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Bonus: $ 20 on 100%
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General features of Betflag Bingo

Betflag is the platform on which you can find various types of entertainment concerning horses, sports, exchange, virtual, slot, casino, live casino, games, poker, cards, bingo and lotteries. In this review we at Casinoonlineams.com we want to make you know Betflag Bingo, a game that has passionate and continues to passionate about all ages. But first we would like to spend two words to retrace the exciting story of this brand that obtained the AAMS license n. 15007 in 2012 and is based in Balvano (PZ). The founder group was the first to offer the possibility of betting, in electronic mode, back in 2004 and then expanded the proposals becoming a platform in which there is a wide range of pastimes. Since the beginning of his journey, the game home has distinguished itself for proprietary technologies and for having assumed a leading role in all sectors but above all in sports betting. Betflag, in 2014, added to its offer the possibility of the Betting Exchange and today is among the game halls with multiple users, it is therefore a bookmaker who knows the fact of him and has been able to meet the needs of the players. In the next paragraphs we will describe how the Bingo rooms are organized, what the bonuses are and which jackpot you can aspire but also in what ways you can take and recharge. We also dedicated a paragraph on the possibility of playing even outside the home, far from your PC: with the mobile device you can access the game account and aim for real or virtual money.

But let's go in order and start with an overview that concerns the rooms. By entering the Betflag Bingo section you can select one of the rooms between USA 30, Diamante 90, Ruby 90 and sapphire 75: the cost of folders and the jackpot associated with the winnings are clearly indicated. There is also the number of players present and this is a further element that allows you to select the room according to your game strategies. Each online room also has a special section in which the prizes are shown at stake: by clicking you can know the amount of the bingo and the other winnings. Finally, a timer tells you how much you have to wait why the game starts. Moving on to the description of the actual game we must say that the online bingo has some differences compared to the terrestrial one, in fact with the virtual game it is the system that highlights the numbers extracted in succession and therefore you don't have to worry about by remarking them and you can relax without fear to lose some number. As for the folders, you know that each has symbols or random numbers and there are no equal folders in the same game. The win, however, depends on how many folders have been sold, on their unitary cost and the rate of the prize pool. If you find yourself in the situation to win together with other players, remember that the Betflag Bingo prize will be distributed among the winners based on the amount of winning folders held. For progressive jackpots you have to know, however, that they are numerous and that will be assigned to you after you have made Bingo within a established number of draws.

Rooms and tournaments available on Betflag Bingo

Betflag Bingo has 4 virtual rooms that differ in some characteristics. With Sala Italia you will have 30 numbers that are actually symbols, in fact each number corresponds to a city: to make some examples: 1 Agrigento, 2 Aosta and so on, up to 29 Venice and 30 Verona. In this Betflag Bingo room you can buy from 1 to 2000 folders. You can win the Jackpot One starting from the tenth call. As regards the percentages reserved for prizes, they are foreseen between 15% and 80% for the bingo; Between 0% and 80% for the binghetto, between 0% and 35% for two lines and between 0% and 35% for the single line. The provision for the Jackpot One is between 0% and 30%. The diamond room is at 90 balls and you can buy between 1 and 2000 folders depending on the schedule, the costs start from 0.01 $ and reach 10 $ per folder. The jackpots are divided into Gold (Bingo within the forty call), Silver (Bingo within the forty -fourth call) and bronze (Bingo within the forty -seven call). The collection percentages referring to the prizes provide both triad, quaterna and cinquina between 0% and 35%; Two lines between 0% and 35%; Bingo between 15% and 80%, between 0% and 80%. The provision reserved for fixed jackpots is between 0% and 30% and for the Jackpot One between 0% and 30%, while the Gold, Silver and Bronze variants are paid respectively 25%, 7% and the 2% of the fixed jackpot background. Same number of balls (90) and folders that can be purchased (from 1 to 2000) for the ruby ​​room on Betflag Bingo. The characteristics of the jackpots are: Jackpot One (Bingo from the forty -two -nomine call or SUP.), Gold (Bingo within the forty -first call), Silver (Bingo within the forty -five call), bronze (bingo within forty -ninth call). The prizes are between 15% and 80% for the bingo, between 0% and 80% for the binghetto and between 0% and 35% for both, triad, quaterna, cinquina and two lines. From the sale of the folders it is set aside between 0% and 30% for fixed jackpot and for the Jackpot One. The types of Jackpot Gold, Silver and Bronze are paid respectively 20%; 8%; 2% while for the Jackpot One the amount varies, based on the schedule, between 10 $ and 1000 $.

Finally you will find the fourth virtual room, sapphire 75: also in this case you can buy from 1 to 2000 folders and each single folder costs from 0.01 $ to 10 $. At Bingo it ranges from 15% to 80% and to the binghetto from 0% to 80% while for other ordinary prizes it is considered a percentage ranging from 0% to 35% per cinquina, two lines, three lines and four lines. In this Betflag Bingo room you will find only the bronze jackpot to which a 100% provision of the bottom is reserved (bingo within the seventy -fourth call). As for the Betflag Bingo tournaments you have to view the menu placed to the left of the screen and click on the writing of the game hours: before trying real money remember that you can have fun playing with virtual money. To do this you will only have to select the word "virtual money" that is located on the salt page. Betflag Bingo also has a different type of fun, intellectually very stimulating and pleasant, which you find by accessing the chat games section. By participating in the games proposed by the moderators you can win two 1 euro bonuses, for a total of 2 $ per day, and this will only happen if you have purchased one or more folders in the hour before winning. Consider that if you are slow but correct in giving the answer, you could win the turtle bonus: it is a prize that is at the discretion of Betflag Bingo. Abbreviations, anagrams, history, mathematical calculations, grammar, cruciverba and role -playing games are some examples of the chat games that you will find. The emotions, however, do not end here, in fact the moderator could ask questions to the players who have not won any bonuses: an unmissable challenge for those who love to live adrenaline moments.

Bonus available on Betflag Bingo

Let's now analyze the characteristics of the bonuses and promotions available on Betflag Bingo. There is a 2 euro no deposit bonus, corresponding to 20 folders of 0.10 $ each: remember that 7 days after the assignment, the bonus expires. The Welcome Bonus that you receive as welcome at the time of registration is decidedly interesting: it is a 100% bonus that can reach 100 $ and provides for a minimum amount to be paid of 5 $. Here too the 7 -day deadline is expected after the assignment. When you make the payment you will have to select the Bingo code and you will be credited to you in the form of 0.10 $ folders. Among the conditions there are the sending of the identity document and the validation of the telephone number. These are just some of the promotions that Betflag Bingo has thought for his players, in fact you have the opportunity to have a reimbursement of 18%, of the played in the month on the purchase of folders. To make some examples you will have 2% of reimbursement on the played for amounts that reach 50 $ but this percentage becomes 18% for amounts that exceed 30,000 $. The validity of this bonus is monthly and it is necessary to play with an accounting balance. The amount generated is indicated in the personal area, in the "My bonuses" section, and you can collect by clicking on the item: "Accident immediately". Betflag Bingo shows that he also wants to satisfy fans who have not made Bingo, in fact if you are the first to fill the folder after he is a competitor he has made the Bingo, receive a prize. Depending on the rooms you will find different prizes: you can get discounts of 50% on the price and if you do both you will be rewarded in the "all both" games. By participating, you can also take advantage of the advantageous offer that puts the bronze jackpot up for grabs every 5 draws or choose the room where the double five is active. Some prize draws are scheduled in specific time slots that you find in the details of the promotions. However, it is necessary to remember that Betflag Bingo's promotions can be used by a single tax code and in case of irregularities the incentive is not paid.

Deposit and withdrawals on Betflag Bingo

Facilitating the players is one of the objectives of this bookmaker which has identified different types of withdrawal and payment in order to satisfy any need. The recharge options provided are numerous, the platform in fact supports 7 different methods with which you can make your charging.

You will certainly have noticed that the Betflag charging is also present, you must know that this is activated by inserting the code on the receipt that you purchase in the stores of the Euronet circuit: the figure will be immediately available on your gaming account. The payments you make are protected by 3D secure service thanks to which the card is associated with a secret code required to authenticate the payment when you make your purchase. The insertion of the secret code serves to confirm your ownership. This means that even in the event that the number of your card is known to someone, these will not be able to make any purchase in the absence of the code. Finally, as regards the withdrawals, remember that with Betflag Bingo you can only withdraw the money won and in no case the one paid because the recharge is only used to make the play. The methods you can use are:

As well as for deposits also for Betflag Bingo samples guarantees maximum safety. By accessing the "withdrawal" section, opt for the mode you prefer between credit card or prepaid Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard: you can only take a deposit with the same method in the previous 11 months. For the electronic bag, choose Skrill, Neteller and Paypal but remember that, also in this case, you can only withdraw if you have already filed in this mode. Furthermore, being the holder of the gaming account, the electronic bag must also be registered to you. If you opt for the bank transfer, the credit times depend on the reference bank while for the transfer domiciled at the counter you will have to go to the post office after about 4 days from the evasion. In conclusion, the time needed to have the crediting is immediate whatever the method of withdrawal chosen except for the bank transfer for which a few days are needed. Finally, remember that the immediate withdrawal that Betflag Bingo puts at your disposal is a function that you can use with the Visa credit cards, Visa Electron and Mastercard and with electronic bags but to do so there are some conditions that must be observed:

Finally, remember that with Betflag Bingo you can submit a withdrawal application at a time and if you change your mind and want a higher amount than the required one you have to turn the levy and repeat the application by writing a greater amount.

Betflag Bingo and mobile devices

If you decide to play on the move, know that the quality of the game is the same that you access Betflag Bingo through the desktop or that you use the mobile version. To have fun when you are far from your PC you will simply have to enter the platform through Betflag.it and you will appear the menu with the rules, the Bingo rooms and the Chat Games. Just like on the PC, you will have the opportunity to choose to play real or virtual money and you will have the same promotions and the same bonuses you can access from the desktop. As for the apps, they are currently available for Android (bets, poker, lotteries, horse races and cards) and for iOS (bets, lotteries, horse racing, exchange, cards, 7 and a half).

Final considerations on Betflag Bingo

A game portal so articulated and at the same time as clear as a structure can only receive the applause of those who access it. In order to have all the information necessary for the game, it is sufficient, in fact, click the Bingo section and consult the vertical menu on the left, which includes the rules, rooms, chat games and game hours. By accessing these subsections of Batflag Bingo you can know all the details and play aware of the peculiarities of the rooms and characteristics of ordinary prizes and jackpots. The rules of the game are also explained in detail and the possibility that the prizes can be divided, according to multiple players, upon occurrence of certain conditions. The sector dedicated to safety is also excellent while, as regards the actual fun, the presence of 4 rooms manages to satisfy any game need. Being able to play on the move is also an added value that gives satisfaction to all those enthusiasts who carve out a moment of play even during the working day: the playability is always excellent. Equally remarkable is the fact that you can customer support through the telephone service: however, remember that it is available from 09:00 to 21:00. Finally, Batflag Bingo's bonuses and promotions are other elements of great interest that have been able to conquer an increasingly large audience, thanks to their attraction capacity.

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