, the weekly loyalty bonus, connected to the promotion "7 Days Bonus": every week it is possible to receive a bonus to be used in the Vegas/Luxor and Casino rooms.

Everything you need to know about deposits and withdrawals on Eurobet Bingo

Eurobet Bingo provides a wide selection of payment systems. It is a point in favor of the platform that intends to offer players traditional payment methods and more innovative options, so that everyone can choose the most comfortable and welcome solution. For payment and withdrawal operations, the available tools are reliable as they are based on safe protocols. Once the registration is made, you can immediately make payments on your game account. To proceed with the withdrawals, the essential condition is sending, by means of e -mail, of the identity document. For deposits, you can use credit cards belonging to the Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard circuits, counting on the instantaneous accreditation of the amount deposited. Paypal, Neteller, Skrill and Paysafe Card allow you to make deposits without paying commissions and with the crediting of the sum in real time. The game account can be recharged via the Eurobet card for sale at the American official branches of Eurobet or through the onshop vouchers that can be purchased at the LIS centers and with the aggravation of a commission equal to 1% of the amount deposited. The payments can also be made by postal bulletin or by bank transfer, indicating the game account number in the latter case. By opting for the bank transfer or for the bulletin, the credit is not immediate: you will have to wait 2 or 3 working days in the event of a bank transfer and from 3 to 7 days for the bulletin. The minimum amount foreseen for the deposit is 10 $, except for Eurobet recharging and postal bulletin (5 $) and for the onshop voucher (which has cuts from 25 to 300 $). Turning to withdrawals (for which there are no commissions), to collect the winnings you will have to click on "account management". Eurobet Bingo gives you the opportunity to pick up with the Visa, Postepay, Mastercard and Maestro Credit cards, as well as by Neteller, Skrill and Paypal. Among the accredited withdrawal methods there are also the bank transfer and Poste Americane service with a saw -seeing check or with a domiciled transfer.

Eurobet Bingo and mobile devices

If you want to play Bingo from a mobile device, Eurobet Bingo meets the needs of the players who want to take advantage of a few minutes free to challenge the fate while not having a personal computer available. By connecting through browser and regardless of the operating system of your device, you will find yourself in the blink of an eye to play in a room optimized for the mobile game and you will enjoy the same quality of game that can be used with the PC. The responsive technology of the Eurobet Bingo portal allows the mobile version to perfectly adapt to the small screens of smartphones and tablets. Your mobile gaming experience will prove to be particularly pleasant, also in consideration of the fact that the graphic interface provides for buttons optimized for use as a touch screen display: we have noticed and appreciated the extreme ease and precision with which we managed to perform operations to play online (including deposits and withdrawals from the gaming account). To play on the move, in addition to connecting via browser, you have the opportunity to download the dedicated app available for Google Android operating systems, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows Mobile. With this app not only access your favorite game quickly, but you can also activate notifications. In light of what has been said and our experience, our advice is to download the app to find out how satisfying it is to play the Bingo directly from smartphones and tablets. Ultimately, we recognize the merit of having invested resources at Eurobet to implement their systems with the aim of offering the players of the best and most exciting mobile gaming experiences.

Our experience on Eurobet Bingo: here is our judgment

What is our judgment on Eurobet Bingo? We at playgambling.org We interfaced with a very valid platform that we feel to recommend not only to lovers of online bingo, but also to those who want to discover this game: all users will have the opportunity to experience the same livable emotions in A terrestrial bingo room and in addition will experience the convenience of being able to play online everywhere and at times more in line with their personal or professional needs. We acknowledge the platform to have intended for time and means to make the rooms bingo pleasant and engaging environments: the graphic choices are noteworthy and the site is continuously renewed and full of surprises, without being affected by safety. Indeed, security is one of the flagships of the platform: thanks to the SSL mode, personal data and transactions always enjoy maximum security. Returning to virtual rooms, for us there is no doubt that they represent one of the major strengths of the portal: the rooms are well organized, they provide players with clear and intuitive indications and manage to put the most diverse types of players at ease. Our judgment on the chat is very positive: the possibility of knowing and interacting with the other players gives added value at the playful moment. We point out that the Eurobet Bingo community is always populated and especially in the evening and winter hours you will find many players eager to deal. Another point in favor of Eurobet Bingo is represented by incentives and promotions, starting from the welcome bonus up to chat games that make 6,000 $ available every month in the form of a bonus. In addition to offering bonus prizes, these mini-games are well animated by moderators and ensure a lot of fun. In our opinion, the portal stands out for the management of the always valued jackpots, so much so that in the upper part of the screen you find the best jackpot in real time in real time in real time. We promote both the assistance service that followed us with competence and concern, and the game experience from mobile devices thanks to a well -made application. And, certainly not the ultimate aspect, with the same account used to play the bingo, you can access all the casino games that stands out for a particularly varied offer of card games, slot machines and videopoker.

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