Win for Life - Information and rules for playing

Never heard of Win for Life, the game that walks a win that lasts over time and that can give you a twenty -year annuity? The reasons for the success from this numerical game to the national totaliser are soon explained: the game is simple and quick and the income at stake, in addition to being tempting, is guaranteed, transferable to third parties and inheritable. You can play Win for Life not only in a receiver, but also online: we at playgambling.org have tested the game in Best online casino who propose it and have experienced a decidedly more satisfying and dynamic experience than what can be experienced in a traditional receiver. Before descending into detail of the game rules, we believe it is useful to make a short historical digression. Win for Life made his debut in USA on September 29, 2009, immediately obtaining the consent of the players, as evidenced by the collections that in just over a week they reached and exceeded 52 million $.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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Win for Life: the characteristics of the game

That Win for Life was destined to be successful was predictable, as the game, also present in the Casino on the internet without depositIn those years it did not represent an absolute novelty on the international scenario, being already widespread abroad and, especially in the United States, the game counterpart has long been a fixed appointment for those who want to try the fate. And then, we cannot fail to mention the fact that Win for Life is available in two variants: Win for Life Classico and Win for Life Skyscrapers. To play Win for Life Classico, you will have to choose ten numbers in the first panel and a number in the numerone panel: if you guess ten or zero numbers the number you win the special prize up to 3,000 $ per month for twenty years and the prize first category (equal to about 10,000 $), which will be paid simultaneously with the payment of the first installment of the special premium. Instead, Win for Life Skyscrapers consists in the extraction of six numbers in increasing order and equal to one in three the probability of creating at least one win. In particular, by guessing five numbers in sequence the number, win even up to 4,000 $ per month for twenty years to which are added up to one hundred thousand $ and the first category prize equal to about five thousand $.

Here are the rules for playing Win for Life

The rules you will have to stick to playing Win for Life are simple and intuitive, a bit like those you need to know for play sports betting onlineWin for Life Classico is based on the extraction of ten numbers and a number. To start, choose ten numbers in the first panel on the winds present. Then, move on to the second panel and choose the number, selecting it on a numerical scale between one and twenty. At this point you can choose your play. The minimum play is equal to 1 euro and in this case you will play for the categories of winning 10+1, 10, 9+1, 9, 8+1, 7+1, 8 and 7. Instead, playing 2 $ increase the Possibility of winning as you will play not only for the aforementioned categories of winning, but also for categories 3, 2, 3+1, 2+1, 1, 1+1, 0 and 0+1. To win the annuity you will have to guess the exact combination of 10+1. And, with the 2 euro game, you can bring home the first prize also with 0+1, or by guessing only the number. There is no lack of other prize categories, between 2 and 10,000 $. We remember two additional aspects to be taken into consideration. On the one hand, it is up to you to decide whether to play for one extraction or whether to subscribe for two (but also 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10) consecutive competitions. You can also make systemic games, selecting up to 14 numbers on the main panel and consequently playing up to 1,001 combinations. On the other hand, the draws are frequent: over a day there are 17 competitions, with the appointment for the first extraction set at 7.00 and the following hours until 11.00 pm.

Moving on to the rules to play Win for Life Skyscrapers, you have to choose a number in each green skyscraper and a number in the red skyscraper. The minimum play has a cost of 2 $ and is equal to a combination of five numbers the number. Win when the numbers you have selected for your combination correspond to those extracted. The minimum play allows you to participate in all the winning categories, that is five numbers in sequence (from level 1 to level 5), four numbers in sequence (from level 1 to level 4), four numbers not in sequence (from level 1 at level 5), three numbers in sequence (from level 1 to level 3), two numbers in sequence (from level 1 to level 2) and a number in level 1. By guessing five numbers in sequence (from level 1 to level 5) The more the number, you win the twenty -year annuity of up to 4,000 $ per month and up to 100,000 $, in addition to the first category premium paid upon payment of the first installment of the special premium. Also keep in mind that the possibilities of winning certainly do not end here: in fact, there are six other categories of prizes with which you can win from 2 $ to 5,000 $. Also with regard to Win for Life Skyscrapers, we at playgambling.org appreciated the frequency of the draws that follow each other every five minutes from 7.00 to 23.55 and with the opening of the game already at 6.00 am.

What there is to know to play Win for Life on online sites

Playing Win for Life on online sites is very comfortable and equally fun: in fact, playing online validates your cards with a few clicks and the game receipts are kept in your gaming account. It goes without saying that to start playing online you will simply have to be the owner of a gaming account, thanks to which you can at any time view all the movements relating to the games made, as well as the winnings achieved, of the withdrawals and deposits. Both for Win for Life Classic, and for Win for Life Skyscrapers, you can fill in your online card or you can choose how much to spend and rely on random numbers with the Quick Picks, by merely understanding the games in which the numbers of your combinations are randomly assigned null To increase the chances of winning, you can also choose more than ten numbers or put more combinations with Win for Life systems.

You can play online at Win for Life Classico every day of the week, from 6.00 to 23.00, bearing in mind that the draws, and the relative Bonus, take place every hour from 7 to 23. The minimum play is made up of ten numbers a number. The maximum play is obtained with an integral system of fourteen numbers with the consequence that you can play up to a maximum of 1,001 combinations. In addition, by choosing the Quick Picks you can put in place random combinations and decide whether to choose a number or whether to make it assign automatically at the time of validation. We consider very interesting that you offer you the possibility of deciding whether to subscribe, playing up to a maximum of ten consecutive competitions or by choosing the games by reservation for one or more future competitions, up to a limit of fifty even non -consecutive, in the SEVEN consecutive days.

You can play online at Win for Life Skyscrapers every day of the week from 6 to 23, with the draws made every 5 minutes from 7 to 23.55. Playing online is concretely easy and quick: you will have to choose at least one number in each green skyscraper and select the Numeron in the red skyscraper. To validate your game, click on the "Play" button. If you change your mind at the last minute, before validation you can cancel the selection of a number by clicking on it again, while to delete all the numbers you must use the "Cancel" button. Remember that you can randomly assign the number by clicking on "random numbers" and that the number that has been assigned to you will be highlighted on the card. You can also choose more than a number and you can play full systems (in this case it is sufficient to select more than six numbers in the card). And, as regards the Quick Pick, you will simply have to choose the amount of the game, remembering that they are available in cuts up to 42 $ and that the minimum play is made up of a combination of five numbers the number at a cost of 2 $.

Playing Win for Life from mobile devices

We at playgambling.org We played Win for Life too yes smartphone e that tablet, living a very fluid and pleasant gaming experience. We have not encountered difficulties in downloading and using the apps, as we have verified that a few steps are enough to choose the numbers and to conclude the game directly from the mobile device. If you want to play Win for Life on the move, three are the steps that await you: after going to the mobile site and after logging in, you will simply have to put your lucky numbers into play. Coming to a conclusion and to light of what has been said so far, we at Casinoonlineams.com We recommend playing online at Win for Life. First of all, there is an annuity that can really take a change to your life. Furthermore, the choice of numbers and the number concretizes a moment that gives emotions. And then, there is the possibility of making systemic games and taking advantage of the Quick Picks. And, not least last aspects, the frequency of extractions allows you to play in the moment more congenial to you and, in addition to the special prize, there are other and interesting categories of prizes with which respectable amounts can be overcome.