Pai Gow Poker - Information and rules for playing

The Pai Gow Poker is a card game that protagonists a deck formed by 53 cards (52 + 1 joker). The cards are assigned their nominal value, while the Jolly cannot assume any other value than the one normally assigned to the axes. Jolly himself can only be used to complete a scale, a color or a color scale. The Pai Gow Poker represents one of the numerous variations of poker but, compared to many others, presents simpler rules. One of the strengths of the Pai Gow Poker is the fact that, to achieve a win, it will be enough for you to be able to beat a single opponent. It is in recent years that this gambling has started to find the well -deserved public success; It is no mystery that its online version has increased its popularity, proposed by numerous virtual messages. They are not part of the users who have chosen to insert the PAI GOW POKE only the enthusiasts of pokernull Even if you do not know the rules of the latter game, in fact, you will not have particular problems in having fun.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

Play responsibly

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General characteristics of the PAI GOW POKER

On the other hand, the elements in common with poker are limited to the formation of the hands and the method of counting points. If the spread of the PAI GOW POKER is recent in the Casino sites without the need for deposit to play, its origins are decidedly remote. Like other famous pastimes, this game was born in China several centuries ago. Initially, the domino cards were used instead of the cards, which were joined by traditional 6 -faced dice. Translated by the Chinese language, the name "Pai Gow Poker" means "Making nine" (the most widespread is the English translation "to make nine"). Referring to the official history of the game, there were several references to Chinese military life. The cards, for example, assumed the value of soldiers and civilians to conquer a territory. From China, through immigration, the Pai Gow Poker came to the United States. For the most attractive game, the version presented to the American people has taken on decidedly different characteristics from the original ones. These changes have had a positive impact on popularity as a mass game. The most evident change was the renunciation of the domino tiles, replaced by French cards. The place of the nut, on the other hand, was assumed by the Joker. Finally, no more references to the world of the military, but pure gambling. In the 1980s the Pai Gow Poker lived its moment of maximum development, inextricably linked to the figures of Sam Torosian and Fred Wolf. The two of the game of the game, the two, managers of the American commercial casino, had already shown the title of fathers, in previous years they had already shown great ability on the subject by proposing innovative variants of the gambling; they also centered this time. Also thanks to them the Pai Gow Poker has now entered the circle of traditional pastimes proposed by the mess, whether they are terrestrial or virtual.

Instructions to play with the Pai Gow Poker

As already mentioned, there are not many rules and possible bets del Pai Go poker. The most important is represented by the fact that the maximum point of the "high hand" must always be higher than that of the "low hand". The games begin with the distribution of 7 cards to the player. Once these cards are obtained, the hand is divided into two distinct hands; The first will see 5 cards at work, the second 2. You will have to be able to achieve, with both hands, a value that proves higher than that obtained by the dealer (also equipped with cards). If you are enough to beat the Mazziere, the game is destined to end in a "push". This means that it will not be possible to establish a winner. If, on the other hand, the two hands will bring your cards to take on a value equal to that of the cards of the Mazziere, although coming to configure a draw to win it will be the Mazziere himself.

As you have intuited, it is precisely the most delicate hand distribution phase, like that of the calculation of the scores. In increasing order of value, couples are first rewarded, but only those obtained from cards of value equal to or higher than the jack. In addition to the jack pair, the winnings will come from the couples of queens, kings and axes. Going up in the prizes hierarchy we find double torque (made up of 2 couples having the same value), trio (3 cards that share the value), scale (5 consecutive mixed seed cards), color (5 cards belonging to the same seed), poker (4 cards of the same value), color scale (scale consisting of 5 cards of the same seed), royal scale (5 cards participate, from 10 to ace) and 5 axes (consisting of the 4 axes and the Jolly, which will take on the value of fifth ace). A difference compared to the classic version of poker is worth underlined; It is the scale composed of Asso, Re, Regina, Jack and 10 to represent the highest, followed by the one formed by Asso, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

PAI GOW POKER game in online casinos

The passage of the PAI GOW POKER from terrestrial halls to online casinos was almost obliged, given the growing interest aroused by this game. Therefore, if you think too complicated (both for lack of time and for pure and simple aversion to too crowded places) go to a mess, you will have the opportunity to take part in the matches of Pai Gow Poker comfortably seated in front of the screen of your PC. Obviously, before starting your ascertained games to have registered in a Online casino equipped with a regular AAMS licensenull Given the success found by the PAI GOW POKER you will find to wait for different variations, even if the most popular version is that in videopoker format. In this case you will find yourself betting against the computer, obtaining winnings proportional to the combination matured, and the value of your episode. The most modern rooms have already started offering a live version of the Pai Gow Poker; You will thus be able to live an even more engaging experience, finding yourself immersed in the atmosphere of a real game room even without moving from home.

If you are undecided between two or more online casino, to make your choice simple, read the rules operating inside the room regarding this game. In particular, pay attention to the regulation of the episodes. Do not forget to verify, especially if it is the first time that you combine the Pai Gow Poker, the existence of special tutorials inside the pages. In addition, an increasing number of salt has allocated several tables to those who want to play in demo mode. This option will allow you to exercise without risking losing money. A peculiarity of the online version of the PAI GOW POKER is the fact of allowing users to face the counter exclusively, and not to be faced with other players.

Playing the Pai Gow Poker in online casinos from mobile devices

Mobile devices, smartphones or tablets they are, are now an inseparable companion for subjects of all ages. The market is constantly growing, thanks to the launch of increasingly faster models, innovative and rich in functions. There are now many applications available, in any field. Even the world of the casino could not remain insensitive to this new mass phenomenon, so much so that in recent years there are many apps created to allow roulette fans, poker and other equally famous games, to have fun directly from the touch screen of their device. By downloading the app to play Pai Gow Poker you can also keep the game account monitored, and make withdrawals and payments in complete safety. Furthermore, it has now become a pleasant habit by virtual gaming houses to introduce new bonuses intended exclusively for those who choose to playing from mobile.

Tips to play best with the Pai Gow Poker

A not indifferent number of gambling The characterizing element has in the fortune component. This means that the winnings are dictated above all by the case and not by skills and experience. If you are looking for a pastime that justice to these two elements, the Pai Gow Poker has all the credentials to become, within a few games, one of your favorite games. Therefore, there are some strategies that you can adopt to increase your possibilities of victory. Starting from the consideration that the desk enjoys an advantage, albeit lightly, towards users, it is essential to be able to exploit what you have in hand. If, for example, the cards assigned to you do not allow you to form any torque, after moving the highest value card in the "high hand", proceed by moving the other two cards with the highest value in the "low hand".

If you have matured a couple, proceed in the same way taking into account, that in this case, both the papers of the couple will have to go to the "high hand". If you have a double couple, try to divide them into the two hands; With 3 couples, however, the highest couple will have to be part of the "low hand". If a scale consisting of 5.6 or 7 cards has matured, keep the 5 cards with the highest value in the "high hand". Finally, let's examine how to behave in case of poker. If the latter is made up of cards ranging from 2 to 6 it would be appropriate not to divide it between the two hands. With values ​​from 7 to 10 the subdivision will be able to represent a good strategy, provided that you do not have an ace and a figure, usable in the "low hand". Poker from the infantryman to the king will be divided, unless you have a pair of 10 in the hands (or formed by higher cards), to be played in the "low hand". Axis poker must also be divided, with the exception of the case in which you find yourself with a pair of 7 (or higher) to be allocated to the "low hand".

Beyond the advice just mentioned, it will be the practice to increase your chances of winning the Pai Gow Poker. Take advantage of the demo versions in the online casinos to train; You can spend all the time you want without having to invest even a euro. You will become familiar with the game, turn your techniques, you will develop the best strategies and you can understand if the PAI GOW POKER is really the game that best suits your skills and in line with your expectations.